New coaches on the north side

I find it interesting that both Minneapolis North and Minneapolis Patrick Henry are looking for head coaches now. Brett McNeal at North looked really disinterested last year and in the last couple of years they haven't done nearly the amount of run and jump that I saw previously. Like all the standout city teams, they depended on their defense due to the mickey mouse offense they ran (see also Johnson, for the St. Paul equivalent). When was the last time North actually won a big game excluding the rivalry game against Henry. North plays a tough schedule, but look at their record over the last couple years against the premier teams on their schedule, not good. A team that had PJ Hill (going to Ohio St) and Romain Martin (Ohio Valley frosh of the year last year) should have been much better than it was.

But at least North tried to run something that looked like offense. Henry is still the class of the Minneapolis City, but I hope they get somebody in there who actually knows an X from an O. I once saw the Henry JV team inbound the ball and not touch it with no pressure with under 30 seconds to go and a 1 pt lead in a game. But at least we didn't have listen to Larry McKenzie yank guys and scream at them for the most minor of mistakes.

All that being said, there's a lot to be said for relating to players and I think McNeal did that well at North. It will be interesting to see what the schools do for new coaches. North gets the advantage of not having game 1 until after Christmas, but they also are in tough section 6AAAA with Hopkins and Minnetonka


  1. I wouldn't be surprised if either school went after Jared Nuness or Topaz Morrison for their next head coach.

  2. Czar of the Telestrator8/31/07, 12:31 PM

    Nuness in theory would work, but based on what he did at Park Center, I think that disqualifies him. Current rumor mill says Bo Powell, current Washburn assistant and Howard Pulley coach is the leading candidate.


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