Minnesota Player Rankings

Matthew Hurt (Rochester John Marshall)
#4 Prep Hoops
#7 Rivals
#9 247 Sports
#10 ESPN

Zeke Nnaji (Hopkins)
#30 Rivals
#27 Prep Hoops
#33 247 Sports
#47 ESPN

Tyrell Terry (De La Salle)
#64 247 Sports
#73 Rivals
#91 Prep Hoops
#99 ESPN

Tyler Wahl (Lakeville North)
#146 247 Sports
#161 Prep Hoops

David Roddy (Breck)
#200 Prep Hoops

Robert Jones (Prior Lake)
#236 247 Sports
#294 Prep Hoops

Jalen Suggs (Minnehaha Academy)
#7 247 Sports
#9 Prep Hoops
#12 ESPN
#14 Rivals

Dawson Garcia (Prior Lake)
#27 247 Sports
#27 Prep Hoops
#34 ESPN
#35 Rivals

Dain Dainja (Park Center)
#41 Rivals
#54 ESPN
#74 247 Sports
#81 Prep Hoops

Ben Carlson (East Ridge)
#48 Prep Hoops
#73 247 Sports
#84 Rivals

Kerwin Walton (Hopkins)
#120 Rivals
#157 Prep Hoops
#175 247 Sports
Gabe Madsen (Rochester Mayo)
#188 Prep Hoops

Chet Holmgren (Minnehaha Academy)
#25 Prep Hoops
#45 Rivals

Kendall Brown (East Ridge)
#11 ESPN
#17 Rivals
#28 Prep Hoops

Treyton Thompson (Alexandria)
#53 Rivals
#145 Prep Hoops

Riley Mahlman (Lakeville South)
#194 Prep Hoops

Davon Townley (Minneapolis North)
#243 Prep Hoops

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  1. do you think Latrell Love should be in RyanJames' top 32 for class of 2012?

  2. Latrell has proven to be a productive high school player but as a prospect he projects as an undersized 4 so I think its fair to keep him out of that top 33.

  3. I think Latrell Love is a strong player but not as smart of a player !he has skills but not for the ranking he is now !a lil high ranking for guy that doesn't have the skill of that ranking maybe 46!good player tho has an good future possibley, but kinda late start!

  4. Well since we're almost halfway through the season, and you've watched him in person quite a few times...have your views and/or opinions about Love changed at all? Minnetonka has had a complete turnaround this season and he seems to be a good contributor to that. Was completetly in a zone at TWolves Shootout...the ironic thing is that he was ranked so much lower than his ex teammate at Henry, eventhough his production was about triple of Gill's. Not to mention look where Henry is now with him gone, and where Tonka is with him.

    He keeps being reffered to as strictly a post, but I see him as more of a "combo forward" being that he consistently knocks down mid range jumpers, and isn't afraid to put it on the floor to score facing up. Agree?

  5. I stand by original analysis. Latrell can make a 15 FT shot but will not in any way shape or form play anything but a 4. Gill is bigger and stronger and higher upside. That said, sometimes we there is too much hype around measurements and not enough around results. See Nate Wolters


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