2019 July Period 1 Results

The July 2019 road adventure has completed for our summer teams.  Here's how Minnesota did around the country in this year's summer open period.

Adidas Summer Championship (Birmingham, AL)
D1 Minnesota 17s, 5-2 split super pool games and lost championship bracket semifinals
D1 Minnesota 16s, 0-4
D1 Minnesota 15s, 3-1, won pool and 1st bracket game.

UA Finals (Atlanta)
Grassroots Sizzle 17s 5-2.  Won last 2 UA league games, swept championship pool.  Lost in quarterfinals then played final game without Chet Holmgren and Jalen Suggs who were at another camp for the day.

Peach Invitational Tourney (Augusta, GA)
Howard Pulley 17s 3-1, swept pool lost 1st bracket game.
Howard Pulley 16s 4-0, no result available after bracket quarterfinals.

Big Shots 1 and 2 (Myrtle Beach, SC)
Mpls FAB 8-0 won Gold Championship in both (4 games each)

Best of the South (Atlanta)
Fury Zurn 17s 7-0 as this was a 8 team round robin pool format.
Fury Wilde 15s, 7-0 won Orange Championship with all games decided by double figures.
Heat MacDonald 15s, 5-2 Black Silver bracket runner up.

Elite 32 (Atlanta)
Grassroots Caldwell 17s 5-1 lost in semifinal, then won 2 more games and another forfeit win.
Grassroots Weston 16s  3-2 lost in semifinal and split 2 other games.
Grassroots Jett 16s 4-0
Grassroots Suggs 15s 0-6 lost 1 bracket game then 5 additional games.

Mullen's Tournament (Dallas)
Heat Vang 17s 3-2, lost in semifinals
Heat Tauer 16s 4-0 won championship

Adidas Invitational (Indianapolis)
Heat West 17s 2-3

Chicago Summer Jam
(Note lots of Sunday results not posted so only available results included here)
Crossfire Jorgenson 17s 3-2
Crossfire Slagter 17s 2-1
Mentality MN 17s 3-1
MN Suns Blocker 17s 3-1
Crossfire Hedberg 16s 0-4
Crossfire Stone 16s 2-1
Crossfire Barker 15s 1-2
Howard Pulley Black 15s 3-0
Howard Pulley Blue 15s 1-2
MN G Ballerz 15s 0-2 with a forfeit win.
MN Suns Richardson 15s 3-1

Summer Slam (Sioux Falls)
MN Knights 2-3
MN Lightning Schwartzkoff 17s 2-3
Rip City 2-3
MN Matrix 5-0 won championship
Fury Kallman 2-3
MN Rise 2-3

Heat Bohrer 1-4
Heat Fluery 4-1 runner up
Select Edwards 3-2
Fury Syverson 5-0 won championship
MN Lightning Swiggum 3-2
MN Lightning Studer 3-2
Fury Poppen 4-1 runner up
Heat Wiley 2-3

SE MN Thunder 3-2
SW MN Stars 2-3
Fury Kaupa 3-2 runner up
Heat Unger 1-4
WOTN Renta 2-3
Select Mantay 1-4
UVA Navy 5-0 won championship (round robin pool)
Select Rush 2-3

Midwest Live Summer Showcase (Omaha)
D1 MN Prospects 15s 2-2
D1 MN Prospects 16s 1-3
Heat Dimond 17s 2-2
Heat East 16s 3-1
Heat Engen 15s 1-3
Heat Grow 15s 0-4
Heat Johnson 16s 3-1
Heat Presbi 17s 0-4
Heat Sheehan 17s 3-1
Magic Scales 17s 3-2
Magic Hannah 16s 4-0 won championship
SW MN Stars 16s 3-1 runner up
SW MN Stars 17s
WOTN Bertsch 16s 3-1 runner up
WOTN Davis 17s 2-2
WOTN Erickson 15s 3-1
WOTN Jonas 17s 4-1

Summer Showcase (Ames)
MN Comets 0-4
Heat Nelson 16s 1-3
Heat Tietz 16s 2-2
Heat Rabaglia 16s 2-2
Heat Krona 16s 3-2 runner up

NY2LA (Milwaukee)
Comets Lewis, gold bracket runner up
Comets DLR won 1st 2 bracket games, both Comets teams lost to champion.
Gain Elite won pool, lost 1st bracket game
Select Cave won pool, lost in platinum bracket semis
Team GetShook lost in silver bracket semifinals
Comets JL 2nd in open division pool, lost 1st bracket game
Select Koch 2nd in open division pool, lost 1st bracket game
Select Brown 3rd in open division pool, lost 1st bracket game

Gain Elite won pool and lost in platinum championship
Comets Servaty won pool, lost in platinum semifinal
Select Robinson lost 1st round platinum bracket with 1 pool win
Comets Kirchner 3rd in open division pool, gold division runner up
WI Playmakers Deadrick 7-0 won platinum open division title.

Comets Stumpf 2nd in pool, lost platinum semifinal
Team GetShook won pool, lost to Gain Elite in 1st round platinum bracket
Gain Elite won pool, lost in platinum semifinal
Select Davis won pool lost 1st round platinum bracket.

2019 July Road Tripping

The 4th of July holiday is now behind us for 2019.  That means its time for our local teams to hit the road again for the July recruiting period.  This year the major change is that this week is the only open period for teams this month.  The 2nd open period has been eliminated and the 3rd period is now 4 national level player camps rather than AAU events that the coaches can go watch.  Though many high level players are skipping those camps to still play some of the old events like Las Vegas.

The other change for this week is that the open period starts Thursday at 8 AM local time rather than 5 PM local time on Wednesday night.  Events like the Peach Jam will still start play Wednesday night but that won't be open to the D1 college coaches.   Here is where you'll find the local squads.

Adidas Summer Championships (Birmingham, AL)
D1 Minnesota has their top teams here.  The 17U crew is in a dynamite super pool with Indiana Elite and Compton Magic for games on Thursday before bracket play begins on Friday.

Under Armour Session 4 and Finals (Atlanta)
Grassroots Sizzle has their 17s in Atlanta and hopefully has Jalen Suggs after a USA U19 title this weekend overseas.  Sizzle has already qualified for the UA finals.  They have their final 2 league games on Thursday before the finals begin on Friday.

Peach Invitational Tournament (Augusta, GA)
This is the event for the EYBL squads that do not make the Peach Jam.  Howard Pulley 17s and 16s are here.

Chicago Summer Jam
Howard Pulley 15s will play in Chicago.  Crossfire with 2 17s, 2 16s and a 15s crew playing there.  Mentality MN is also there with their 17s.

Best of the South (Atlanta)
Fury Zurn 17s will be here with a bunch of other non-shoe teams playing in the middle of the 3 big shoe events going on in the southeast.  Heat MacDonald and Fury Wilde are both here in 15U but in different divisions.

Elite 32 (Atlanta)
Grassroots-Caldwell 17s along with the top 2 Grassroots 16s.
Mullen's High Profile (Dallas)
Heat Tauer 16s and Heat Vang 17s.  Only 16 teams here in the 15U and 16U divisions for a really good event that has dropped off and moved south.

NY2LA (Milwaukee)
17U teams include Gain Elite, Comets Lewis, Comets DLR, Select Cave and Team GetShook in the association division.  Comets Lillequist, Select Koch and Select Brown will be in the open division.

16U teams include Gain Elite, Comets Servaty and Select Robinson in the association division.  Comets Kirchner, WI Playmakers Deadrick will be in the open division.

15U teams include Gain Elite, Comets Stumpf, Select Davis and Team GetShook.  Comets Gagner is in the open division.

Summer Slam (Sioux Falls)
17U: MN Knights, MN Lightning, Rip City, MN Matrix, MN Fury Kallman, MN Rise.  The last 3 all play in the same pool so a Fury Kallman vs Matrix game sticks out there.

16U: MN Lightning-Studer, Heat Wiley, Fury Poppen, Select Edwards, Heat Bohrer, Heat Fleury, Fury Syverson, MN Lightning-Sviggum

15U: SW MN Stars, SE MN Thunder, Heat Unger, Fury Kaupa, WOTN Renta, Select Mantey, Select Rush, UVA 2022 Navy 

Midwest Live Summer Showcase (Omaha)
17s: Heat Presbi, Heat Sheehan, Magic-Scales, SW MN Stars, WOTN-Davis, WOTN-Jonas
16s: D1 MN Prospects, Heat East, Heat Johnson, MN Magic Hannah, SW MN Stars, WOTN-Bertsch
15s: Heat Engen, Heat Grow, WOTN-Erickson

Midwest Summer Showcase (Ames)
17s: Comets Bagnal
16s: Heat Rabaglia, Heat Krona, Heat Nelson, Heat Tietz

Adidas Invitational (Indianapolis)
Minnesota Heat West 17s

2019 MBCA Camp Thoughts

The first real direct in person impact of the NCAA recruiting calendar changes came into view this weekend.  The new rules provide for high school based events that are open to the D1 college coaches during the final 2 weekends of June.  These events are run by the individual states. 19 of those events were scheduled for the 1st weekend with 10 more on the 2nd weekend.  Due to issues of ensuring all kids were able to participate, many states chose not to put on any event.  The rest of the layout is like the old July events where the coaches can only evaluate and not talk to the kids.  This event is also important because there's only 1 of those July open period events this year rather than 3 like years past.  You could argue 2 events in July but the big regional camps at the end of July are too big to be effective.

The Setup
Here in Minnesota, the event was put on by the Minnesota Basketball Coaches Association (MBCA).  The states did have flexibility to choose between multiple formats.  Georgia, for example, chose to run theirs as a high school team camp.  The MBCA event was put on as a player camp with individual players from Minnesota and South Dakota being invited and then being placed on 1 of 12 teams.  Those 12 teams each played 1 game on Friday night and 3 games on Saturday.  This worked out into a nice every other session playing schedule at the 3 court setup used at Anoka Ramsey Community College.  The event saw most of the top 60 2020, top 30 2021 and top 10 or so kids from the state plus the South Dakota stars like Matthew Mors.  As with any event and especially a new one, were there some kids that were missed?  Of course, but overall those were on the fringes and there were no super ridiculous omissions.

Not enough credit can be given to the MBCA for the hard work they put in to get kids to show up and to provide them with a really well done setup.  High profile coaches from the MBCA participated including Travis Bledsoe (DLS), Jerry Kline (CDH), Barry Wohler (Orono), Willie Braziel (Columbia Heights), Mike McDonald (Cambridge-Isanti) and Hall of Fame coaches Larry McKenzie and Mark Klingsporn.  One of the state's most well-respected trainers in Mitch Ohnstad was one of the camp trainers as well.  But with the top kids showing up, the top coaches came out.  Not only did we have all the regional D1 guys plus nearby big boys Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa but plenty of other high major D1 schools showed up too.  That included Indiana, Michigan, Marquette, Texas Tech, Arkansas, and Oklahoma just to name a few.  At one point despite sitting under the main balcony where the coaches were perched, I could still count 35 coaches (across all levels) on the rail.  For a 1st year event, this far exceeded expectations and was a smashing success.

The Action
For any camp where college coaches can attend, the usual speech about playing unselfishly and playing defense is a given  But in a camp setting where you've never played with guys that can be difficult.  Credit to the kids as a whole for largely being almost unselfish to a fault.  3 games in 5 sessions can be tough and at the end of the event it did show but that's understandable.  Now some individual stream of unconsciousness thoughts.

Not sure if it was guys not stretching or just the wear and tear of year round play but it seemed like there were an abnormally high number of guys getting injured.  I saw half a dozen kids end up with some sort of ailment.

Plenty of guys had moments where they really heated up from the 3 point line.  Here are some of those names in no particular order
  • Donovan Smith (Minnehaha)
  • Cade Haskins (De La Salle)
  • Josh Streit (Eden Valley-Watkins)
  • Carter Bjerke (Wayzata)
  • Camden Heide (Wayzata)
  • Kobe Busch (Huron, SD)
  • Jayden Bernard (Virginia)
Tre Holloman showed what we all know of him as a point guard.  When his jump shot improves he'll be really really scary.

Prince Aligbe played a ton of point guard for his team and filled that role admirably.

Detavious Frierson (Park Center) also handled the ball a ton more than usual.  A very good athlete, that's usually not him.  I'm not sure what you do with him in terms of position at the next level (small ball PF?), but he's productive and continues to improve.

At 7'1", Calvin Sisk (Rockford) is a guy you have to project out on.  But the work he's put in has definitely paid dividends.  He had some productive moments using his size to finish close to the rim despite getting some tough matchups like Dain Dainja.

Speaking of Dainja, he went to the Pro Am league for his 2nd game of Saturday vs his team's 2nd game of the day.  But he did make it back in time for the final game of the event where he took on Dawson Garcia in the premier matchup of the weekend.  The 2 didn't really go at it much but the couple of encounters were fun.  Dainja had to shoot a fallaway over Garcia's length in the post.  On the other end, Garcia tried to bully Dainja but Dainja went brick wall on him and didn't budge an inch on 2 hard bumps.  That forced Garcia to spin back to his off hand for a tough bank finish. Both Garcia and Dainja were both impressive in their outings on Friday night as well.  Garcia getting it done in the post and out to the 3 point line in that instance.  Dainja with a couple of nice dribble attacks against Sisk leading to dunks.

Another fun matchup of bigs was on Saturday with Minnetonka's Cam Steele taking on Aberdeen (SD)'s Andrew Bergan.  Bergan is longer and more athletic but Steele's physical play to attack was enough to put that matchup at a draw.  Good outing for both.

Jacob Jennissen (Sauk Centre) is another quickly developing big man at 6'11".  Loved his footwork and am very interested to see what he does in the next month.

Will Tschetter (Stewartville) and Matthew Mors (Yankton, SD) both very productive front court play on the weekend too.

2019 Opening weekend AAU Results

The 1st weekend of the 2019 AAU season is in the books.   Here how's the Minnesota teams fared as many warm up for shoe circuit play or the Comets tourney next weekend.

NY2LA SWISH N DISH - Milwaukee
GetShook 1-2 (lost both bracket)
Gain Elite 2-1 (lost 2nd bracket game)

Gain Elite 4-2 (lost Silver bracket semi)

Gain Elite 2-2
Get Shook 3-3 (lost 1st 2 games, lost in Silver semis)

SUPER 16 - Ames17U
Crossfire-Slagter 3-2 (lost 68-65 in pool to Phenon/Prodigy Elite, lost in semis)
Crossfire-Jorgenson 1-4 (the win was by forfeit)
Phenom/Prodigy Elite 3-1 (lost to Pulley bracket semis, swept pool, beat Crossfire Slagter 68-65 in pool)
Howard Pulley 5-0 won championship, beat Phenom/Prodigy Elite 69-63 in semis.

Phenom/Prodigy Elite 2-3
Crossfire Stone  3-1 (swept pool, lost 71-66 to Pulley in semis, beat Crossfire Hedberg 63-54 for 3rd)
Crossfire Hedberg 3-2 (swept pool, lost to Crossfire Stone in 3rd place game)
Howard Pulley 5-0 won championship

Phenom/Prodigy Elite 3-2, won 5th place game, lost to Pulley Black 65-41 in qtrs
Crossfire Terhaar 1-3, lost to Pulley Blue 73-55 in qtrs
Howard Pulley Blue 3-1, lost in semis
Howard Pulley Black 4-1, lost championship game

There was also 1 local event of note
Select Cave 5-0, beat MN Matrix and Northern Lakers in bracket play to win the championship
Northern Lakers 4-1 lost championship game
MN Matrix 3-2, won 3rd place game

Mpls Hawks went 4-1 and won 3 bracket games to win the 16U title.

MN Rush and MN Select Davis ran thru the event undefeated until they met in the championship game.  No result available.

Stars and Lions punch their state tickets

Its 2 nights of section finals to close out the non-Target Center portion of the 2018-19 season.  First its section 3AAA final between St. Thomas Academy and one of the season's great surprise teams, Holy Angels.  Then the section 4A final at Anoka-Ramsey between top seed CHOF and 11 seed Hope Academy.  Though the seeding in 4A needs to desperately change as there was no way Hope was anything close to 11th (they beat the 5 on the road by 35 as an example).  Pepsi provided for the final night makes it all worthwhile.

Thursday 3AAA Final: 1 Holy Angels 85 2 St. Thomas Academy 78
Jack Thompson with 11 early points as St. Thomas Academy opens up a 26-18 lead at the 8:20 mark.  But Holy Angels counters that with a 2-3 zone and the top guards in that zone despite not applying a ton of ball pressure cause a ton of havoc deflecting passes.  Forward Aaron Engel off the AHA bench with a pair of hoops.  Matt Banovetz for 3 and 2 free throws as Holy Angels ties the game at 31 at the 5:51 mark.  Banovetz with the 3 point play attacking the hoop and why not from 3 in transition and he'll add a FT.  11-2 AHA run and that allows the Stars to build a 48-41 halftime lead.

Thor Holien dominating inside early in the 2nd half for AHA.  2 deep postups for easy hoops.  Run the floor for another easy score.  He'll add 3 FT and another hoop for a 62-52 AHA lead with 11:50 left.  Then St. Thomas Academy has their run.  Jack Thompson goes bonus free throws and later a steal for 2 FTs to put the Cadets ahead.  Soph Jamie Smith great bench minutes for the Cadets as well in the run with a couple of hoops and a free throw.  Thompson with a jumper to close the 20-6 run.  72-68 St. Thomas Academy ahead with 3:50 left.  Thompson backdoor off a set to keep the lead at 4.  Banovetz then steps behind a drive and behind the line for a 3 with 2:32 left to put AHA back on top. Frosh Emmett Johnson with a big time 3 with just over 2 minutes left for a 78-74 AHA lead.  STA scores and takes timeout.  Then the clock doesn't start out of the timeout.  Meanwhile the teams trade layups.  Somehow thru a long stretch of the clock not running, the officials only take 5 seconds off.  Holien with a layup and then AHA blocks a rim attack at the other end.  Emmett Johnson closes it with a free throw and layup.  Terrific night for the frosh Emmett Johnson with 28 points and he was a total nuisance on the defensive end too.  Thor Holien with 15 of his 23 in the 2nd half.  Jack Thompson with 21 points to lead the Cadets.  Charlie Fafinski adds 20 points for St. Thomas Academy.

Friday 4A Final: 1 CHOF 65 11 Hope Academy 50
CHOF boys trying to get a win in the section final that the girls couldn't get last week.  10-2 CHOF run to build a 19-9 lead midway thru the 1st half.  Hope sees the 3 ball start to fall with 3 those from Caleb Hoilien and 1 each from Elijah Wade and Kaleb Dube.  Its a 19-5 Hope run and they take the lead 28-24.  Wade gets in the post and adds 2 free throws for a 30-28 Hope lead at the half.

CHOF goes on a 16-0 run after Hoilien starts the half with a putback.  Drake Eckman off the CHOF bench with 7 in a row during the run.  Hope center and rebounding ace Samuel Ojebode sits with 4th foul during the run.  CHOF was tough crashing the glass all night vs the Hope 1-2-2 zone and Ojebode's foul trouble didn't help that.  3 putbacks for CHOF during the run.  44-34 CHOF with exactly 10 minutes left.  The lead grows to 11 but Hope has a late rally in them.  Its the freshman Wade with the jumper and a putback that he's fouled on.  He misses the free throw but Hope gets it back and he'll convert that too.  He adds another jumper for 8 in a row.  That cuts the lead to 50-45 with 4:47 left.

After a couple missed Hope triples, CHOF will take timeout and go 4 corners with 3:10 left.  Clay Bluhm with a layup, then an over and back call on Hope with 1:56 left.  A frustration kick of the ball to get the call and its a technical.  The rest is free throws.  McCaleb Alleman with 11 of his 18 in the 2nd half to lead CHOF.  Isaac Collins with 14, Preston Alleman with 10 of his 12 in the 1st half.  Caleb Hoilien with 22 points.  Elijah Wade with 17 points.  But those 2 had no help as the rest of the roster combined for 13. It will be very interesting to see where CHOF gets seeded.  On 1 hand you say their section was awful and therefore they get no seed.  But a deeper look reveals they play a mostly AA schedule that has inflated their QRF and they beat fellow tourney entrant Spring Grove head to head.

2019 2AAAA Semifinals Thoughts

To a PACKED house at Prior Lake for the 2AAAA semifinals.  The rivalry between Prior Lake and Shakopee starts the night and then a 3rd meeting of Lake Conference foes Edina and Eden Prairie in the 2nd semifinal.  People 3 deep on the rails once we get goign and the stands were full 40 minutes before game when I arrived.  As much as I love a band it would have taken up a ton of needed room.  But still great music all night with Ozzy Osborne, Journey, Scorpions and the Beastie Boys.  Plus a jelly filled cupcake in the stands too.  Why not since it was too full to deal with concessions.

Game 1: 1 Prior Lake 75  5 Shakopee 59
A very tight 1st half.  Shakopee using an 11-2 run to take a 17-15 lead.  Will Cordes with a bucket and pair of free throws in that run.  Brooks Allen doing a very nice job harassing Dawson Garcia on the defensive end.  Allen also doing it on offense with a triple and late bucket in the half.  24-23 Prior Lake at the break.

In the 2nd half the Prior Lake size and defense takes over.  Robert Jones layup, Tyree Ihenacho putback, an offensive board for a Sam Nissen triple, Garcia scoring in the post. 36-27 Prior Lake with over 13 minutes left.  Ihenacho a 3 point play, Nissen a triple, Ihenacho to the reverse and a Garcia free throw.  52-37 Prior Lake with 7:30 left as Shakopee has no defensive answer.  Shakopee with a couple of 3s to hang around.  But Ihenacho with the breakaway dunk of a turnover, Garcia lays in a dump off pass and why not Robert Jones for 3.61-45 with under 4 minutes left and no real danger from there.  Robert Jones with 17 of his 23 after halftime.  Dawson Garcia adds 21 for Prior Lake.  Brooks Allen outstanding with 20 points for Shakopee.  Will Cordes adds 14 for the Sabers.

Game 2: 2 Eden Prairie 63 3 Edina 40
Story of this one was the Eden Prairie defense.  Edina goes scoreless for the last 7:30 of the 1st half as they couldn't buy a shot or many good looks.  That allows Eden Prairie to double a 10 point lead to 20 at the half and they cruise from there.  Ariel Bland was terrific with 14 of his 20 points in the 1st half.  Eden Prairie wanted to use his quickness and that of Austin Andrews to attack Jacob Hutson off the bounce.  Hutson was the only notable offense for Edina with 17 points.  Jack Middleton held to 2 1st half points and a game total of 12 with only 3 field goals.  The defensive work of Drew Edwards off the EP bench deserves a ton of praise for that.  Drake Dobbs with 14 of his 21 in the 2nd half to keep the game out of reach.  Just to show how much the Edina offense struggled.  They had only 2 games this year under 60 points (59 vs BSM a couple weeks ago when I watched and 57 vs Orono) before tonight.  The other 2 games vs Eden Prairie they scored 71 and 77.

That means Prior Lake will host Eden Prairie on Friday night for the 2AAAA championship and a trip to state.  Expect a big time grind it out defensive struggle there as both teams are really good on that end.  But how does Eden Prairie deal with the big front line of Prior Lake?  A shame that this game is a section title game because its worthy of being a state title game.  EP has now won 5 in a row including wins over Minneapolis North and Hopkins in that stretch to go with Edina and Minnetonka twice.

2019 4AAAA Semifinals Thoughts

Its a rare final playoff Monday of the season.  Usually this is an off night but thanks to the weather a bunch of games rescheduled for tonight.  That includes the 4AAAA semifinals with an early start in Hastings.  T-Rod and Stoney get whistles for the games.  Hot Dog and Powerade on the menu.

Semifinal #1: 2 CDH 81 3 Tartan 76
Early pace favored Tartan.  I like them going to 5 out curls with Antwan Kimmons being the top guy popping back.  Jaeden King with a crazy 3 point play and puts back his own miss.  He'll add a floater, a tough 2 and a big time 3 for a 25-14 CDH lead at the 6:17 mark.  Kimmons not letting Tartan go away.  He'll go coast to coast for 2 and add a pair of FTs.  M'akil Weems with a drive for a dunk and another nifty finish scooping around defenders for 2 more.  Tartan within 32-28 at the half.  Kimmons and King carrying the offenses but more help for King thanks to Amari Carter knocking down a pair of 3s in the half.

That theme continues in the 2nd half.  Critical sequence in the middle of the half.  Will Burke scoring in the post, Kimmons misses 2 FTs, King with a pretty cut for a layup, Kimmons misses a dunk after a steal and Ben Gallaher buries a 3 on the other end for CDH.  All of a sudden the lead is 13 with 9:30 left and Tartan is in deep trouble.  Kimmons keeping it interesting with a 3 point play and another bucket.  Weems with a nice backcut for a layup on a BLOB.  He's fouled, Tartan gets the board but misses an open 3 that would have cut the lead to 6 with just over 6 minutes left.

CDH closes from there.  Tre Holloman finds Carter running the floor for a layup.  Holloman adds a floater and then a frozen rope from halfcourt to Burke for a layup to push the lead to 64-50.  Carter adds another triple and another floater from Holloman keeps the lead at 13 with 2:37 left.  A couple late 3s don't matter and CDH advances.  Jaeden King with 27 points and 4 triples.  He hit a bunch of really tough shots.  Amari Carter adds 17 with 3 triples of his own.  He definitely has taken his game up a notch this season.  Quiet night for Curtis Jones adding 12 for the Raiders.  Antwan Kimmons leads Tartan with 41 points and 3 triples.  He was aggressive on the glass too.  Langston Binns turned in a great outing with 18 points off the bench.  M'akil Weems adds 13.  But 3 starters go for 1 basket until the final 12 seconds.  Just not enough offense for the Titans.  But CDH also shot it very well which didn't allow Tartan to take those and run the other way.

Semifinal #2: 1 East Ridge 64 St. Paul Central 52
Central flat out running East Ridge out of the building and out working them in the 1st half.  East Ridge with a couple of early time outs trying to get their bearings.  Dion Ford back to back hoops, Daveonte Davis pops a jumper and Khai West with a layup off a double clutch Ronnell Porter feed.  23-19 Central at 7:35.  East Ridge counters with a tough 2 and lob dunk from Kendall Brown.  Ben Carlson adds a putback, post hoop and a swat as East Ridge gets their rhythm.  West for 3 and then he'll leak out for a layup to put Central up 30-29 going to the half.

Second half is all East Ridge.  Carlson in the post.  Kendall Brown with his big height advantage on Porter bullies him in the post for 2.  Carlson with 1 bucket and then flashes to the elbow for another jumper.  Then a Carlson dunk. Courtney Brown scores and he'll add a 3 after a Carlson block.  49-39 East Ridge takes control.  Davis with a 3 and a nice cut from Ford cuts the lead to 5.  But the Raptors fly away with another Courtney Brown 3.  Kendall Brown with a free throw and an open court bucket.  Carlson caps the 8-0 run with a dunk.  57-44 East Ridge at that point and no more danger.  Ben Carlson with 14 of his 22 in the 2nd half as he was the major factor in East Ridge pulling away.  Kendall Brown with 16 points.  Courtney Brown with a pair of 3s in the 2nd half as part of the big run as well.  He finishes with 15.  Dion Ford leads Central with 16.  Daveonte Davis finishes with 14. 

The Final
East Ridge vs Cretin-Derham Hall part 3 for the 4AAAA section title is Thursday night in Hastings. East Ridge won both regular season meetings by double figures.  Jaeden King with 29 in the 1st meeting and did not play in the rescheduled game at CDH due to injury.  Ben Carlson and Courtney Brown had big games in both meetings.

Tracking 4AA and semis in 8AAAA

A fun 3 days of hoops on the schedule.  A pair of coin flip type matchups in section 4AA start and end the stretch.  A pair of quality semifinals in section 8AAAA gets sandwiched inbetween.  Quality pizza and Pepsi at Monticello in my 1st visit to that quality setup.  A rare appearance from Chipotle Gal for the Saturday matinee.  Bethel and Crown staff also appear there.

Thursday: 9 Concordia 82 8 Humboldt 65
This was the 8 vs 9 game in Section 4AA.  Both teams go zone.  Humboldt straight 2-3 while Concordia goes matchup out of their 2-3.  Concordia knocks down 10 3s in the 1st half against that zone.  That is part of opening up a 35-8 lead just 11 minutes into the game.  Humboldt stays man too long but once they go man they manage to get the lead all the way down to 8 with 7 minutes left.  Concordia no flow on their offense and everything going in for the Hawks in the 2nd half.  But a silly Humboldt technical switches the momentum.  That results in a free throw.  A pair of sets result in a backdoor 3 point play and a triple.  Concordia coasts from there.  Aaron TerHaar with 5 triples and 26 points to lead Concordia.  Barnabas Preble adds 19 points.  Desmond Lugo 4 3s and 3 FTs being fouled on a 3 for 15 points to lead Humboldt.

Friday Game 1: 1 Maple Grove 65 4 St. Michael-Albertville 48
Maple Grove would use a 23-7 spurt in the 1st half to open up a 32-13 lead late in the 1st half.  Hot shooting from Kyle Dreyer included 3 triples and 11 points in that run.  STMA with 4 late 3s after that to close the half on a 12-2 run and cut the lead to 34-25 at the break.  STMA would cut the lead to 5 a couple of times in the 2nd half.  Peyton McLean with 3s during a couple of different spurts to keep the game tight.  Maple Grove slows the pace.  Nate Adams starts with a bucket and then a dagger 3 after a long possession pushes the lead back to 14 and the Crimson are out of danger.  Nate Adams 17 points, Kyle Dreyer 16, Jared Rainey 15 for great Crimson guard production.  Ryan McGinnis good backup center minutes as well for Maple Grove.  Peyton McLean and Evan Wieker lead STMA with 11 points each.  The Knights have a talented junior class for next year when they'll join the Lake Conference.

Friday Game 2: 2 Buffalo 84 3 Moorhead 71
Buffalo would open a 18 point halftime lead behind the interior play of Aidan Bouman and the attacking of Tony Dahl.  Moorhead star Maleeck Harden-Hayes sits with 2 fouls at the 7:19 mark and Buffalo goes +12 with him sitting.  Bouman picks up his 4th foul with 12:54 left and sits.  Harden-Hayes nicely attacking in the half and that draws that 4th foul.  He adds a bucket and a putback and the lead is down to 7 with just over 11 minutes left.  Buffalo coach Josh Ortmann not messing around and he'll roll the dice by putting Bouman right back in the game.  That pays off as Bouman plays the rest of the game.  Harden-Hayes fouls out on a tough reach and strip call with 4:44 left.  Drew Hagen fouls out with 3:22 left.  Soph Brady Walthall trying to keep Moorhead close at the charity stripe but there's not enough left.  Aidan Bouman leads Buffalo with 28 points dominating the blocks.  Tony Dahl very effective out of the 2-1-2 dribble drive for 22 points.  Good minutes from freshman point guard Antonio Bluiett as well.  Moorhead gets 19 points from Brady Walthall.  Maleeck Harden-Hayes with 12 of his 14 in the 2nd half.  Both teams return a ton for next year.  Buffalo has their top 6 coming back.  Moorhead returns everybody except Harden-Hayes.  Buffalo and Maple Grove meet on Thursday in St. Michael for the 8AAAA championship.

Saturday: 5 Trinity 45 4 Minneapolis Edison 42
Edison would make the game hectic early.  But Trinity would settle down after a couple of minutes. Edison goes over 9 minutes without a field goal.  But a 3 from Jeremiah Thompson to break that streak cuts the lead to 12-9 just outside the 6 minute mark.  Trinity beats the buzzer with a jumper off an offensive rebound for a 24-15 halftime lead.

Ben Maslow 2 early 3s in the 2nd half.  The 2nd is at the 13:12 mark for a 32-19 Trinity lead.  That's the last Trinity FG of the game.  After the lead grows to 34-20, Edison's defensive chaos pressure starts to take effect.  Edison goes on an 18-3 run for the lead.  Antonio Simmons with a nice slip of an elevator screen for a layup and then 2 free throws to cap that run.  38-37 Edison with 3:38 left.  Simmons and Jermaine Cornell with steals for layups.  42-40 Edison 1:45 left and we have a loud gym.  Maslow ties it with 2 freebies with 1:38 left.  Edison turns it over and Anthony Rumpza with 2 free throws for the lead with 9-0 seconds left.  Edison runs offense and misses.  Trinity rebounds and holds.  Trinity misses both FTs with 17 seconds left and Edison still has a chance down 2.  They miss with 7 seconds left.  1 Trinity free throw gives Edison 1 last possession.  But they dribble it off a foot and time runs out.  Antonio Simmons 13 points to lead Edison.  Ben Maslow 15 points to lead Trinity.  Michael Ennis adds 14 points.  Trinity advances to play Minnehaha on Tuesday.

AAA belongs in the city

Its back to back AAA playoff nights in St. Paul.

Tuesday: Bloomington Kennedy 78 St. Paul Harding 51
In 3AAA, 6 seed Kennedy gave up the opening FT and then proceeded to go on a 37-6 run.  Harding giving up a bunch of points thanks to turnovers.  Only 2 FGs for Harding in almost the 1st 13 minutes.  Jaylen Williams 3 early bombs.  Laronte Marmont drawing 4 fouls on forward Alex Addai in the 1st half.  There wasn't an answer for him in the post.  Soph Amarion Hanspard adds 11 points in the 1st half as well.  That 30 point gets down to 22 at a couple of points but never closer than that as Kennedy rolls.  They'll play St. Thomas Academy in the semis on Friday.  Terrell Barber leads Kennedy with 16 points, Amarion Hanspard 14, Laronte Marmont with 13.  Simeon Sharp with 18 and Jovan Christian with 16 to lead Harding.  Christian finishes his career with 1645 career points.  That ties him for the Harding school record with current Brooklyn Center assistant coach Steve Priestley.

Wednesday: St. Paul Johnson 43 Fridley 39
Back to St. Paul for the 4AAA 3 vs 6 game.   But the real reason I'm attending is to get in 1 last walking taco for the season.  Have to wash that down with quality Pepsi.  Fridley comes out in a common delay game as they try to pass and cut/backcut against the Governors pressure defense.  The 1st possession lasts 99 seconds.  Not a stall, but patience.  Casey Fisher for 3 off the elevator screen for an 11-6 lead at the 7:07 mark.  Julian Borney back to back hoops for Johnson as they regain the lead 14-13 last in the half.  Micah Coewenhoeven with a floater in the last minute for a 17-16 Fridley lead at the half.

Johnson's played 11 guys and their defense got to Fridley to force a bunch of sloppy turnovers.  Kevin Knox 4 easy hoops in a 12-1 Johnson run for a 30-20 Govs lead with 11-2 left.  Fridley might have let it go too long before their timeout (but thankfully no MoKiller). They score the next 7 to pull within 3 with 6 minutes left.  They'll get a couple chances to tie but can't convert.

Fridley with a miss inside the 2 minute mark but they'll steal it back for 2 Isaac Burns free throws. That cuts the Govs lead to 34-33.  Then a Fridley pick pocket and they'll go the other way for a missed layup.  Johnson immediately lays it in on the other end.  After a quick Fridley missed 3, Johnson will hold.  On a drive, Fridley tries to foul, no whistle and the foul finally gets called as frosh Mac Thomas lays the ball in.  Frustrating call.  That pushes the Johnson lead to 6 with 53.7 left.  Burns counters with a 3, Johnson makes 1-2 FTs and Hassan Kamara hits a 3 with 12 seconds left.  That cuts the lead to 1.  Johnson makes 2 free throws, Fridley misses a forced 3 and Thomas seals it with 1 of 2 FTs with 1.8 left.  Govs advance to play Totino-Grace in the semifinals.  That's currently scheduled for Saturday night but we'll see if the weather changes that.  Freshman Hassan Kamara with 15 points to lead Fridley but he struggled with his shot and turnovers.  Issac Burns adds 12 points.  Mac Thomas leads Johnson with 10 points.  Johnson struggled shooting it but they absolutely crushed Fridley on the offensive glass with pure effort.

Flaming Comets strike

Its the best month of the year, March.  That means playoff time!  What better way to start that by finishing up my Monday nights for the season with a visit to a TCAC school.  That's been a Monday theme throughout this season so its fitting that I take in the section 4A 16 vs 17 game at Groves Academy vs Kaleidoscope.  Its Kaleidoscope's 1st year so this is their 1st ever playoff game.  They lost the regular season meeting by 9.  I arrive early but don't take in any beverages.  We get a 3 man recognized officiating crew for this game which was a major surprise.  In the TCAC, you never know what you'll  get.

Game Time
Story of this game was the Kaleidoscope duo of junior Jacob Donnett and freshman guard AJ Kargel.  After a 14 all tie, the game was all Kaleidoscope.  Donnett already with 8 and 2 3s decides to add another 5 triples and 27 points...in the first half.  The lefty Kargel not getting cheated either.  He adds 8 of his 23 in the half during a 10-0 run that blows the game wide open.  46-25 Comets at 5:40 and they aren't threatened after that.  62-39 Comets at the break.  Donnett was ice cold in the 2nd half but still knocked down a couple more 3s.  Kargel with 4 more bombs of his own during the 2nd half.  Kaleidoscope cruises to a 103-65 win.  Jacob Donnett finishes with 47 points and double digit rebounds.  He makes 9 3s on the night.  AJ Kargel adds 7 triples of his own on the way to a 41 point night.  Can't remember if I've ever seen teammates put up 40 in a game before.  Makes me think of Alex English and Kiki Vandeweghe during their Nuggets days.  Almost all of those treys of the uncontested variety.  Sam Goldstein leads Groves with 19 points.  He had his way working in the post.  Larry Mohamed adds 18 for the Griffins.  Groves finishes the season 5-18.  Kaleidoscope advances to play 9 seed Heritage tomorrow at 5:30 PM.  The winner of that game will return to Groves to play 8 seed Chesterton on Thursday night.

2019 Better Than Chalk Section Predictions

Its March and that means playoff time.  Section play in the metro starts on Monday so let's do our annual predictions.  The goal is to do better than just picking the high seeds.  We'll do these in order of small schools to big schools

Section 2A
Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity opens on Monday at Mayer Lutheran in a 3 vs 6 game.  Mayer Lutheran played without forward Baden Noennig on Friday in a loss at Blake.  These teams met in January in Lester Prairie with Mayer Lutheran winning by 7.  Leading scorer for Mayer Lutheran from that game didn't play on Friday either. I think Mayer Lutheran has their hands full but they barely survive and advance.

Section 4A
This is where I will win or lose the competition.  Once again section 4A goes to a system of tiered byes.  The top 4 seeds automatically advance 3 rounds to the quarters on Saturday.  Seeds 5 thru 8 don't start until Thursday.  Seeds 9 thru 11 skip the opening round. The bottom 10 open on Monday.

Round 1 (Monday 3/4):
17 Kaleidoscope at 16 Groves
20 Metro Schools College Prep at 13 Bethany
21 Lincoln Intl at 12 MTS
19 Hmong at 14 Lakes International
18 Community of Peace at 15 Mounds Park Academy

My rule for these pigtail type games is to always pick chalk and I will do that here.  Kaleidoscope lost at Groves by 9 in mid December.  That was despite 27 and 15 from their top player Jacob Donnett.  Larry Mohammed with 22 for Groves in that game.  I expect it to be close and I'll see it in person.  Bethany vs Metro Schools College Prep I think will be closer than the seed line indicates but Bethany survives at home.  MTS blew out Lincoln twice in the regular season, I see that happening again.  Hmong Academy lost by 2 at LILA in January, expect another close one there but I'll take home court.  At home, Mounds Park Academy beat COPA by 14 3 weeks ago.  Yahya Madar is the most difficult matchup in the section.  He helped lead a big run to the section final last year.  MPA advances.

Round 2 (Tuiesday 3/5)
16 Groves at 9 Heritage
13 Bethany at 12 MTS
14 LILA at 11 Hope Academy
15 Mounds Park Academy at 10 North Lakes

I take Heritage over Groves.  MTS beat Bethany big twice in the regular season, expect that again.  MTS too athletic and too much offensive firepower.  Too much Caleb Hoilien for Hope, they'll advance without trouble over LILA.  Cole Donelan will help North Lakes hang around but there's no matchup for Madar. Give me the upset here for MPA.

Round 3 (Thursday 3/7)
9 Heritage vs 8 Chesterton (at Groves)
12 MTS at 5 Hiawatha
11 Hope at 6 Legacy
15 Mounds Park Academy at 7 Christian Life

Oh I love the upsets here and this round is make or break for the picks.  Heritage takes out Chesterton.  A high scoring entertaining affair between MTS and Hiawatha.  But Hiawatha is young so give ME MTS here.  Hope lost at home to Legacy on a buzzer beater early in the year.  They get revenge on the road.  Mounds Park upset Christian Life last year during their Cinderella run and it happens again here.

Quarterfinals (Sat 3/9)
9 Heritage at 1 CHOF
12 MTS at 4 West Lutheran
11 Hope at 3 Liberty
15 Mounds Park Academy at 2 Avail Academy

CHOF won big at Heritage 2 weeks ago, they'll advance again.  West Lutheran beat MTS by 9 in the Avail tourney over the holidays.  They'll get a challenge but ultimately survive.  Liberty's 2-3 extended zone will bother Hope to start but give me the upset here.  Caleb Hoilien with a big game there and too much quickness from Hope will force turnovers.  Toughest game to for me to pick is the last one and why not do it again.  To beat the drum, there's no matchup for Yahya Madar.

Semis: (Tues 3/12)
4 West Lutheran at 1 CHOF
15 Mounds Park Academy at 11 Hope

CHOF beat West Lutheran big in the last couple of weeks.  I love the Troy Kokkinen vs McCaleb Alleman matchup.  Lions advance.  As to the other game, its a new Cinderella story this season.  Hope advances at home in the final game in their gym. Hope too good at the guard spots.  Madar vs Hoilien features 2 of the best players in the section.

Final (Fri 3/15 at Anoka-Ramsey)
11 Hope vs 1 CHOF.  CHOF won the regular season meeting at home by 17 in early February.  This meeting is closer but CHOF moves on to state.

Section 4AA
Same idea in 4AA with the tiered byes.  AFSA not playing the tourney series so only 15 teams.

Round 1 (Tues 3/5)
13 Twin Cities Academy/Great River at 12 Nova Classical
14 St. Paul Washington at 11 New Life
15 Math and Science at 10 St. Agnes

Nova finished 2 games better in TCAC D1 but the teams split their 2 regular season meetings with home wins.  That includes an 11 point TCA win 2 weeks ago.  TCA with more firepower and they win again.  Akepevwe  Akwunuma will be too much inside.  New Life beat Washington just before Christmas and I see it happening again despite a big game from PG Zaveon Smith.  St. Agnes no problems with Math and Science.

Round 2 (Th 3/7)
9 Concordia at 8 Humboldt
13 Twin Cities Academy at 5 Trinity
11 New Life at 6 St. Paul Academy
10 St. Agnes at 7 St. Paul Prep/HSRA

Concordia pulls the upset at Humboldt as I see Humboldt having difficulty generating enough offense.  Trinity takes out a game TCA/GR squad.   St. Agnes avenges a 1 point loss to HSRA.  New Life just beat SPA by 9 to end the regular season.  SPA tries to return the favor at home but I'll take an upset here.

Quarterfinals (Sat 3/9)
9 Concordia at 1 Minnehaha
5 Trinity at 4 Minneapolis Edison
11 New Life vs 3 Cristo Rey at Minneapolis Washburn
10 St. Agnes at 2 St. Croix Prep

Minnehaha overwhelms Concordia.  Trinity knocks off Edison.  Cristo Rey takes out New Life.  Sst. Croix Prep too much firepower for St. Agnes.

Semis (Tues 3/12)
5 Trinity at 1 Minnehaha
3 Cristo Rey at 2 St. Croix Prep

Minnehaha no problems advancing.  St. Croix Prep gets a rematch of a 3 point home loss from a couple weeks ago.  But note that's the game where James Sommer got hurt for CRJ.  He hasn't played since but you know he'll want to come back for this one.  Lots of guard play here in a very entertaining game.  I'll take St. Croix Prep to get revenge in a tight one.

Final (Fri 3/15 at St. Paul Washington)
2 St. Croix Prep vs 1 Minnehaha
Jalen Suggs continues his great play.  No solution for Chet Holmgren.  Minnehaha wins.

Section 5AA
Th 3/7 at High Seeds, Sat 3/9 and Tues 3/12 at STMA, Fri 3/15 at SCSU

9 Blake at 8 Brooklyn Center  (winner vs 1 Minneapolis North)
13 PACT at 4 Litchfield
12 Watertown-Mayer at 5 Holy Family
14 ISM/ERA vs 3 Maranatha at Osseo
11 SW Christian at  6 Providence
10 HLWW at 7 Rockford (winner vs 2 Breck)

Lots of young guard play on display in that 8 vs 9 game.  Blake with their 3 soph guards and BC with their entire lineup of youth.  I like what Blake runs and BC doesn't defend well.  Give me Blake here.  Litchfield no problems with PACT.  Holy Family wins a rematch with Watertown-Mayer.  MCA big over International School.  Providence gets another home win over SW Christian.  Rockford blew out Howard Lake in their season opener.  Rockford advances.

North blows out Blake.  Maranatha knocks off Providence in a rematch of a 10 pt regular season game.  Breck no problems with Rockford but Roddy going at the 7 foot Calvin Sisk is something to see.  Best game of Saturday at St. Michael is the Holy Family vs Litchfield matchup.  Litchfield in a tight one.  North then takes out Litchfield and Breck over Maranatha in the semis.  Maranatha with lots of guys to throw at David Roddy in that fun semifinal.  North then takes out Breck for a trip to state.

Section 1AAA
5 Red Wing at 4 Simley (Wed 3/6).  Simley advances with no problem but then gets bounced by Austin on Saturday afternoon in Rochester.

Section 3AAA
Tues 3/5, Fri 3/8 at High Seeds, Final Th 3/14 at Bloomington Jefferson
8 South St. Paul at 1 Holy Angels
5 Richfield at 4 St. Croix Lutheran
7 St. Paul Highland Park at 2 St. Thomas Academy
6 Bloomington Kennedy at 3 St. Paul Harding

Holy Angels and St. Thomas Academy advance without issue.  Harding holds off Kennedy at home.  Richfield won a tight one at St. Croix Lutheran right after the new year.  They have 2 wins since.  SCL gets the revenge win at home.

In the semis, Holy Angels survives and advances.  St. Thomas Academy no issues in their semifinal.  Holy Angels with a nice matchup of defensive guards vs St. Thomas Academy in the final.  Charles Johnson guarding Jack Thompson is a fun matchup to see.  I can't pick all top seeds to win titles so give me St. Thomas Academy here.

Section 4AAA
Wed 3/6 High Seeds, Sat 3/9 and Th 3/14 at St. Paul Washington
8 Hill-Murray at 1 Mahtomedi
5 Columbia Heights at 4 St. Anthony
7 Como Park at 2 Totino-Grace
6 Fridley at 3 St. Paul Johnson

Mahtomedi and Totino-Grace no issues in round 1.  St. Anthony beat Columbia Heights by 15 in their meeting in early February.  Huskies advance again but this time its closer.  Fridley has won 3 straight after losing 7 in a row.  Johnson is not the Johnson of years gone by and has not been good in this calendar year.  They have a loss and OT win over a Harding team that Fridley beat easily.  Give me Fridley here in an entertaining up and down game.  In the next rounds, Mahtomedi beat St. Anthony by 30 in the regular season.  I see another easy win in the semis.  Totino-Grace takes out neighbor Fridley in the semi.  Mahtomedi then takes out Totino-Grace in the finals.

Section 6AAA
Tues 3/5 and Sat 3/9 High Seed, Th 3/14 Final at Chanhassen
8 Minneapolis Roosevelt at 1 De La Salle
5 Minneapolis Henry at 4 Mound-Westonka
6 Orono at 3 Waconia
7 Benilde-St. Margaret's at 2 Robbinsdale Cooper

De La Salle no problems with Roosevelt in round 1.  Henry lost by 1 at Mound-Westonka at the start of February.  I'll take Mound-Westonka here in a tight game.  Tough draw for Waconia who just lost to Orono at home by 8 on Friday.  Waconia won the 1st meeting by 6 at the end of January.  Expect another tight game.  Orono has lost a bunch of tight game and both have played tough schedules.  Game is a coin flip so I'll take home court advantage.  Tough draw for Cooper as well as these teams also split.  Double digit wins on home court for each team.  Game is at home so Cooper wins.

Cooper being at home is big in the semis.  But Waconia's discipline and Cooper's lack of defense makes the difference here.  Waconia advances.  De La Salle advances in the semis with home court.  In the final, Waconia nothing to scare De La Salle with so De La Salle moves on to try to reclaim the AAA state title.

Section 1AAAA
Wed 3/6 High Seeds, Sat 3/9 and Fri 3/15 Rochester
8 Owatonna at 1 Lakeville North
5 Farmington at 4 Lakeville South
6 Rochester Mayo at 3 New Prague
7 Rochester Century at 2 Rochester John Marshall

Top 2 seeds no issues.  Lakeville South and Farmington tied at 9-9 in the South Suburban but Lakeville South won both meetings 56-53.  Expect another tight game but I'll go with the old idea that its hard to beat a team 3 times.  Give me Farmington.  The 3 vs 6 game is one of the more fascinating games on the schedule.  You have a defensive minded New Prague squad vs a high powered offense but last in points allowed squad in Rochester Mayo. Hunter Nielsen and Tyler Kemp will have their hands full guarding the Madsen twins.  New Prague ran the table in the Wright County East but lost to Lakeville South and Farmington.  But Mayo has lost 5 out of 6 including a terrible loss to Albert Lea.  New Prague survives here.  (Czar's Note: New Prague actually beat Lakeville South and Farmington)

Can we just play the Lakeville North vs Farmington game at Lakeville South or Apple Valley to save everybody the trip to Rochester?  Lakeville North and JM advance in the semis so they can meet again in the final.  Expect another sold out crowd for a dynamite matchup of Tyler Wahl vs Matt Hurt.  But Wahl has far more help and Lakeville North moves on again.

Section 2AAAA
Wed 3/6 High Seeds, Sat 3/9 and Fri 3/15 Highest Seed
8 Bloomington Jefferson at 1 Prior Lake
5 Chaska at 4 Shakopee
6 Chanhassen at 3 Edina
7 Minnetonka at 2 Eden Prairie

Boom goes the dynamite here.  Wow is this section loaded.  Prior Lake won by 25 at Jefferson and have no problems in the rematch unless Jefferson bores them to death.  Eden Prairie got a great draw moving up to 2.  I can't justify that seed at all based on their body of work but the coaches went with the eye test.  By that standard, this seed makes perfect sense.  They blew out Tonka twice and will win again to advance.  Edina gets a tough test from Chanhassen but survives at home.  The 4 vs 5 game is the best one on the board.  Chaska held off a late rally to win at Shako by 3 in mid December.  Charlie Katona vs Cole Nicholson is a very good matchup.  Hawks have won 17 out of 18.  Shakopee's only losses besides that Chaska loss are to Prior Lake and Lakeville North in South Suburban play.  Chaska advances again.

That sets up a pair of high quality semifinals.  Prior Lake takes out Chaska with too much size.  Edina and Eden Prairie play a rubber match to advance.  Eden Prairie now has everybody healthy so I'll pick them to win a tight one.  But their lack of size is too much to overcome in the finals.  Prior Lake moves on to state.  That's all assuming Dawson Garcia is back for the semis and final.  If he's out, Prior Lake doesn't get thru that championship game.

Section 3AAAA
Tues 3/5 and Fri 3/8 High Seeds, Th 3/14 final at Farmington
8 Henry Sibley at 1 Eastview
5 Apple Valley at 4 Park
6 Hastings at 3 Eagan
7 Rosemount at 2 Burnsville

Eastview takes out Sibley.  Burnsville won both meetings with Rosemount big including by 24 at Rosemount.  Burnsville advances.  Size vs Shooting in the Hastings vs Eagan game.  Eagan won the regular season meeting at Hastings by 4.  Eagan advances.  Apple Valley vs Park is very interesting.  But Apple Valley has won only 2 games all calendar year (both over Rosemount) and struggles to score.  I'll take Park to advance in a close one with too much Charlie Gorres.

Eastview then takes out Park.  Burnsville beat Eagan twice in the regular season.  Eagan has lost 11 of 13 give me Burnsville here.  Burnsville and Eastview split their 2 meetings with Burnsville winning at home by 4 on Friday and losing by 2 at Eastview in early February.  Expect a tight final with Eastview hanging on to advance.  Too much Steven Crowl in that one.

Section 4AAAA
Wed 3/6 High Seeds, Sat 3/9 and Th 3/14 at Hastings
8 Woodbury at 1 East Ridge
5 St. Paul Central at 4 White Bear Lake
6 North St. Paul at 3 Tartan
7 Stillwater at 2 Cretin-Derham Hall

A couple of rivalry games here.  Woodbury played East Ridge tough in the 2nd meeting at East Ridge but the Raptors advance.  Tartan beat NSP twice and Tartan moves on again.  But last year Damien Johnson had a great game plan for the section game to take away Antwan Kimmons.  Expect a real battle there.  CDH no problems with Stillwater and Jaeden King is back.  Central coming off the big Twin Cities Game win goes into White Bear Lake.  Daveonte Davis vs Jeremy Beckler is a fun matchup.  But another hidden story is Ronelle Porter defending Sam Schwartz.  White Bear Lake survives and moves on.

Tartan then gets CDH in the semis and give me Tartan here.  CDH likes to run up and down and not defend.  Tartan will control pace and take advantage of the tough shots CDH takes.  East Ridge is a bad matchup for White Bear Lake.  Raptors won both meetings including the last one by 26 last week.  East Ridge then takes out Tartan in a defensive battle in the championship game.  Tartan not enough offense besides Antwan Kimmons in that game.

Section 5AAAA
Wed 3/6 High Seeds, Tues 3/12 at Coon Rapids, Fri 3/15 at Rogers
8 Irondale at 1 Park Center
5 Centennial at 4 Osseo
6 Roseville at 3 Spring Lake Park
7 Mounds View at 2 Champlin Park

Top 2 seeds no problems.  Spring Lake Park won by 12 at Roseville in December, they'll win the rematch at home.  Osseo handled Centennial on the road a month ago and will win that rematch as well.   The Park Center vs Osseo rivalry in the semis will be interesting.  Park Center won easily at home but only by 1 at Osseo.  They'll survive here.  Champlin Park finished the regular season with a 16 point win at Spring Lake Park.  The Rebels win again in the semis.  Park Center won big at Champlin Park when they met in the regular season.  Pirates too deep for the Rebels and Park Center moves on to state.

Section 6AAAA
Tues 3/5 High Seeds, Fri 3/8 and Wed 3/13 at Osseo
1 Hopkins vs 4 St. Louis Park/5 Minneapolis South
2 Wayzata vs 7 Minneapolis Washburn
3 Robbinsdale Armstrong vs 6 Minneapolis Southwest

Note these seeds are not posted at time of this writing but I can't see them going any other way.  Pure chalk for the 1st 2 rounds.  Armstrong had no problems at Southwest in December and should win easily at home.  St. Louis Park no problems taking out Minneapolis South in the 4 vs 5 game.  Wayzata big over Washburn.  Hopkins and Wayzata both win the semis without a ton of trouble.  Wayzata knocked off Armstrong earlier in the season.

Then the 3rd meeting and another meeting in the section final between Hopkins and Wayzata.  Hopkins has been my pick the last 2 years and lost.  Hopkins destroyed Wayzata by 27 at Wayzata in the final regular season meeting last year.  This year they win easily by 15 at Wayzata in the 2nd meeting.  Hmmm, seems like a pattern.  The pattern means I pick Hopkins here.  Wayzata's depth is an advantage but Hopkins has a major inside advantage with Nnaji and Zimmer.  Hopkins breaks the curse and moves on to state.

Section 7AAAA
Tues 3/5 High Seeds, Sat 3/9 at Princeton, Th 3/14 at Elk River
8 St. Francis at 1 Blaine
5 Coon Rapids at 4 Anoka
6 Andover at 3 Cambridge-Isanti
7 Forest Lake at 2 Duluth East

This section returns to Elk River for its final.  As always its a wide open section.  Forest Lake beat Duluth East by 9 at home without John Schrader.  Now Schrader is back but the game is on the road.  I'll still take Forest Lake to pull the upset.  Anoka won 2 tight games (1 in OT) vs Coon Rapids.  Coon Rapids lost 8 in row before a final night win.  Anoka wins again.  Cambridge-Isanti too much firepower for Andover.

Blaine was able to grind out a couple of wins vs Anoka in the regular season.  They do it again in the semis.  Cambridge-Isanti beat Forest Lake early in the year.  Its a different Forest Lake team now and they'll keep Cambridge from getting up and down.  I still think Cambridge has too much firepower and shoots it too well and will advance.  But Blaine will be too much in the final.

Section 8AAAA
Tues 3/5 High Seeds, Sat 3/9 at St Cloud St, Th 3/14 Neutral Site
8 St. Cloud Tech at 1 Maple Grove
5 Brainerd at 4 St. Michael-Albertville
6 Rogers at 3 Moorhead
7 Elk River at 2 Buffalo

The top 3 seeds all have no problem in rematches in round 1. STMA won by 9 at Brainerd on opening night.  Give me that win again with STMA hosting after the long trip.  Maple Grove lost to STMA by 7 on Dec 11th but MG gets revenge in the semis.  Buffalo lost at home to Moorhead by 11 in early December.  Love the Matt Willert vs Malik Harden-Hayes matchup here.  Buffalo has won 19 of their last 20 though and they also get a W.  Buffalo beat Maple Grove at Maple Grove in mid January.  This one will likely be at Monticello and another classic.  Buffalo is hot so I'll stay with that streak to take the Bison to win the rematch of last year's section final.

Closing the Regular Season with a Bang

Its the final day of the regular season.  Now due to snow there's more games than usual.  But the 2 staples of the final Saturday still remain.  That's the Twin Cities Series and the TCAC Conference Tournament title games.  The timing works out so that I manage to get see both this year.

Twin Cities Championship: Central 77 North 74
This year was unique for the Twin Cities Series in that Central and North both swept the 3 titles.  North ran away in the freshman game for a 76-43 win.  In the JV game, North hit a 3 in the last minute to take the lead and would win 60-57.  That was against a Central squad that will basically be their varsity team the next 2 years.

As to the big game, Eli Campbell would get hot in the 1st half.  He hits 3 3s in a 18-4 run that puts North up 25-16 at the 8:30 mark.  Central cuts that to 2 thanks to a couple Ronnell Porter buckets.  Then Omar Brown with 6 in a row, Campbell adds another 3 and Brown with a block that leads to a Campbell layup.  Brown finishes the 13-1 North run with a dunk.  North's 1-2-2 zone giving Central trouble.  North takes a 45-31 lead to the break.

North scores 9 in a row after Central scores the 1st bucket of the half.  All of a sudden the lead is 54-33 with 15:36 left.  Campbell with his 6th 3 of the night in that run.  Timeout Central but it doesn't help much.  Omar Brown with a layup from Campbell and Clifford Brown buries a 3.  61-39 North under 12:30 left to play.  But here comes Central.

Daveonte Davis 5 in a row.  Dion Ford adds 3 free throws and runs the floor for a layup.  North's lead down to 64-51 as we cross the midpoint of the half.  Central going to their own 1-2-2 and its giving North fits.  Khai West 2 steals which leads to a 3 point play and bonus free throws.  Davis adds 2 free throws.  66-60 North with 6:30 left after the 21-5 run.  North with 6 of the next 8 to push the lead back to 10 with 5 minutes left.

Ford 2 buckets and another West steal for a bucket.  Ford tips in a miss, North misses 2 free throws and Luke McElroy from the top of the key for 3 with 44 seconds left and Central has the lead 75-74.  Out of North's last timeout, Central uses their last 2 fouls to give.  North misses a 3 with 3.2 left and Davis closes it out with 2 free throws.  Central comes back from 22 down with 12:30 left to win.  The Minutemen outscore North 15-2 in the final 4:45.  Daveonte Davis leads Central with 24 points.  Dion Ford adds 19.  Khai West 11 points off the bench and his defense was a major factor.  Eli Campbell 19 of his 23 in the 1st half.  He had nothing after a free throw with 10:23 left.  He didn't find any spots against the Central zone.  Omar Brown another very good game with 16 points and he did harass Davis on the defensive end. 

TCAC D2 Championship: Liberty Classical Academy 60 Avail Academy 58
Then its off to Hiawatha Collegiate for the TCAC D2 title game.  This game is the 4th meeting of these teams this season.  But best of all we get another appearance from the rhino (the Avail mascot).  Forwards Thomas Conroy and Hans Dykstra leading their teams in the 1st half.  A late 6-0 spurt by Liberty thanks to 2 Conroy putbacks gives the Lions a 34-30 halftime lead.

Avail with an early 15-2 run in the 2nd half run.  Joey Ritzema with a 3 point play to draw the 4th foul on Conroy with 12:36 left.  He adds a putback as well.  Freshman Josiah Schaap gets his offense going as well with a free throw, bucket and ends the run with a 3.  47-38 Avail with under 11 minutes to play.  Liberty with a very thin bench so they'll leave Conroy out there with the 4 fouls.  That gamble will pay off.  He adds 2 free throws working inside.  Schaap counters with a bucket and bonus free throws.  Conroy comes back with 2 hoops.  53-47 Avail with 7:43 left.

A Liberty putback, Conroy 2 freebies and he'll score off of a missed bonus front end.  After an Avail missed front end, Conroy makes his bonus free throws and we're tied at 55 with 3:42 left.  Schaap breaks that 8-0 run with a bucket.  Conroy all over the offensive glass and it results in 1-2 FTs.  After an Avail missed front end its Conroy attacking for 2 more.  Fans on their feet as that gives Liberty the lead 58-57 with 2:18 left.  Liberty 3 late turnovers but Avail has a couple of misses.  Then a tough illegal screen call against Liberty with 52.7 left and Avail still can't convert.  Who else but Conroy as he makes 2 free throws with 16.9 left.  Avail gets 1 last chance to set up a play with 4.1 left.  They miss a 3 and an offensive board at the horn is no good.  Liberty evens the season series at 2-2 with the Valor.  Liberty outscores Avail 17-5 over the last 8 minutes.  Thomas Conroy with 17 of his 29 in the 2nd half including the last 9 for the Lions.  Ryan Grill's size also a factor as he ends with 15 points.  Josiah Schaap with 12 of his 17 in the 2nd half to lead Avail.  Hans Dykstra with 12 of his 14 inside in the 1st half for the Valor.

March 1st, 2019 CzarPI

This is the 8th CzarPI of the 2018-19 season (see CzarPI Explained Here).  It includes games through Friday, March 1st, 2019.  There are a small handful of those March 1st games that are not included.  The value in () after the CzarPI value is the team's strength of schedule ranking within their class.

Class AAAA
  1. Park Center - 62.38 (6) 0-0 vs higher, 25-1 vs lower
  2. Hopkins - 60.9 (4) 2-0 vs higher, 17-4 vs lower
  3. East Ridge - 58.81 (39) 1-0 vs higher, 22-2 vs lower
  4. Lakeville North - 58.81 (12) 0-1 vs higher, 22-3 vs lower
  5. Prior Lake - 58.66 (19) 1-3 vs higher, 22-0 vs lower
  6. Eden Prairie - 58.27 (1) 3-4 vs higher, 14-5 vs lower
  7. Edina - 57.79 (3) 2-5 vs higher, 16-3 vs lower
  8. Champlin Park - 56.81 (22) 0-4 vs higher, 21-1 vs lower
  9. Moorhead - 56.68 (20) 0-1 vs higher, 16-4 vs lower
  10. Wayzata - 56.56 (2) 3-8 vs higher, 14-1 vs lower
  11. Shakopee - 56.46 (18) 2-4 vs higher, 19-1 vs lower
  12. Buffalo - 56.23 (47) 0-2 vs higher, 20-4 vs lower
  13. Tartan - 56.01 (63) 0-1 vs higher, 23-1 vs lower
  14. Maple Grove - 55.99 (13) 1-4 vs higher, 19-2 vs lower
  15. Chaska - 55.77 (45) 3-3 vs higher, 18-2 vs lower
  16. Rochester John Marshall - 54.8 (51) 2-3 vs higher, 18-2 vs lower
  17. St. Michael-Albertville - 54.47 (41) 1-5 vs higher, 18-2 vs lower
  18. Robbinsdale Armstrong - 53.96 (17) 1-6 vs higher, 16-3 vs lower
  19. Cretin-Derham Hall - 53.9 (40) 2-5 vs higher, 18-1 vs lower
  20. St. Paul Central - 53.61 (54) 0-4 vs higher, 19-1 vs lower
  21. White Bear Lake - 53.35 (58) 2-4 vs higher, 17-2 vs lower
  22. Blaine - 53.11 (56) 0-5 vs higher, 19-1 vs lower
  23. Duluth East - 53.09 (43) 1-4 vs higher, 14-4 vs lower
  24. Chanhassen - 52.88 (21) 2-6 vs higher, 15-3 vs lower
  25. New Prague - 52.6 (14) 2-7 vs higher, 14-2 vs lower
  26. St. Louis Park - 52.22 (42) 2-7 vs higher, 16-1 vs lower
  27. Brainerd - 51.91 (30) 6-7 vs higher, 9-4 vs lower
  28. Osseo - 51.16 (16) 4-6 vs higher, 11-5 vs lower
  29. Eastview - 50.67 (9) 3-8 vs higher, 12-3 vs lower
  30. Minnetonka - 50.62 (5) 3-13 vs higher, 10-0 vs lower
  31. Rochester Mayo - 50.19 (48) 1-8 vs higher, 14-2 vs lower
  32. Spring Lake Park - 50.03 (15) 3-9 vs higher, 12-2 vs lower
  33. Cambridge-Isanti - 49.68 (35) 4-9 vs higher, 10-2 vs lower
  34. North St. Paul - 49.09 (36) 3-9 vs higher, 12-1 vs lower
  35. Lakeville South - 47.3 (31) 1-11 vs higher, 12-2 vs lower
  36. Rochester Century - 47.2 (46) 3-10 vs higher, 11-2 vs lower
  37. Anoka - 46.84 (49) 3-8 vs higher, 9-5 vs lower
  38. Centennial - 46.81 (34) 2-12 vs higher, 11-1 vs lower
  39. Farmington - 45.38 (24) 2-13 vs higher, 10-1 vs lower
  40. Rogers - 44.76 (29) 4-13 vs higher, 7-2 vs lower
  41. Burnsville - 43.7 (11) 3-15 vs higher, 7-1 vs lower
  42. Irondale - 43.11 (23) 3-14 vs higher, 6-3 vs lower
  43. Bloomington Jefferson - 42.92 (38) 3-13 vs higher, 8-1 vs lower
  44. Stillwater Area - 42.89 (59) 1-10 vs higher, 10-4 vs lower
  45. Coon Rapids - 42.49 (37) 3-15 vs higher, 6-2 vs lower
  46. Roseville - 42.41 (32) 3-14 vs higher, 6-3 vs lower
  47. Park of Cottage Grove - 42.29 (53) 2-13 vs higher, 9-1 vs lower
  48. St. Cloud Tech - 41.84 (44) 4-16 vs higher, 3-3 vs lower
  49. Eagan - 41.34 (27) 2-16 vs higher, 8-0 vs lower
  50. Hastings - 39.77 (62) 3-13 vs higher, 6-2 vs lower
  51. Forest Lake - 39.66 (26) 3-17 vs higher, 4-2 vs lower
  52. Andover - 39.52 (7) 4-18 vs higher, 1-2 vs lower
  53. Woodbury - 38.77 (33) 4-18 vs higher, 2-2 vs lower
  54. Apple Valley - 38.66 (10) 3-19 vs higher, 3-0 vs lower
  55. Minneapolis South - 38.62 (61) 3-15 vs higher, 5-1 vs lower
  56. Mounds View - 37.55 (50) 6-18 vs higher, 1-0 vs lower
  57. Elk River - 37.3 (8) 6-20 vs higher, 0-0 vs lower
  58. St. Francis - 36.97 (60) 4-19 vs higher, 1-2 vs lower
  59. Owatonna - 36.53 (28) 2-18 vs higher, 5-1 vs lower
  60. Henry Sibley - 35.6 (52) 4-19 vs higher, 2-1 vs lower
  61. Minneapolis Washburn - 34.21 (55) 3-20 vs higher, 0-2 vs lower
  62. Rosemount - 33.57 (25) 3-22 vs higher, 1-0 vs lower
  63. Minneapolis Southwest - 31.38 (57) 4-21 vs higher, 0-0 vs lower
Class AAA
  1. Waseca - 60.91 (10) 0-0 vs higher, 25-1 vs lower
  2. DeLaSalle - 59.63 (13) 1-1 vs higher, 18-1 vs lower
  3. Marshall - 58.07 (17) 1-1 vs higher, 18-2 vs lower
  4. Mankato East - 57.14 (27) 1-1 vs higher, 21-3 vs lower
  5. Bemidji - 56.99 (48) 0-0 vs higher, 20-3 vs lower
  6. Hibbing - 55.68 (49) 0-0 vs higher, 19-5 vs lower
  7. Austin - 55.09 (35) 1-3 vs higher, 20-2 vs lower
  8. Mound Westonka - 54.44 (40) 1-3 vs higher, 19-3 vs lower
  9. Princeton - 54.39 (60) 0-3 vs higher, 23-0 vs lower
  10. Alexandria - 53.73 (45) 2-1 vs higher, 15-7 vs lower
  11. Mahtomedi - 53.49 (56) 1-3 vs higher, 20-2 vs lower
  12. Fergus Falls - 53.03 (6) 3-5 vs higher, 11-6 vs lower
  13. Waconia - 52.71 (7) 2-5 vs higher, 13-6 vs lower
  14. Worthington - 52.49 (22) 2-4 vs higher, 13-4 vs lower
  15. Holy Angels - 52.41 (62) 0-3 vs higher, 21-1 vs lower
  16. Sartell-St. Stephen - 52.4 (41) 2-6 vs higher, 16-2 vs lower
  17. Northfield - 51.63 (30) 2-5 vs higher, 15-4 vs lower
  18. Hermantown - 51.6 (11) 3-6 vs higher, 11-3 vs lower
  19. Delano - 50.86 (39) 3-8 vs higher, 14-1 vs lower
  20. Cloquet - 50.78 (5) 4-9 vs higher, 8-3 vs lower
  21. St. Cloud Apollo - 50.62 (8) 5-9 vs higher, 9-2 vs lower
  22. Duluth Denfeld - 49.51 (9) 5-7 vs higher, 5-5 vs lower
  23. St. Paul Johnson - 49.06 (55) 3-5 vs higher, 11-4 vs lower
  24. Willmar - 48.49 (36) 5-10 vs higher, 9-2 vs lower
  25. Winona - 48.4 (46) 2-9 vs higher, 14-0 vs lower
  26. Minneapolis Henry - 48.37 (57) 2-7 vs higher, 12-3 vs lower
  27. Robbinsdale Cooper - 47.77 (18) 3-8 vs higher, 9-3 vs lower
  28. St. Paul Harding - 47.38 (63) 2-4 vs higher, 12-5 vs lower
  29. St. Thomas Academy - 46.72 (42) 2-11 vs higher, 13-0 vs lower
  30. Columbia Heights - 46.59 (4) 3-9 vs higher, 6-5 vs lower
  31. St. Croix Lutheran - 46.56 (54) 2-8 vs higher, 11-4 vs lower
  32. Totino-Grace - 46.47 (1) 3-15 vs higher, 8-0 vs lower
  33. Grand Rapids - 46.24 (3) 7-13 vs higher, 2-3 vs lower
  34. Becker - 45.29 (38) 6-9 vs higher, 4-6 vs lower
  35. Monticello - 44.81 (43) 4-10 vs higher, 7-5 vs lower
  36. Little Falls - 44.76 (34) 5-13 vs higher, 5-2 vs lower
  37. Detroit Lakes - 44.71 (16) 2-14 vs higher, 9-1 vs lower
  38. St. Anthony Village - 44.47 (61) 3-8 vs higher, 10-5 vs lower
  39. Minneapolis Roosevelt - 44.19 (50) 4-11 vs higher, 6-2 vs lower
  40. Fridley - 43.9 (25) 6-12 vs higher, 3-4 vs lower
  41. Orono - 42.57 (2) 5-17 vs higher, 4-0 vs lower
  42. Zimmerman - 42.01 (26) 7-14 vs higher, 1-4 vs lower
  43. Big Lake - 41.99 (47) 5-15 vs higher, 6-0 vs lower
  44. St. Paul Highland Park - 41.14 (52) 4-12 vs higher, 4-5 vs lower
  45. Simley - 40.47 (59) 2-11 vs higher, 8-4 vs lower
  46. Benilde-St. Margaret's - 40.43 (12) 4-17 vs higher, 4-1 vs lower
  47. Bloomington Kennedy - 40.01 (32) 4-17 vs higher, 2-3 vs lower
  48. Faribault - 39.83 (23) 1-14 vs higher, 9-1 vs lower
  49. Chisago Lakes Area - 39.12 (51) 4-16 vs higher, 3-2 vs lower
  50. Rocori - 38.39 (19) 5-19 vs higher, 1-1 vs lower
  51. Sauk Rapids-Rice - 37.81 (21) 5-21 vs higher, 0-0 vs lower
  52. Hutchinson - 37.57 (29) 3-19 vs higher, 3-1 vs lower
  53. New Ulm - 36.66 (31) 2-19 vs higher, 4-0 vs lower
  54. Richfield - 36.66 (37) 3-18 vs higher, 3-0 vs lower
  55. South St. Paul - 36.3 (58) 3-17 vs higher, 5-1 vs lower
  56. St. Paul Como Park - 36.14 (53) 3-19 vs higher, 3-1 vs lower
  57. North Branch - 35.26 (33) 5-21 vs higher, 0-0 vs lower
  58. Mankato West - 34.36 (14) 2-20 vs higher, 4-0 vs lower
  59. Kasson-Mantorville - 32.81 (20) 3-18 vs higher, 1-3 vs lower
  60. Albert Lea - 32.38 (24) 3-20 vs higher, 0-2 vs lower
  61. Dassel-Cokato - 31.66 (28) 2-22 vs higher, 0-0 vs lower
  62. Hill-Murray - 29.85 (44) 2-23 vs higher, 1-0 vs lower
  63. Red Wing - 25.24 (15) 3-23 vs higher, 0-0 vs lower
Class AA
  1. Minnehaha Academy - 62.25 (1) 0-0 vs higher, 19-2 vs lower
  2. Perham - 61.16 (11) 0-1 vs higher, 24-0 vs lower
  3. Melrose - 58.97 (8) 0-0 vs higher, 22-4 vs lower
  4. Lake City - 57.61 (57) 0-0 vs higher, 21-2 vs lower
  5. Osakis - 57.42 (92) 0-1 vs higher, 24-0 vs lower
  6. Maranatha Christian - 57.25 (20) 0-2 vs higher, 21-3 vs lower
  7. Hawley - 57.18 (16) 1-2 vs higher, 18-2 vs lower
  8. Albany - 56.28 (32) 1-1 vs higher, 20-4 vs lower
  9. East Grand Forks - 56.04 (31) 0-3 vs higher, 20-1 vs lower
  10. Breck - 55.77 (77) 1-1 vs higher, 19-3 vs lower
  11. St. Cloud Cathedral - 55.49 (25) 1-3 vs higher, 18-4 vs lower
  12. Jordan - 55.32 (100) 0-1 vs higher, 20-2 vs lower
  13. Spectrum - 55.31 (79) 1-2 vs higher, 21-2 vs lower
  14. Esko - 55.05 (17) 0-3 vs higher, 17-5 vs lower
  15. Crosby-Ironton - 54.83 (98) 0-1 vs higher, 21-3 vs lower
  16. Caledonia - 54.8 (37) 0-2 vs higher, 19-3 vs lower
  17. Litchfield - 54.58 (59) 0-2 vs higher, 21-3 vs lower
  18. New London-Spicer - 54.11 (38) 3-3 vs higher, 16-4 vs lower
  19. St. Croix Prep - 53.98 (80) 2-2 vs higher, 18-3 vs lower
  20. Pequot Lakes - 53.97 (47) 2-5 vs higher, 18-1 vs lower
  21. Greenway - 53.39 (81) 0-4 vs higher, 19-1 vs lower
  22. Morris Area/Chokio-Alberta - 53.23 (9) 3-5 vs higher, 12-3 vs lower
  23. Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton - 52.93 (22) 1-5 vs higher, 16-3 vs lower
  24. Stewartville - 52.87 (44) 1-3 vs higher, 16-4 vs lower
  25. Pine City - 52.81 (124) 0-0 vs higher, 23-3 vs lower
  26. Minnewaska Area - 52.68 (23) 3-6 vs higher, 14-2 vs lower
  27. St. Charles - 52.44 (78) 1-1 vs higher, 15-6 vs lower
  28. Providence Academy - 52.25 (27) 4-4 vs higher, 11-6 vs lower
  29. Holy Family Catholic - 52.07 (12) 2-8 vs higher, 13-3 vs lower
  30. Moose Lake-Willow River - 52.03 (91) 1-4 vs higher, 18-3 vs lower
  31. La Crescent-Hokah - 52.01 (72) 1-4 vs higher, 15-2 vs lower
  32. Dover-Eyota - 51.97 (69) 1-6 vs higher, 17-1 vs lower
  33. St. Peter - 51.83 (60) 0-6 vs higher, 19-0 vs lower
  34. Martin County West - 51.81 (93) 0-2 vs higher, 16-4 vs lower
  35. Cristo Rey Jesuit - 51.81 (83) 2-4 vs higher, 16-3 vs lower
  36. Pipestone Area - 51.67 (18) 2-5 vs higher, 11-4 vs lower
  37. Minneapolis North - 51.47 (39) 1-5 vs higher, 14-1 vs lower
  38. Jackson County Central - 51.38 (10) 3-7 vs higher, 11-2 vs lower
  39. St. James Area - 50.98 (49) 1-6 vs higher, 14-2 vs lower
  40. Rochester Lourdes - 50.95 (36) 2-8 vs higher, 14-0 vs lower
  41. Breckenridge - 50.51 (6) 4-8 vs higher, 9-1 vs lower
  42. Roseau - 50.49 (117) 0-4 vs higher, 20-1 vs lower
  43. Redwood Valley - 50.49 (14) 5-8 vs higher, 7-3 vs lower
  44. Pierz - 49.91 (88) 0-4 vs higher, 14-6 vs lower
  45. Barnesville - 49.74 (19) 1-9 vs higher, 15-0 vs lower
  46. Zumbrota-Mazeppa - 49.39 (86) 1-6 vs higher, 15-2 vs lower
  47. Royalton - 49.13 (114) 1-3 vs higher, 17-5 vs lower
  48. Plainview-Elgin-Millville - 49.12 (53) 3-9 vs higher, 12-1 vs lower
  49. High School for the Recording Arts - 49.04 (121) 1-2 vs higher, 12-4 vs lower
  50. Trinity School - 48.94 (109) 0-6 vs higher, 18-2 vs lower
  51. Eden Valley-Watkins - 48.33 (26) 1-7 vs higher, 11-4 vs lower
  52. Rockford - 48.24 (61) 2-9 vs higher, 13-2 vs lower
  53. Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted - 48.11 (106) 4-6 vs higher, 9-6 vs lower
  54. Cannon Falls - 48.1 (76) 3-9 vs higher, 14-1 vs lower
  55. Virginia - 47.95 (62) 2-9 vs higher, 12-3 vs lower
  56. Pine Island - 47.7 (58) 3-10 vs higher, 11-2 vs lower
  57. St. Paul Academy - 47.48 (107) 2-6 vs higher, 13-4 vs lower
  58. Maple Lake - 47.4 (94) 3-9 vs higher, 11-3 vs lower
  59. Pillager - 47.26 (84) 2-9 vs higher, 14-1 vs lower
  60. Foley - 47.1 (41) 2-9 vs higher, 10-4 vs lower
  61. Mora - 46.76 (35) 3-10 vs higher, 7-5 vs lower
  62. Milaca - 46.75 (51) 3-8 vs higher, 6-6 vs lower
  63. Mesabi East - 46.71 (82) 3-9 vs higher, 10-3 vs lower
  64. Annandale - 46.52 (5) 4-14 vs higher, 7-1 vs lower
  65. Proctor - 46.49 (46) 5-12 vs higher, 6-1 vs lower
  66. Southwest Christian - 46.35 (64) 2-11 vs higher, 11-2 vs lower
  67. Minneapolis Edison - 46.05 (122) 0-7 vs higher, 15-2 vs lower
  68. Paynesville Area - 45.58 (63) 4-11 vs higher, 7-1 vs lower
  69. Glencoe-Silver Lake - 45.53 (67) 2-12 vs higher, 11-1 vs lower
  70. Blake - 45.15 (48) 3-10 vs higher, 8-4 vs lower
  71. Duluth Marshall - 45.15 (68) 4-12 vs higher, 7-1 vs lower
  72. Brooklyn Center - 45.09 (28) 4-12 vs higher, 6-4 vs lower
  73. Fairmont - 45.03 (45) 4-9 vs higher, 8-4 vs lower
  74. Sauk Centre - 44.8 (4) 4-14 vs higher, 8-0 vs lower
  75. Luverne - 44.64 (54) 3-11 vs higher, 7-0 vs lower
  76. Tracy-Milroy-Balaton - 44.61 (97) 3-9 vs higher, 8-3 vs lower
  77. Blue Earth Area - 44.29 (34) 3-12 vs higher, 7-0 vs lower
  78. Nova Classical Academy - 43.88 (120) 1-6 vs higher, 12-5 vs lower
  79. Chatfield - 43.79 (50) 3-12 vs higher, 7-1 vs lower
  80. Kimball Area - 43.78 (105) 5-14 vs higher, 6-1 vs lower
  81. Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City - 43.78 (21) 3-14 vs higher, 7-2 vs lower
  82. Lewiston-Altura - 43.71 (87) 3-10 vs higher, 9-1 vs lower
  83. Barnum - 43.66 (89) 1-13 vs higher, 12-0 vs lower
  84. Concordia Academy - 43.42 (43) 5-14 vs higher, 5-2 vs lower
  85. Watertown-Mayer - 43.33 (56) 4-15 vs higher, 6-1 vs lower
  86. New Life Academy - 42.96 (75) 4-11 vs higher, 7-3 vs lower
  87. Thief River Falls - 42.8 (15) 1-15 vs higher, 9-1 vs lower
  88. Belle Plaine - 42.7 (110) 3-11 vs higher, 9-2 vs lower
  89. Warroad - 42.7 (118) 2-10 vs higher, 12-2 vs lower
  90. New Richland-H-E-G - 42.13 (40) 2-12 vs higher, 9-2 vs lower
  91. Rush City - 41.81 (111) 1-10 vs higher, 10-1 vs lower
  92. St. Paul Humboldt - 41.3 (119) 2-11 vs higher, 9-3 vs lower
  93. LeSueur-Henderson - 41.06 (103) 2-12 vs higher, 8-0 vs lower
  94. International Falls - 40.82 (90) 4-13 vs higher, 6-1 vs lower
  95. Twin Cities Academy/Great River - 39.82 (123) 5-12 vs higher, 5-2 vs lower
  96. Crookston - 39.73 (13) 3-18 vs higher, 5-0 vs lower
  97. Byron - 39.51 (30) 2-16 vs higher, 6-1 vs lower
  98. Two Harbors - 39.44 (85) 2-16 vs higher, 7-1 vs lower
  99. St. Agnes - 39.36 (74) 5-17 vs higher, 2-1 vs lower
  100. Benson - 38.93 (7) 3-17 vs higher, 4-0 vs lower
  101. Maple River - 38.46 (66) 3-17 vs higher, 5-1 vs lower
  102. Long Prairie-Grey Eagle - 37.53 (33) 1-15 vs higher, 5-2 vs lower
  103. Park Rapids Area - 37.22 (65) 2-14 vs higher, 6-1 vs lower
  104. Bagley - 37.2 (42) 3-17 vs higher, 3-3 vs lower
  105. Math and Science Academy - 37.13 (125) 1-9 vs higher, 7-3 vs lower
  106. Aitkin - 35.8 (73) 4-18 vs higher, 3-0 vs lower
  107. Wadena-Deer Creek - 35.06 (95) 2-17 vs higher, 6-1 vs lower
  108. Sibley East - 34.67 (112) 1-16 vs higher, 6-2 vs lower
  109. PACT Charter - 33.43 (96) 3-20 vs higher, 2-1 vs lower
  110. St. Paul Washington - 33.41 (99) 3-18 vs higher, 2-0 vs lower
  111. Norwood-Young America - 32.81 (102) 3-17 vs higher, 3-1 vs lower
  112. Gibbon-Fairfax-Winthrop - 32.59 (101) 2-15 vs higher, 5-0 vs lower
  113. Holdingford - 32.04 (24) 3-20 vs higher, 0-0 vs lower
  114. Triton - 32.02 (108) 3-18 vs higher, 5-0 vs lower
  115. International School of MN/Eagle Ridge - 31.79 (115) 2-19 vs higher, 1-2 vs lower
  116. Windom Area - 27.42 (2) 1-23 vs higher, 1-0 vs lower
  117. Winona Cotter/Hope Lutheran - 27.4 (71) 2-17 vs higher, 2-0 vs lower
  118. Montevideo - 26.17 (3) 1-21 vs higher, 0-0 vs lower
  119. Medford - 25.04 (70) 1-20 vs higher, 2-0 vs lower
  120. Staples-Motley - 22.6 (29) 1-23 vs higher, 0-0 vs lower
  121. Kenyon-Wanamingo - 22.52 (55) 1-24 vs higher, 0-0 vs lower
  122. Tri-City United - 22.28 (104) 1-24 vs higher, 0-0 vs lower
  123. Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial - 21.76 (113) 1-25 vs higher, 0-0 vs lower
  124. Academy for Sciences & Ag - 17.93 (116) 1-16 vs higher, 0-0 vs lower
  125. Eveleth-Gilbert - 0 (52) 0-25 vs higher, 0-0 vs lower
Class A
  1. Cass Lake-Bena - 58.8 (36) 0-0 vs higher, 25-1 vs lower
  2. BOLD - 58.04 (4) 1-1 vs higher, 20-2 vs lower
  3. Ada-Borup West - 57.78 (53) 0-0 vs higher, 21-1 vs lower
  4. Minneota - 56.82 (91) 0-0 vs higher, 23-2 vs lower
  5. Henning - 56.58 (98) 0-0 vs higher, 24-1 vs lower
  6. Springfield - 56.41 (61) 0-1 vs higher, 23-1 vs lower
  7. North Woods - 55.94 (73) 0-2 vs higher, 23-0 vs lower
  8. Spring Grove - 55.67 (60) 0-0 vs higher, 18-3 vs lower
  9. Parkers Prairie - 55.66 (33) 1-1 vs higher, 20-3 vs lower
  10. Ortonville - 55.28 (82) 0-1 vs higher, 17-1 vs lower
  11. Waterville-Elysian-Morristown - 55.09 (129) 0-0 vs higher, 23-1 vs lower
  12. Minnesota Valley Lutheran - 55.03 (78) 1-1 vs higher, 19-2 vs lower
  13. Randolph - 54.79 (121) 0-1 vs higher, 23-1 vs lower
  14. Hayfield - 54.62 (65) 1-2 vs higher, 21-2 vs lower
  15. CHOF - 54.34 (57) 1-1 vs higher, 19-4 vs lower
  16. Hancock - 53.97 (32) 1-2 vs higher, 18-4 vs lower
  17. Mountain Lake Area/Comfrey - 53.92 (104) 0-1 vs higher, 22-2 vs lower
  18. Southwest MN Christian - 53.33 (80) 1-0 vs higher, 19-5 vs lower
  19. Cromwell-Wright - 52.85 (146) 0-1 vs higher, 21-2 vs lower
  20. Pine River-Backus - 52.44 (116) 0-2 vs higher, 22-2 vs lower
  21. Mahnomen/Waubun - 51.97 (12) 1-4 vs higher, 16-4 vs lower
  22. Lac qui Parle Valley - 51.63 (10) 1-4 vs higher, 15-6 vs lower
  23. Win-E-Mac - 51.5 (69) 0-5 vs higher, 21-1 vs lower
  24. Murray County Central - 51.2 (97) 2-3 vs higher, 16-3 vs lower
  25. Dawson-Boyd - 51.11 (6) 4-3 vs higher, 8-6 vs lower
  26. Avail Academy - 50.85 (141) 0-0 vs higher, 14-5 vs lower
  27. Russell-Tyler-Ruthton - 50.75 (38) 2-6 vs higher, 14-1 vs lower
  28. Cedar Mountain - 50.59 (92) 1-4 vs higher, 19-2 vs lower
  29. Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa - 50.53 (5) 2-4 vs higher, 12-7 vs lower
  30. Sacred Heart - 50.51 (123) 0-1 vs higher, 18-5 vs lower
  31. New Ulm Cathedral - 50.32 (72) 2-6 vs higher, 17-0 vs lower
  32. Blooming Prairie - 50.26 (95) 0-4 vs higher, 17-2 vs lower
  33. Lakeview Christian - 50.24 (114) 0-2 vs higher, 18-5 vs lower
  34. Nashwauk-Keewatin - 50.11 (93) 1-4 vs higher, 17-4 vs lower
  35. Nevis - 49.91 (15) 2-5 vs higher, 14-5 vs lower
  36. Hinckley-Finlayson - 49.81 (112) 1-4 vs higher, 18-3 vs lower
  37. Rushford-Peterson - 49.68 (14) 2-8 vs higher, 12-1 vs lower
  38. Renville County West - 49.67 (30) 2-7 vs higher, 13-2 vs lower
  39. Westbrook-Walnut Grove - 49.57 (85) 3-6 vs higher, 16-1 vs lower
  40. Ashby - 49.46 (58) 0-5 vs higher, 16-2 vs lower
  41. Mayer Lutheran - 49.45 (64) 2-6 vs higher, 15-3 vs lower
  42. NCE/U-H - 49.12 (11) 1-9 vs higher, 15-1 vs lower
  43. Grand Meadow - 48.95 (103) 1-5 vs higher, 17-2 vs lower
  44. Red Lake - 48.77 (13) 3-9 vs higher, 13-1 vs lower
  45. Chisholm - 48.64 (108) 1-4 vs higher, 15-5 vs lower
  46. Hillcrest Lutheran Academy - 48.39 (35) 3-6 vs higher, 10-3 vs lower
  47. Central MN Christian - 48.19 (8) 5-7 vs higher, 7-5 vs lower
  48. Kingsland - 48.11 (66) 1-8 vs higher, 15-1 vs lower
  49. Walker-Hackensack-Akeley - 48.03 (52) 2-8 vs higher, 13-2 vs lower
  50. Nicollet - 47.86 (117) 0-5 vs higher, 15-2 vs lower
  51. Browerville/Eagle Valley - 47.81 (46) 2-8 vs higher, 14-2 vs lower
  52. Fertile-Beltrami - 47.41 (136) 1-4 vs higher, 16-5 vs lower
  53. New York Mills - 47.34 (127) 0-6 vs higher, 19-1 vs lower
  54. Liberty Classical Academy - 47.31 (157) 1-2 vs higher, 15-4 vs lower
  55. Deer River - 47.22 (20) 3-9 vs higher, 10-4 vs lower
  56. West Central Area - 47.15 (31) 2-9 vs higher, 12-0 vs lower
  57. Hiawatha Collegiate - 47.03 (158) 1-2 vs higher, 13-3 vs lower
  58. United South Central - 46.85 (56) 1-7 vs higher, 13-5 vs lower
  59. Red Lake County - 46.82 (54) 3-7 vs higher, 11-4 vs lower
  60. Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg - 46.71 (71) 4-8 vs higher, 9-2 vs lower
  61. Badger/Greenbush-Middle River - 46.58 (94) 2-8 vs higher, 14-2 vs lower
  62. Cook County - 46.36 (105) 2-4 vs higher, 10-7 vs lower
  63. Ely - 45.73 (131) 3-6 vs higher, 13-4 vs lower
  64. T/ML/GHEC - 44.94 (109) 2-9 vs higher, 12-2 vs lower
  65. Brandon/Evansville - 44.75 (47) 4-10 vs higher, 10-2 vs lower
  66. West Lutheran - 44.72 (59) 2-8 vs higher, 11-4 vs lower
  67. Mountain Iron-Buhl - 44.64 (99) 3-10 vs higher, 10-1 vs lower
  68. Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity - 44.41 (67) 3-9 vs higher, 10-3 vs lower
  69. Chesterton Academy - 44.24 (162) 1-3 vs higher, 13-3 vs lower
  70. Clearbrook-Gonvick - 43.98 (152) 2-8 vs higher, 14-2 vs lower
  71. Mankato Loyola - 43.75 (55) 2-11 vs higher, 10-1 vs lower
  72. Schaeffer Academy - 43.72 (128) 2-6 vs higher, 11-6 vs lower
  73. Minnesota Transitions Charter - 43.71 (159) 1-5 vs higher, 11-1 vs lower
  74. Kittson County Central - 43.59 (118) 2-7 vs higher, 8-3 vs lower
  75. Christian Life Academy - 43.48 (143) 3-8 vs higher, 10-4 vs lower
  76. Bigfork - 42.99 (115) 3-9 vs higher, 9-5 vs lower
  77. Upsala - 42.89 (120) 1-11 vs higher, 13-1 vs lower
  78. North Lakes Academy - 42.76 (161) 2-5 vs higher, 12-5 vs lower
  79. Fosston - 42.45 (51) 2-10 vs higher, 8-4 vs lower
  80. Legacy Christian - 42.4 (18) 5-14 vs higher, 4-3 vs lower
  81. Pelican Rapids - 42.3 (1) 2-15 vs higher, 8-1 vs lower
  82. Hills-Beaver Creek - 42.22 (102) 0-8 vs higher, 11-0 vs lower
  83. Bethlehem Academy - 41.77 (40) 2-13 vs higher, 9-0 vs lower
  84. Houston - 41.75 (76) 2-12 vs higher, 9-2 vs lower
  85. Hope Academy - 41.69 (130) 4-10 vs higher, 6-5 vs lower
  86. Braham - 41.48 (149) 1-11 vs higher, 12-2 vs lower
  87. Blackduck - 41.12 (48) 3-14 vs higher, 7-1 vs lower
  88. Northome/Kelliher - 41.04 (75) 4-14 vs higher, 8-0 vs lower
  89. MACCRAY - 40.85 (26) 3-14 vs higher, 6-1 vs lower
  90. Red Rock Central - 40.03 (90) 0-10 vs higher, 11-3 vs lower
  91. Floodwood - 39.95 (134) 0-11 vs higher, 11-2 vs lower
  92. Bethany Academy - 39.92 (110) 1-10 vs higher, 6-2 vs lower
  93. Lyle/Austin Pacelli - 39.43 (96) 1-10 vs higher, 7-2 vs lower
  94. Menahga - 39.39 (81) 0-11 vs higher, 11-2 vs lower
  95. Battle Lake - 39.28 (9) 2-14 vs higher, 8-0 vs lower
  96. LeRoy-Ostrander - 38.67 (106) 2-12 vs higher, 9-2 vs lower
  97. Fond du Lac Ojibwe - 38.05 (50) 2-15 vs higher, 5-2 vs lower
  98. Heritage Christian - 38.05 (49) 4-17 vs higher, 3-1 vs lower
  99. Lakeview - 37.77 (25) 2-16 vs higher, 6-0 vs lower
  100. Lanesboro - 37.71 (89) 3-12 vs higher, 4-2 vs lower
  101. Hill City - 37.6 (153) 2-10 vs higher, 8-4 vs lower
  102. Canby - 37.4 (16) 3-15 vs higher, 2-3 vs lower
  103. Isle - 37.11 (140) 2-12 vs higher, 7-4 vs lower
  104. Alden-Conger - 37.02 (156) 0-9 vs higher, 8-2 vs lower
  105. McGregor - 36.98 (125) 2-12 vs higher, 4-7 vs lower
  106. Kaleidoscope Charter - 36.94 (154) 2-9 vs higher, 3-5 vs lower
  107. Northern Freeze - 36.87 (68) 2-17 vs higher, 6-1 vs lower
  108. Adrian - 36.65 (77) 1-13 vs higher, 8-1 vs lower
  109. Silver Bay - 36.59 (126) 2-15 vs higher, 5-1 vs lower
  110. Madelia - 36.56 (155) 1-11 vs higher, 8-4 vs lower
  111. Stephen-Argyle - 36.39 (23) 3-17 vs higher, 3-1 vs lower
  112. Frazee - 36.35 (2) 1-17 vs higher, 4-1 vs lower
  113. Park Christian - 36.33 (29) 2-14 vs higher, 5-2 vs lower
  114. Wrenshall - 36.32 (139) 4-15 vs higher, 5-2 vs lower
  115. Yellow Medicine East - 36.29 (7) 3-19 vs higher, 1-0 vs lower
  116. Mabel-Canton - 35.87 (87) 4-15 vs higher, 3-2 vs lower
  117. St. Clair - 35.63 (124) 2-14 vs higher, 6-2 vs lower
  118. Sleepy Eye Saint Mary's - 35.51 (43) 1-15 vs higher, 7-2 vs lower
  119. Goodhue - 35.51 (63) 2-16 vs higher, 5-3 vs lower
  120. Lakes International Language Academy - 35.5 (148) 3-13 vs higher, 6-0 vs lower
  121. St. John's Prep - 35.27 (100) 2-14 vs higher, 3-2 vs lower
  122. Metro Schools College Prep - 35.12 (163) 2-6 vs higher, 2-3 vs lower
  123. Sebeka - 34.84 (86) 2-15 vs higher, 4-2 vs lower
  124. Sleepy Eye - 34.76 (44) 3-16 vs higher, 4-3 vs lower
  125. Verndale - 34.22 (88) 3-16 vs higher, 4-2 vs lower
  126. Wabasha-Kellogg - 34.09 (41) 3-18 vs higher, 2-2 vs lower
  127. Carlton - 33.99 (138) 4-17 vs higher, 3-1 vs lower
  128. Onamia - 33.57 (133) 4-14 vs higher, 4-2 vs lower
  129. Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton - 33.31 (113) 3-16 vs higher, 4-2 vs lower
  130. Lake Park-Audubon - 33.3 (3) 2-17 vs higher, 2-1 vs lower
  131. Lincoln International - 33.08 (145) 1-6 vs higher, 1-0 vs lower
  132. Northland - 33.04 (160) 3-14 vs higher, 6-1 vs lower
  133. Swanville - 32.68 (122) 4-15 vs higher, 2-2 vs lower
  134. Southland - 32.04 (27) 4-18 vs higher, 1-1 vs lower
  135. South Ridge - 31.47 (107) 3-19 vs higher, 3-0 vs lower
  136. Rothsay - 30.58 (19) 2-19 vs higher, 3-1 vs lower
  137. East Central - 30.24 (119) 3-19 vs higher, 2-0 vs lower
  138. Cleveland - 29.88 (111) 2-17 vs higher, 4-1 vs lower
  139. Ellsworth - 29.74 (42) 0-14 vs higher, 4-1 vs lower
  140. Mounds Park Academy - 29.68 (74) 2-18 vs higher, 2-0 vs lower
  141. Wheaton/Herman-Norcross - 29.05 (28) 2-15 vs higher, 3-0 vs lower
  142. Heron Lake-Okabena - 27.67 (101) 1-17 vs higher, 3-2 vs lower
  143. Goodridge/Grygla - 27.62 (84) 2-20 vs higher, 2-2 vs lower
  144. Groves Academy - 27.55 (151) 1-16 vs higher, 3-0 vs lower
  145. Fulda - 27.16 (79) 2-21 vs higher, 3-0 vs lower
  146. Wabasso - 27.14 (39) 2-19 vs higher, 1-2 vs lower
  147. Climax/Fisher - 25.69 (62) 1-20 vs higher, 3-0 vs lower
  148. Hmong Academy - 25.41 (150) 1-16 vs higher, 2-1 vs lower
  149. Bertha-Hewitt - 23.15 (22) 1-22 vs higher, 0-1 vs lower
  150. Warren-Alvarado-Oslo - 22.93 (83) 2-22 vs higher, 0-1 vs lower
  151. Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart - 22.89 (21) 2-21 vs higher, 0-0 vs lower
  152. MN Academy for the Deaf - 22.7 (144) 1-10 vs higher, 0-1 vs lower
  153. Underwood - 22.5 (17) 2-21 vs higher, 1-0 vs lower
  154. Edgerton - 22.11 (37) 1-20 vs higher, 0-0 vs lower
  155. Community of Peace Academy - 21.55 (142) 2-20 vs higher, 0-0 vs lower
  156. Littlefork-Big Falls - 19.57 (132) 0-17 vs higher, 4-0 vs lower
  157. Lake of the Woods - 17.32 (147) 1-19 vs higher, 0-1 vs lower
  158. Laporte - 14.82 (24) 1-22 vs higher, 0-0 vs lower
  159. Fillmore Central - 0 (34) 0-26 vs higher, 0-0 vs lower
  160. Clinton-Graceville-Beardsley - 0 (45) 0-19 vs higher, 0-0 vs lower
  161. Glenville-Emmons - 0 (70) 0-21 vs higher, 0-0 vs lower
  162. Cherry - 0 (135) 0-19 vs higher, 0-0 vs lower
  163. Ogilvie - 0 (137) 0-22 vs higher, 0-0 vs lower

Expanding the Kingdom

The final 2 nights of the 2018-19 regular season have me on the road for 1 non-metro game and seeing another team outside my metro list on the final night.  No great concession stories or visits, just hoops.  That's not a bad thing. 

Thursday: Alexandria 67 Big Lake 62
Fire up that train for a chance to see Alexandria star soph Treyton Thompson play.  For the game, Big Lake with a 19-4 run out of halftime to take a 3 point lead midway thru the 2nd half.  Alexandria would counter with a 10-2 run to take the lead for good, but it was tight late.  Guard Carrson Jones with slick inbounds pass off the defender's back to himself for a layup in the last minute was a major dagger.  Thompson finishes with 18 points and 3 blocks on my officially unofficial stat sheet.  He needs strength but the upside and skill is definitely there.  Big Lake center DeVonne Harris gave him all he wanted with 20 points on his own.  Alexandria soph Colton Roderick adds 12 points.  Alexandria with the 2 sophs plus a freshman point guard seeing time.  Very bright future for the Cardinals.

Friday: Blake 63 Mayer Lutheran 50
Mayer Lutheran playing this one without star forward Baden Noennig (Upper Iowa commit).  They give up the 1st 7, counter with an 18-3 run into a MoKiller timeout.  Blake comes out of that with an 18-0 run of their own.   A pair of 3 point plays to start the run and then Sam Deignan with 10 points in a row off the Blake bench.  Despite no Noennig, the Crusaders were still too big and that size kept them close.  Sawyer Kubasch with 10 in the half including a bucket and 2 free throws in the later stretches and Kaleb Winter with a putback in the last minute of the half.  31-27 Blake at the half.

Forward Sawyer Kubasch with a post up and and a pretty 3 point play on a slick pick and roll pocket pass.  But Mayer Lutheran is still down 7 with 8:07 left.  Frosh guard Dylan Nelson for 3 and bonus freebies and the Blake lead is at 6 with 5:47 left.  Rob Grace puts the game away for Blake with 8 straight points.  A nice lefty finish, then 2 off the pick and roll with an immediate steal for 2 more.  Mayer Lutheran has to trap and he is left alone for an easy layup.  That's the end of a 9-0 Blake run that puts the game away.  Rob Grace finishes with 24 points, 13 in the 2nd half.  Sam Deignan with 15 off the Bears bench.  Sawyer Kubasch with 15 to lead Mayer Lutheran.  Blake finishes their regular season tomorrow at home against Mounds Park Academy.  Then they'll open section 5AA play in the 8 vs 9 game at Brooklyn Center on Thursday.  Fun matchup there.  Mayer Lutheran opens section 2A play on Monday at home in a rematch with 6 seed Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity.  More on that game in my upcoming Better Than Chalk section predictions.

Winding down the season

A pair of games in Moscow proper as I swap the usual Monday night TCAC action for Tuesday night.  Then a showdown for 2nd in the Minneapolis City Conference thanks to the real world jumping up and destroying a planned trip to the east side.  Bolshevik!  The British Empire shall fall for this!  But I do get high level entertainment and a walking taco out of it.  Never a bad thing.  Only lettuce for the walking taco (self administered I might add) but they smother it with the nacho cheese.  A rare and very pleasant find.

Tuesday: Cristo Rey 64 Christian Life 49
Cristo Rey playing without PG James Sommer due to a hand injury suffered last week in the win over St. Croix Prep.  They jump out to a 22-7 lead at the 10:40 mark thanks to 6 early triples.  Erick Burgess with half of those points and 3s.  But the rest of the half is sleepy for the Pumas.  Jacob Kyllo comes off the Christian Life bench and hits 3 triples of his own in the last 6 minutes to keep the Hawks within 7 at the break.  The Hawks start the 2nd half with another 3 and a runout for a layup.  34-30 Cristo Rey with 12:40 left.  But the defense for Cristo Rey would awaken again and trigger a 20-4 run that would put the game out of reach.  5 turnovers for 10 points plus a couple of And 1 chances for Erick Burgess during that spurt.  54-34 Cristo Rey with 8:25 left and the rest is cruise control.  Erick Burgess leads all scorers with 23 points.  Victory George adds 15, Derek Burgess 14 for Cristo Rey.  Jacob Kyllo 4 3s and 13 points off the bench to lead Christian Life.  Caleb Carlson with 12 and Brian Kindle 10 off the bench for the Hawks.  Cristo Rey hoping for some help to move up to the 3rd seed but likely they end up at 4.  While they have the tiebreaker with St Croix Prep, they don't have enough time to catch them for the 2 seed in 4AA.  Based on a head to head loss to Legacy, Christian Life looking at the 8 seed in section 4A.

Wednesday: Henry 78 Edison 72
Second place in the Minneapolis City on the line in this one.  Both teams also trying to hang on to spots in section seeds as well.  Tensions high on the evening.  Henry coach Jamil Jackson gets 1 T, then a 2nd T for continuing to argue and not sit down.  But somehow he's able to get it rescinded by claiming there was no chair for him.  So incredibly awful.  No chair was setup but he flat refused to sit and was rightfully tossed even if it was by an official who had no business coming over and getting involved to give the 2 techs anyway.  Henry sees a comfortable 14 point 1st half lead cut to 7 at the break.  Coach Jackson somehow doesn't get another T early in the 2nd half after arguing for more than a full timeout.  Once again refs totally unable to administer this.  But a Henry assistant will get a T out of the mess.

Meanwhile those free throws add up and Edison is within 2.  Then the teams get up and down and play a stretch of minimal defense.  Rashaud Rollins with a drive to put Henry up 2 as we go under 14 minutes.  Henry does get to the line but no FGs for almost the next 7 minutes.  After trailing by 5, its a 13-0 Edison run.  Tony Simmons with a kickout 3 and an assist to Jackson Rusnacko for a layup to tie it.  Rusnacko grabs his own miss for a free throw and the lead.  He'll add another bucket and Tenzin Oden with a right wing triple to end the run.  60-52 Edison inside of 10 minutes left.

Henry makes their comeback with Rollins at the line with 3 FTs.  Glentrell Carter converts a turnover and then buries a 3.  Rollins converts a turnover and Sam Charles for 3 in transition to put Henry back on top 66-65 with just over 5 minutes left.  Carter with a steal for 2 more and 2 more Tommies turnovers result in a tip in and a layup.  72-67 Henry with 2:50 left.  Simmons with a tough 2 but Rollins counters that with 2:05 left.  Charles runs the floor for another layup and the lead is 7.  Edison turns it over and they won't threaten again.  A late hard foul causes some hard feelings but somehow we get no technicals out of it which was also crazy.  Senior forward Tony Simmons was terrific for Edison with 31 points.  Great motor, worked hard inside and even hit a couple of 3s.  Jackson Rusnacko adds 11 for the Tommies.  Rashaud Rollins leads Henry with 26 points.  Glentrell Carter with a nice outing of 16 points.  Sam Charles comes up big off the Patriots bench with 14 points.  The game took almost 2 hours thanks to 74 FT attempts (I include 4 missed front ends).  Edison shoots 16-35 while Henry goes 21-39.  Edison finishes the Minneapolis City schedule 8-4.  That's more than the 7 league wins they have total in the previous 9 season.  Hands down winner of coach of the year award for Edison coach Ahmil Jihad.  Edison hanging on for the 3rd seed in section 4AA.  The loss hurts but since it a AAA opponent that will help.  Next up is a tough back to back with St. Paul Central.  Henry closes out the league slate with Roosevelt.  Henry's JV's won the JV game to also take 2nd on the JV side from Edison.