Park at Roosevelt Thoughts

A rare Wednesday night game in the Kingdom as I make the trip to the Jack Wells Gymnasium at Roosevelt for their game vs Park. A couple of MIAC schools in attendance along with Tartan's Mark Klingsporn and MN Select's Sean Kruger to watch Cody Hofmann who played for the Select this summer.

First half is back and forth. Roosevelt switched between man and zone D in the half. No team with more than a 3 point lead in the half. Roosevelt spreads the floor with 2 minutes left in the half. Roosevelt's Eddie White gets fouled on a J with 1:10 left, but coach Dennis Stockmo is not at all pleased. "Are you kidding me?!" is the earful that White gets and the sub is already at the table. Unfortunately for White, he makes the 2nd free throw which means he's headed to the bench. Hofmann with a late bucket and Park goes to halftime up 30-29. Cody Hofmann leading the way for the Wolfpack. Edward Boler with 13 (or maybe 16) in the half for Roosevelt. He can really fill it up from inside the 3 point line.

The second half brings us a major offensive drought. Boler with another bucket early in the half and Roosevelt leads 36-33 at the 11 minute mark. 8 combined points in 7 minutes. As I said during the game, to quote Bill Walton "Would somebody please make a shot!". Park then goes on a 16-4 run over the next 6:30 before a Boler bucket cuts the Park lead to 49-42 with 3:20 left. Craig Brown with a pretty backdoor layup early in the run. Park takes the air out of the ball with 3 minutes left up 51-45 and Hoffman makes 6 of 6 from the line in the last 2 minutes (11 of 12 FTs for him total on my sheet). Park wins 58-49. Blah. Not much to see here. Though Boler did fill it up for Roosevelt with 25-30 points, he couldn't find the range from 3. Both teams aren't a threat in their respective leagues. Neither team really has much in terms of star power.

X and O of the Day
Nice 5 out motion concept from Roosevelt. Similar to (or at least reminded me of) something Ziggy Kauls ran with Mike Schramm a couple of years ago at Mounds View. 2-3 high set to start. Take a skilled player and put him in the foul line position. Now its 4 out motion with the 1 being at the foul line area. Roosevelt gave their player (Jason Jung) the freedom to set a screen then pop to get the ball. On a pass to the wing that player could then set a ball screen.

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