2019-20 Conference and Section Previews

My previews of the Twin Cities metro area conferences and sections for the 2019-2020 season.

EMACNW Suburban (10/23)
4A (10/28)2AAAA (11/6)
IMACSt. Paul
4AA (10/29)3AAAA (11/7)
Lake (10/22)Skyline
5AA (10/30)4AAAA (11/8)
Metro East (10/16) South Suburban (10/24)
3AAA (10/31)5AAAA (11/11)
Metro West (10/21)Suburban East (10/25)
4AAA (11/1)6AAAA (11/12)
Minneapolis (10/15)Tri-Metro
6AAA (11/4)7AAAA (11/13)
1AAAA (11/5)8AAAA (11/14)
What to watch in 2019-20 (11/15)

A note on how these previews are created.  There are based mostly on my personal observations of the teams and players over the last season or more.  While the results are sometimes comically good or bad, I take pride in the fact that the previews are at least not subject to the bias of the individual teams, players or coaches.

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