Metro Charter Showdown

The week of charter schools and mangy mascots continues as I take in FAIR at Prairie Seeds Academy battle in the Metro Charter Conference.  Another make your own walking taco night and very good again.  A very rare moment as both of The Coolest guys in the NSIC were in the building.  Deonte Blakemore in street clothes all night for FAIR, no JV or varsity from him tonight.

Song of the Day
Thriller - Michael Jackson

Game Time
FAIR off to a hot start thanks to Desmond Williams spinning inside for 2 on a putback, Darrion Scott with a putback and a inbounds postup and a Williams postup.  12-4 FAIR at the 13:05 mark.  Trent Pollard with a pair of bombs and a Troy May 3.  Add on a Devin Buckley 3 and a reverse layup.  18-14 Prairie Seeds at the 9:16 mark to force a FAIR timeout.  Its a 14-2 Lycans run in 4 minutes.  Scott with a pair of layups and a John Warren 3 and FAIR is back on top 29-25 with 5:11 left in the half.  Buckley beats the buzzer with another 3 and its 39-37 Prairie Seeds up at half.  7 triples from the Lycans in the half.

The second half is fireworks.  Buckley back to back 3s to start the half countered by a 9-0 FAIR run.  Then Pollard lights it up for PSA and Williams goes to work for FAIR.  Williams with a drive for 2 free throws with Pollard going crossover on the other end for 3.  Pollard driving on a right wing iso but Williams with a 3 point play to counter.  Buckley for 3 but Williams kicks out of the post to Akil England for 3.  Pollard to the rack for 2 more.  61-59 FAIR with 10:37 left, take a breath.

Pollard still going strong with a drive for 2 free throws, hangs and banks one home for 2 more and a jumper.  Williams with a drive for 2 and a pair of free throws.  Pollard shakes his guy for 2 more.  67 all with 9:05 left.  Scott on the post with a favorable matchup for 2.  Pollard counters with a free throw and another step back 3.  72 all with 7:20 left.  A turnover for 1 May layup and another easy 2.  Then Pollard with an assist for 3.  PSA opens it up to 79-73 with 4:45 left.  Scott to the rack and a late whistle after the ball doesn't go in (NBA pet peeve of mine) for 2 free throws.  PSA misses 2 FTs and Williams makes Gage Dies pay for gambling for a steal.  He goes 3/4 court for 2.  Off a Lycans turnover, England called for a controversial travel trying the fake the behind the back pass option on the break.  That wipes the layup off the board.  2:45 left FAIR down 80-77.  Williams spins on the post for 2 more and he earns a free throw off a PSA turnover.  80 all with 1:40 left.  Dies on the offensive glass with 1:10 left for a 82-80 PSA lead.  Scott with 2 free throws with 38.5 left to tie it.  Pollard look liked he walked but his bucket counts with 24.5 to play.  FAIR almost turns it over (maybe a carry) but gets a timeout with 15.1 left.

A great SLOB set out of the timeout gets Williams on the left block (best spot).  We'll draw that up below.  He turns left and gets into the middle of the lane and gets mauled on a jump hook but no call.  Lycans go the other way and are fouled.  Prairie Seeds misses the front end and its tipped out of bounds with 6.4 to play.  FAIR ball down 2.  2nd pass up the floor is tipped but ends up in England's hands.  He drives and gets fouled with 0.8 left.  The first is pure.  2nd is up and short, bounces to the back rim and just rolls off the front iron.  But wait, its a lane violation on PSA, we'll shoot it again.  2nd one is up and short right.  Prairie Seeds wins 84-83 to take control of the Metro Charter race.  A good test for both teams as this was arguably the best opponent each has faced so far this season.

Post Game
For FAIR, Desmond Williams scores 31 points, 19 in the 2nd half.  He thoroughly outplayed PSA star center Gage Dies.  Williams is excessively right hand dominate but works hard and gets good position.  He's having a huge year for FAIR (see also North game) and a great compliment to wing Darrion Scott.  Speaking of Scott he finishes with 19 points and 9 rebounds.  FAIR falls to 4-1, 1-1 in the Metro Charter.  They play in the Trinity holiday tournament next week.

For Prairie Seeds, they get 31 from point guard Trent Pollard with 4 3s.  23 of those points in the last 14:10 (all his 2nd half points).  Devin Buckley 21 points on 6 3s.  Lycans get a total of 13 3s in the game.  Gage Dies finishes with 6 points and 11 rebounds.  They're quick and will spread and kick for 3s with enough shooting to hurt you with those.  Lycans improve to 7-0 and have 3 very winnable games coming up in January before a trip to Washburn.

Play of the Day
Ball is out of bounds on offense's left side at the 28 foot marker.  Best wing (Darrion Scott) on the left block.  Best post in the left corner (Desmond Williams).  Guard at midcourt close to the ball.  Other guard is opposite side of the court on the wing.  Floor is spread.  Simple down screen by Williams for Scott.  Williams pins after the screen and Scott dumps it in to him.  Williams can then go middle to his right hand with the help too far away to get there and you can't leave the guy in the corner, especially in a 2 point game.

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