10-11 Section 2AAAA Preview

This is the 18th preview in my 2010-2011 season preview series.  In this preview, I start my week long look at the 6 metro area sections in class AAAA with a look at Section 2AAAA.  For a list of all the season previews, click here.

Defending Champion: Eden Prairie

Predicted Seeding
  1. Chaska
  2. Eden Prairie
  3. Shakopee
  4. Bloomington Jefferson
  5. Edina
  6. Chanhassen
  7. Prior Lake
  8. Bloomington Kennedy
This section breaks down into 3 very good teams at the top and then blah below.  Chaska gets the top seed based on winning the Missota.  I think Eden Prairie is the best team here but their schedule is so insanely difficult I can't see them getting through all of it.  Shakopee is heads and shoulders above the rest with Petrill, Ulferts and Perkins all returning.  Jefferson gets the 4 seed with the best remaining player, Marcus Alipate.  But any game with Jefferson in this section is sure to either be a blowout or a cure for insomnia.  5-8 could fall anywhere.  Edina's guard play puts them at 5.  Chanhassen falls in at 6 thanks to some wins against the bottom of the Missota and Kevin Jensen.  Prior Lake's tough schedule and youth puts them at 7.  Kennedy comes in at 8 after a rough season.  But they've surprised in fall ball with wins over Chaska and a nice performance in a loss to Johnson.  We'll see if that translates to the regular season.  The Eden Prairie vs Shakopee semifinal will be a defensive struggle.  It wouldn't surprise me to see that game in the 40s.

Section Winner: Eden Prairie.  While I think Chaska has the most talent in the section, its hard to pick against the defending champs. I think Eden Prairie slows the tempo and plays the game at their pace.  That will minimize the impact of Ross Travis.  While EP isn't an offensive juggernaut, their defense is stout and in a slow game I see that as potential frustration for the Hawks.  Chaska's Jake White vs Eden Prairie's Conner Nord inside is a matchup to watch in that one.


  1. Czar,

    Have to disagree with EP in this region. Unless Travis is hurt again with White et al, I'm liking the Hawks in this region. I wouldn't be shocked to see Shakopee in the final either with their senior leadership.

    I've seen PL enough this fall to think they won't be as bad as most think. I really like Focke and he'll get a lot out of this group. Very impressed with PL PG in the Tartan game last week. He slowed Strong down better than any guard I've seen in Mn so far.

    Great stuff as always.

  2. I wouldn't be shocked to see any of the 3 make it through. I just think EP is the type of matchup that drives Chaska nuts (see 2 blowouts and a close home loss last year in their 3 meetings). All 3 play each other during the regular season so that will add to it. Totally agree with you on on Shakopee. Prior Lake will be much improved by the end of the year. But the South Suburban schedule is tough enough to knock them down in the seeding. Watch out for them in the next couple of years with some of the young kids coming up (Shanks, Sobaski etc)


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