2011 Fall Ball Week 2 Schedules

Its week 2 of the 2011 fall season and it promises to be a good one.  I'll be in Lakeville to see Tyus Jones take on Lakeville North and what is hopefully the top Prior Lake club.  The other Bandits club takes on Lakeville North in their 2nd game so somebody has a pair of really tough games.  Nothing like South Suburban rivals getting started early.

A good day at Minnehaha too as DeLaSalle has Duluth East and the top Sibley squad.  East will also get their fill of the Tri-Metro with games vs Breck and Minnehaha.  Gerald McCarver wasn't scheduled to play last week for Minnehaha since he's a football guy but saw the court anyway due to low numbers.  Sibley's top group also has to play Minneapolis Henry and St. Agnes.

Sunday isn't quite as appealing.  Edina vs Eagan and Lakeville South vs Rice Lake highlight the Magic league.  MYAS is all over the place with 4 locations this week.  Justin Pahl of East Ridge highlights the games at Concordia St. Paul.  2014 star Rashad Vaughn played with MN Heat Select last week.  They have 2 at the Colin Powell Center this week including an interesting 4 PM tilt vs Zimmerman.

(Czar's Note, since writing this I've been told that the top Fury 2015 squad has now moved up to the Varsity division of the Magic league and will play Edina and Bethany Lutheran this week.  That group includes Sam Neumann, Jarvis Johnson, Sidney Tomes, Evan Nolan, Sacar Anim who were all high level 2015 kids this spring)

Saturday MBA

Lakeville South
10 AM Apple Valley vs Lakeville North - Ct 1
10 AM MBA vs Bandits Black - Ct 2
11 AM MBA vs Bandits 1 - Ct 1
12 PM Apple Valley vs Bandits Black - Ct 1
1 PM Lakeville North vs Bandits 1 - Ct 1

11 AM DLS vs Duluth East - Ct 2
1 PM DLS vs Henry Sibley Red - Ct 1
1 PM Duluth East vs Minnehaha - Ct 2
3 PM Minnehaha vs Mpls Henry - Ct 1
3 PM Duluth East vs Breck - Ct 2
4 PM Mpls Henry vs Henry Sibley Red - Ct 1
4 PM Hill-Murray vs St. Agnes - Ct 2
5 PM Henry Sibley White vs Breck - Ct 1
5 PM St. Agnes vs Henry Sibley Red - Ct 2
6 PM Henry Sibley White vs Hill-Murray - Ct 1


Magic at Jefferson
2 PM SW Christian vs Bethany - Ct 1
2 PM Mound vs MTS - Ct 2
2 PM Lakeville South vs Rice Lake - Ct 3
2 PM Eagan vs Rams - Ct 5
3 PM Edina II vs SW Christian - Ct 1
3 PM Edina I vs Eagan - Ct 4
4 PM Bethany vs Edina II - Ct 1
4 PM MTS vs Edina I - Ct 2
4 PM Lakeville South vs Rams - Ct 3
4 PM Mound vs Rice Lake - Ct 5

9:30 AM East Ridge vs EPPSA Varsity - Concordia SP Ct 1
9:30 AM MN Heat Vang vs WI Showtime - Concordia SP Ct 2
9:30 AM Southern Stars vs Mounds Park - Concordia SP Ct 3
11:00 AM Blaine vs Spartans - Blaine Ct 1
11:00 AM Rockford vs Willmar - Blaine Ct 2
11:30 AM MN Heat Vang vs Mounds Park - Concordia SP Ct 1
11:30 AM EPPSA Varsity vs Southern Stars - Concorda SP Ct 2
11:30 AM WI Showtime vs East Ridge - Concordia SP Ct 3
12:00 PM Blaine vs Rockford - Blaine Ct 1
12:00 PM Spartans vs Willmar - Blaine Ct 2
1:00 PM Forest Lake vs MN Heat Lesewski - Forest Lake Ct 1
1:00 PM Centennial vs Maple Grove - Forest Lake Ct 2
2:00 PM Forest Lake vs Maple Grove - Forest Lake Ct 1
2:00 PM Centennial vs MN Heat Lesewski - Forest Lake Ct 2
2:00 PM MN Heat Select vs Chippewa Valley - Colin Powell Ct 1
2:00 PM Wayzata vs Zimmerman - Colin Powell Ct 2
4:00 PM MN Heat Select vs Zimmerman - Colin Powell Ct 1
4:00 PM Chippewa Valley vs Wayzata - Colin Powell Ct 2

2011 Fall Ball Kickoff

This weekend begins the 10 week fall hoops season for 2011.  The best group of teams during the early period is at Lakeville South with 2 Prior Lake teams playing as MN Bandits, Apple Valley and Lakeville North.  All of those teams expect to make noise in the South Suburban.  Add in Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau (that's G-E-T, as in GET High, stay off of drugs kids) with quality guard Riley Bambenek who just committed to Winona State this week and the MBA squad led by Kebu Johnson and Mike Fernando and you have a strong field.

The Minnehaha section features DeLaSalle and Duluth East.  Duluth East will be without Johnny Woodard thanks to his spring shoulder injury.  East PG Taylor Stafford stormed on to the scene with his play during this league last year.  A young Breck squad and Henry Sibley's 2 teams are 2 others to keep an eye on.  I expect a young Hill-Murray group and no Dave Simmet due to football.

Rice Lake and Gopher commit Wally Ellenson play Sunday afternoon in the Magic league at Jefferson vs Eden Prairie and Eagan.  They played in the league last year with all 3 Ellensons and dad coaching.  When they played BSM last year in this league it was an epic game with Wally and Sanjay Lumpkin both going off for 30+ in the 1st half and Wally had 50 in another game just before that last season.  MN Fury has put together 2 15/16u teams for the JV division of that league.  One of the state's top frosh prospects, Sam Neumann of CDH, will play with 1 of those squads.  Their games this week are at Jefferson on Saturday afternoon.

MYAS rounds out the Sunday schedule with 3 varsity locations in week 1 and 4 in week 2.  I'm not expecting much out of that league unless White Bear Lake shows up with a full group which I don't see happening.

Week 1 Schedule

Saturday MBA League
Lakeville South
G-E-T/Elk Mound vs. Apple Valley 11:00 AM CT 1
Apple Valley vs. MBA 12:00 PM CT 2
G-E-T/Elk Mound vs. Lakeville North 1:00 PM CT 1
Lakeville North vs. MBA 2:00 PM CT 2
G-E-T/Elk Mound vs. MBA 3:00 PM CT 1

Minnehaha Academy
DeLaSalle vs. MPLS Henry 10:00 AM CT 1
Hill-Murray vs. Duluth East 10:00 AM CT 2
DelaSalle vs. Hill-Murray 12:00 PM CT 1
MPLS Henry vs. Duluth East 12:00 PM CT 2
Minnehaha vs. Henry Sibley Red 2:00 PM CT 1
Breck vs. St. Agnes 3:00 PM CT 1
Minnehaha vs. Posse 3:00 PM CT 2
Henry Sibley Red vs. Breck 4:00 PM CT 1
Henry Sibley White vs. St. Agnes 4:00 PM CT 2
Henry Sibley White vs. Posse 5:00 PM CT 1

Sunday MYAS League
10:00 AM      Forest Lake Varsity            Chippewa Valley Hoops            Forest Lake HS - 1
10:00 AM     Centennial Cougars         East Ridge             Forest Lake HS - 2
10:00 AM     Blaine Bengals 11         MN Heat Varsity Vang         Forest Lake HS - 3
10:00 AM     MN Heat Varsity Lesewski     White Bear Orange         Forest Lake HS - 4
11:00 AM     Forest Lake Varsity         East Ridge             Forest Lake HS - 1
11:00 AM     Centennial Cougars         Chippewa Valley Hoops         Forest Lake HS - 2
12:00 PM     Blaine Bengals 11         MN Heat Varsity Lesewski     Forest Lake HS - 1
12:00 PM     MN Heat Varsity Vang         White Bear Orange         Forest Lake HS - 2
12:30 PM     EPPSA VARSITY         Wisconsin Showtime 17U     Concordia University - 1
1:00 PM     MN Heat Select         Spartan         Spring Lake Park HS - 3
1:00 PM     MG Crimson         Zimmerman Thunder     Spring Lake Park HS - 4
1:00 PM     Wayzata Blues         Willmar         Spring Lake Park HS - 5
2:30 PM     Mounds Park Academy     Wisconsin Showtime 17U     Concordia University - 1
3:00 PM     MN Heat Select         Wayzata Blues         Spring Lake Park HS - 3
3:00 PM     MG Crimson         Spartan         Spring Lake Park HS - 5
3:00 PM     Willmar         Zimmerman Thunder     Spring Lake Park HS - 4
3:30 PM     EPPSA VARSITY         Mounds Park Academy     Concordia University - 1

Sunday at Jefferson
Rice Lake vs Eden Prairie 2 PM
Rice Lake vs Eagan 3 PM