2012-2013 Star Watch

This page is a list of top Minnesota players in each class with links to see when they play.

This Week's Games of Note:
  • Minnetonka at Hopkins (Tuesday)
  • Apple Valley at Prior Lake (Tuesday)
  • Osseo at Elk River (Wednesday)
  • Edina at Hopkins (Friday)  
  • Park Center at Minnetonka (Friday)
  • Tri-Metro championship at De La Salle (Friday)
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    1. Carson Shanks 9ppg and 6 rebounds a game. Not a star. A D1 recruit/project but several more effective players in class of 2013.

    2. Scout, it's about upside and Shanks has that unlike just about everybody in the 2013 class.

    3. Has Marshawn Wilson been playing for HM yet. Haven't seen anything about him. Would be a great help to them.

      As far as Shanks goes, the star there (Prior Lake) is Sobaski. I believe Shanks will come into his own his second or third year of college. But it is hard to ignore any 7 footer in the high school ranks. His ability to alter opponents' game plan alone makes him worth the watch.

    4. Marshawn is playing JV as far as I know. Agreed on Sobaski

      I'll say this again. This list is about PROSPECTS. It is NOT about current status.

    5. as far as prospects go Dahl/2015 Holy Family averaging 9pts,12rbs,6.4blks looks like a better prospect than Shanks. 2017 Sorenson Lakeville So. is perhaps putting up the best ever overall stats for a 8th grader playing 4A Varsity. 12ppg, 4+assist, 3+ rebounds and a very impressive 3+ steals. Jake Sullivan did score more.

      1. Didn't Tyus have better stats in 8th grade?

      2. I'm pretty sure Alex Illikanien had some pretty good stats as an 8th grader too. Averaged a double double.

    6. correct he was in the 17 ppg range.

    7. Connor Knutson from Forest Lake is a sophomore starting varsity and is averaging 9ppg and 4 rebounds a game. He can shoot and rebound good being 6'2.

    8. Czar, what is your thoughts on the underclassman at Simley? They have won more games this year than the last 3 seasons and they have 3 underclassman starting!
      Sophomore Sam Stensgard 15.1ppg great scorer
      Sophomore Ben Scheffley 6.8ppg & 4.8apg great passer & defensive PG
      Freshman Jack Stensgard 10ppg great 3 pt shooter
      They also have Sophomore Alex Anderson coming off the bench who plays big on the boards.

    9. Hey Czar - the boneyard is filled with players with potential or 'upside' as you say. I've watched 40 of his past team's past 47 games and Prior Lake almost always plays better with him NOT on the floor. Biggest guy in the state plays as soft as cotton. A 7-footer who shoots a fall-away jumper, constantly gets pushed out of position by guys a 8-12" shorter than him, picks up too many cheap fouls by swiping down on a player instead of blocking the ball up high and gets the ball knocked out of his hands when he receives the ball on the block because he is too slow to make a move. You can count the number of in-game dunks over that 47 game period on 1 hand. Probert, the 6'10" guy is more usually more productive.
      Shanks is a nice kid and everyone likes him, but he's all potential only because of his height. He does not have a high basketball IQ. Watch his coach's face when he is on the floor - 90% disgust and 10% satisfaction. Barely double figure points and a handfill of rebounds a game - a star to watch - gimme a break!

    10. Czar,

      What are your thoughts on Dion Bradley of Highland Park and his chances of ending up at a low tier mid-major. He is undersized, but is average almost 28 PPG and can be a scoring machine..


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