Editorial Policy

As the blog title states, I focus almost all of my attention on the Minneapolis/St. Paul high school boys basketball scene. That includes anything from regular high school games to spring/summer AAU games that include local players. It also includes recruiting info, interviews, rankings, coaching changes etc. I do make a trip back to Wisconsin each season to see at least one game, but I try to do that outside of the local boys season. For the top Wisconsin players and teams, I may comment on them here especially if there's a local connection. I will go watch the local high school girls play when the boys aren't playing, but I won't write much about it.

I cover the following Twin Cities sections
  • 3AAA, 4AAA, 6AAA
  • 4AA
  • 4A
I cover the following conferences (102 teams + metro area independents)
  • Classic Lake
  • Classic Suburban
  • Lake
  • Minneapolis City
  • MCAA
  • Missota
  • North Suburban
  • Northwest Suburban
  • St. Paul City
  • Suburban East
  • Tri-Metro
  • Metro area independents like CHOF, Minnesota Transitions, Spectrum etc
Writing Schedule
From mid-September until the start of the season I follow the multitude of fall leagues in the metro.

I do section and conference previews in late October and early November leading up to the start of practice around Thanksgiving.

During the season my week looks something like this.

Game coverage every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and most Mondays and Wednesdays (when there are games). Saturday usually will have 2 or 3 games that I cover. My posts usually are done late night on game days. I do lots of abbreviating because writing is painful. If any of the abbreviations are unclear, check out the abbreviations key. I go to all of these games as a fan first and a writer second. That means I keep all of my own statistics and notes by hand as I sit with the fans and cheer like anyone else.

Sundays are a recovery and catchup day. I write my weekly column for MinnesotaPreps.com and update my season totals with all of the different sights, sounds and tastes from the week.

As the regular season ends, I preview the sections and give predictions as I try to keep up round by round.

I also cover the spring/summer AAU scene by attending the local events and tracking some of the teams and players as they travel around the country. This may even include a road trip or 2 as I covered our local travel teams in Denver and Chicago in 2009.

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