2019 July Period 1 Results

The July 2019 road adventure has completed for our summer teams.  Here's how Minnesota did around the country in this year's summer open period.

Adidas Summer Championship (Birmingham, AL)
D1 Minnesota 17s, 5-2 split super pool games and lost championship bracket semifinals
D1 Minnesota 16s, 0-4
D1 Minnesota 15s, 3-1, won pool and 1st bracket game.

UA Finals (Atlanta)
Grassroots Sizzle 17s 5-2.  Won last 2 UA league games, swept championship pool.  Lost in quarterfinals then played final game without Chet Holmgren and Jalen Suggs who were at another camp for the day.

Peach Invitational Tourney (Augusta, GA)
Howard Pulley 17s 3-1, swept pool lost 1st bracket game.
Howard Pulley 16s 4-0, no result available after bracket quarterfinals.

Big Shots 1 and 2 (Myrtle Beach, SC)
Mpls FAB 8-0 won Gold Championship in both (4 games each)

Best of the South (Atlanta)
Fury Zurn 17s 7-0 as this was a 8 team round robin pool format.
Fury Wilde 15s, 7-0 won Orange Championship with all games decided by double figures.
Heat MacDonald 15s, 5-2 Black Silver bracket runner up.

Elite 32 (Atlanta)
Grassroots Caldwell 17s 5-1 lost in semifinal, then won 2 more games and another forfeit win.
Grassroots Weston 16s  3-2 lost in semifinal and split 2 other games.
Grassroots Jett 16s 4-0
Grassroots Suggs 15s 0-6 lost 1 bracket game then 5 additional games.

Mullen's Tournament (Dallas)
Heat Vang 17s 3-2, lost in semifinals
Heat Tauer 16s 4-0 won championship

Adidas Invitational (Indianapolis)
Heat West 17s 2-3

Chicago Summer Jam
(Note lots of Sunday results not posted so only available results included here)
Crossfire Jorgenson 17s 3-2
Crossfire Slagter 17s 2-1
Mentality MN 17s 3-1
MN Suns Blocker 17s 3-1
Crossfire Hedberg 16s 0-4
Crossfire Stone 16s 2-1
Crossfire Barker 15s 1-2
Howard Pulley Black 15s 3-0
Howard Pulley Blue 15s 1-2
MN G Ballerz 15s 0-2 with a forfeit win.
MN Suns Richardson 15s 3-1

Summer Slam (Sioux Falls)
MN Knights 2-3
MN Lightning Schwartzkoff 17s 2-3
Rip City 2-3
MN Matrix 5-0 won championship
Fury Kallman 2-3
MN Rise 2-3

Heat Bohrer 1-4
Heat Fluery 4-1 runner up
Select Edwards 3-2
Fury Syverson 5-0 won championship
MN Lightning Swiggum 3-2
MN Lightning Studer 3-2
Fury Poppen 4-1 runner up
Heat Wiley 2-3

SE MN Thunder 3-2
SW MN Stars 2-3
Fury Kaupa 3-2 runner up
Heat Unger 1-4
WOTN Renta 2-3
Select Mantay 1-4
UVA Navy 5-0 won championship (round robin pool)
Select Rush 2-3

Midwest Live Summer Showcase (Omaha)
D1 MN Prospects 15s 2-2
D1 MN Prospects 16s 1-3
Heat Dimond 17s 2-2
Heat East 16s 3-1
Heat Engen 15s 1-3
Heat Grow 15s 0-4
Heat Johnson 16s 3-1
Heat Presbi 17s 0-4
Heat Sheehan 17s 3-1
Magic Scales 17s 3-2
Magic Hannah 16s 4-0 won championship
SW MN Stars 16s 3-1 runner up
SW MN Stars 17s
WOTN Bertsch 16s 3-1 runner up
WOTN Davis 17s 2-2
WOTN Erickson 15s 3-1
WOTN Jonas 17s 4-1

Summer Showcase (Ames)
MN Comets 0-4
Heat Nelson 16s 1-3
Heat Tietz 16s 2-2
Heat Rabaglia 16s 2-2
Heat Krona 16s 3-2 runner up

NY2LA (Milwaukee)
Comets Lewis, gold bracket runner up
Comets DLR won 1st 2 bracket games, both Comets teams lost to champion.
Gain Elite won pool, lost 1st bracket game
Select Cave won pool, lost in platinum bracket semis
Team GetShook lost in silver bracket semifinals
Comets JL 2nd in open division pool, lost 1st bracket game
Select Koch 2nd in open division pool, lost 1st bracket game
Select Brown 3rd in open division pool, lost 1st bracket game

Gain Elite won pool and lost in platinum championship
Comets Servaty won pool, lost in platinum semifinal
Select Robinson lost 1st round platinum bracket with 1 pool win
Comets Kirchner 3rd in open division pool, gold division runner up
WI Playmakers Deadrick 7-0 won platinum open division title.

Comets Stumpf 2nd in pool, lost platinum semifinal
Team GetShook won pool, lost to Gain Elite in 1st round platinum bracket
Gain Elite won pool, lost in platinum semifinal
Select Davis won pool lost 1st round platinum bracket.

2019 July Road Tripping

The 4th of July holiday is now behind us for 2019.  That means its time for our local teams to hit the road again for the July recruiting period.  This year the major change is that this week is the only open period for teams this month.  The 2nd open period has been eliminated and the 3rd period is now 4 national level player camps rather than AAU events that the coaches can go watch.  Though many high level players are skipping those camps to still play some of the old events like Las Vegas.

The other change for this week is that the open period starts Thursday at 8 AM local time rather than 5 PM local time on Wednesday night.  Events like the Peach Jam will still start play Wednesday night but that won't be open to the D1 college coaches.   Here is where you'll find the local squads.

Adidas Summer Championships (Birmingham, AL)
D1 Minnesota has their top teams here.  The 17U crew is in a dynamite super pool with Indiana Elite and Compton Magic for games on Thursday before bracket play begins on Friday.

Under Armour Session 4 and Finals (Atlanta)
Grassroots Sizzle has their 17s in Atlanta and hopefully has Jalen Suggs after a USA U19 title this weekend overseas.  Sizzle has already qualified for the UA finals.  They have their final 2 league games on Thursday before the finals begin on Friday.

Peach Invitational Tournament (Augusta, GA)
This is the event for the EYBL squads that do not make the Peach Jam.  Howard Pulley 17s and 16s are here.

Chicago Summer Jam
Howard Pulley 15s will play in Chicago.  Crossfire with 2 17s, 2 16s and a 15s crew playing there.  Mentality MN is also there with their 17s.

Best of the South (Atlanta)
Fury Zurn 17s will be here with a bunch of other non-shoe teams playing in the middle of the 3 big shoe events going on in the southeast.  Heat MacDonald and Fury Wilde are both here in 15U but in different divisions.

Elite 32 (Atlanta)
Grassroots-Caldwell 17s along with the top 2 Grassroots 16s.
Mullen's High Profile (Dallas)
Heat Tauer 16s and Heat Vang 17s.  Only 16 teams here in the 15U and 16U divisions for a really good event that has dropped off and moved south.

NY2LA (Milwaukee)
17U teams include Gain Elite, Comets Lewis, Comets DLR, Select Cave and Team GetShook in the association division.  Comets Lillequist, Select Koch and Select Brown will be in the open division.

16U teams include Gain Elite, Comets Servaty and Select Robinson in the association division.  Comets Kirchner, WI Playmakers Deadrick will be in the open division.

15U teams include Gain Elite, Comets Stumpf, Select Davis and Team GetShook.  Comets Gagner is in the open division.

Summer Slam (Sioux Falls)
17U: MN Knights, MN Lightning, Rip City, MN Matrix, MN Fury Kallman, MN Rise.  The last 3 all play in the same pool so a Fury Kallman vs Matrix game sticks out there.

16U: MN Lightning-Studer, Heat Wiley, Fury Poppen, Select Edwards, Heat Bohrer, Heat Fleury, Fury Syverson, MN Lightning-Sviggum

15U: SW MN Stars, SE MN Thunder, Heat Unger, Fury Kaupa, WOTN Renta, Select Mantey, Select Rush, UVA 2022 Navy 

Midwest Live Summer Showcase (Omaha)
17s: Heat Presbi, Heat Sheehan, Magic-Scales, SW MN Stars, WOTN-Davis, WOTN-Jonas
16s: D1 MN Prospects, Heat East, Heat Johnson, MN Magic Hannah, SW MN Stars, WOTN-Bertsch
15s: Heat Engen, Heat Grow, WOTN-Erickson

Midwest Summer Showcase (Ames)
17s: Comets Bagnal
16s: Heat Rabaglia, Heat Krona, Heat Nelson, Heat Tietz

Adidas Invitational (Indianapolis)
Minnesota Heat West 17s