Day 2 scores from Las Vegas and Orlando

Here's how the MN teams fared in Las Vegas and Orlando on Day 2.


  • 43 Hoops def Utah Swoosh 63-52 (7/24/08, Corrected score and result to reflect 43 Hoops win instead of loss)
  • Magic Robertson def BTI Elite 63-54
  • Net Gain lost to Texas D1 Ambassadors 86-79
  • MN Select Kruger lost to DFW Select Black 78-64. Maurice Hernandez and Alex Miller with 17 points each. They def Spirit Got Game 74-67. Tall Kid Tall (Alex Miller) plays well again with 20 points.
  • MN Select DeKok def Boulder Titans Black 80-66 and CBC Dublin 69-52. Chris Neumann continues his good play with 18 and 21 points.
  • Old School Cavaliers def ECI MN 69-50. Jordan Aaberg with 13 for ECI.
  • 43 Hoops 16s def PAL of DE 80-58. (7/24/08 corrected to show 43 Hoops victory, incorrect on Adidas Super 64 site). Max Rosenbloom with 18 points. They def Oakland Bulldogs 64-55. Clay Horne with 14 points.
  • Magic Elite 16s def NYC Jaguars 80-59 last night to win their pool. They defeated Lou Will the Elite 78-67 in a bracket pigtail game before losing to the Charlotte Royals 65-62 in the round of 16.
  • 43 Hoops Carr def Playaz Basketball Club White 69-58
  • MN Heat Elite vs All 4 Sports Dream Team in a late game. Their 71-69 loss yesterday was on a buzzer beater in the 2nd overtime, ouch! Alex Richter big inside for the Heat with 32 points.

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