Pilgrimage to the EMAC

Off to St. Paul Washington High School where they take on Central in a big St. Paul City showdown.  Then its next door to St. Bernard's for a big showdown with #1 Hopkins.  Oh wait, a bit of nostalgia there, St. Bernard's has been closed for 2 years and Washington went out in 1978 and is now a junior high/magnet school.  Though the matchup up with Central I mentioned above from 1951 was part of the salad days for Washington when they were in a stretch of winning or sharing 5 straight league titles (ended 60 years ago).

Now Washington plays host to games for Great River School.  Tonight's opponent is Community of Peace which is just across 35E and almost closer to the gym than Great River's building.  No concessions but a late arrival isn't an issue.  That's because the JV game ran way late.  No flag in the gym means no national anthem.  Its a showdown in the East Division of the EMAC.

Game Time
4-3 CPA Tigers after a pair of free throws.  Then an 11-0 run for Great River thanks to turnovers.  Point guard Donovan O'Dowd with a pair of layups in the run.  A pair of layups from CPA brings them within 17-11 at the 10 minute mark.  Great River starts to expand the lead with Adrian Miller going back to back from deep.  That exploits the CPA 2-3 zone.  Miller with 2 more bombs and its 38-18 Great River.  The lead expands to 49-25 at half.  65-34 Stars with 13 to play and that's all I can watch.  Edwin Flowers productive inside and nice work from point guard Donovan O'Dowd passing and scoring.  The lead could have been much worse if Great River wouldn't have missed layups.

On Twitter during the game, I mentioned that CPA was part of a state record.  Answer to the question comes from February 2nd, 2005 when MN Transitions beat CPA 153-69.  Cash Eggleston scored 90 points with 20 3s to set state records in both.


  1. I have never heard of Washington. Is it where Arlington was?

  2. That's the new Washington (aka Arlington). 1041 Marion is Wash Jr High just south and west of Bernard's

  3. Quick question. I will be student teaching at Washington coming up in a couple of weeks, and I was curious if you knew how sports worked there? Since it only goes to 10th grade, do they even have mshsl teams?

  4. They do in some sports (swimming/track but those might be combos), but not basketball. Boys Basketball was 9th grade only last year, and is JV and 9th this year. Guessing they'll add a varsity level with a young squad next year. But yes, they should be a full fledged MSHSL member.

  5. Forde4d- what are you student teaching?


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