2012 Class AAA Championship

Another amazing game at the 2012 state tournament.  Washburn doesn't take the lead until the overtime and then a very exciting 20 seconds of basketball to end the overtime.  Love to see no timeouts.  I can't say I've ever seen as many people in the upper deck of the Target Center for a state tournament game in my time.  An amazing atmosphere.  My entire game log will be on Northstar Hoops Report.

Czar's Class AAA All-Tournament Ballot (all 10 on official team)
Jerry Pratt - Minneapolis Washburn
Nick Anderson - Minneapolis Washburn
Joseph Doby - Minneapolis Washburn
Reid Travis - De La Salle
Luke Scott - De La Salle
Jarvis Johnson - De La Salle
Alex Illikainen - Grand Rapids
Austin Pohlen - Grand Rapids
Marcus Marshall - St. Paul Johnson
Quashingm Smith-Pugh - St. Paul Johnson

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