Welcome to Czar Season 10

Now introducing Czar Season 10.  I've updated everything site wide for the 2016-17 school year.  That means updated fall ball schedules which includes a listing of fall exposure camps as well.

There have already been a bunch of 2017 kids who have figured out their college future.  Seems like a rather large number compared to years past.  The Signings page now includes that list.

With a loaded 2017 class and a whole bunch of new rankings released after the summer AAU season, I've updated the Rankings page with a compilation of the most recent rankings from all the big sites.  Note that Rivals has not yet come out with summer updates to the 2017 rankings, expect big changes there when those are released this week.

The season moves back to the old start practice during the week of Thanksgiving schedule after 2 years of early starts.  That means season previews are later but I will still have my usual infamous preview series.  This year I'm changing the entire schedule of conference previews and will now do them from small conferences to large conferences rather than alphabetically.  That means the big schools will mostly wait until the 3rd week of the 6 week preview series.  The full schedule of previews is now posted on the Season Previews page.

The Holiday Tournaments page has the 1st attempt at this year's holiday tourney list.  I'll be updating that as time goes on.

For those of you who don't use the full website, there are lots of extra links available.  The left hand menu has links to anything and everything on Minnesota basketball, summer basketball, recruiting and other hoops sites of note.  It also includes my weekly schedule during the season.

Finally, a couple weeks back I had a chance to do an hour long podcast with Alex Conover (Prep Hoops writer).  Its me talking about food, AAU, the upcoming high school season and much more.  If you missed out on that, you can listen to it here.