Some local conference shuffling

For 2011-12, there's been plenty of talk about the new Granite Ridge Conference but locally I'm seeing some realignment as well.  Let's line up the dominoes.

First, Providence Academy moves over to the Tri-Metro from the MCAA.  Size wise this makes sense as Providence has been growing like a weed.  Makes for some very entertaining DLS vs Providence girls games too.  That fills out the Tri-Metro at 12 teams with the same divisional scheduling they've done in the past.  Providence is the western most school so somebody has to move to the east division.  St. Paul Academy is the pick (very logical) making the league look like this.

West: Blake, Breck, Brooklyn Center, De La Salle, Minnehaha and Providence
East: Concordia, Mounds Park, St. Agnes, St. Anthony, St. Croix Lutheran and St. Paul Academy

That leaves the MCAA at 9 teams.  I'm reading that the MCAA changed their bylaws last year to allow non-christian schools.  Lester Prairie was placed in the league by the MSHSL after being denied by the MCAA so that doesn't quite count.  They combined athletics with existing MCAA member Holy Trinity after entering the league if I remember correctly.  It appears PACT saw that, reapplied for membership (previously denied under the old bylaw) and was admitted as the 10th team.  That makes since since PACT played almost a full MCAA schedule anyway and is similar size and location.  Traditionally the MCAA schedule has 1 game against each team and then the conference tourney.  Now it appears they've broken the mold and will play a 13 game divisional schedule.  With the league schedule ending in mid-February, it looks like the tournament could still be played and be done in time for Bethany and SW Christian to still start early state tournament play.

North: Maranatha, Legacy, West Lutheran, Heritage and PACT
South: New Life, Bethany, Trinity, Southwest Christian and Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity

Sad thing about these moves is that the annual Heritage vs Providence trophy game appears to be off the schedule.

It also appears that there will be a new Metro Charter Conference playing in 2011-12.  Think back to the days of the old Metro Lakes Conference before it dissolved and some of the schools ended up in the EMAC.  Prairie Seeds Academy, Minnesota Transitions, FAIR Downtown, St. Croix Prep (new to the varsity scene this year, played JV schedule last year), Math and Science Academy and a couple more that are escaping me (e.g Spectrum and Four Directions).

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