The Big Weekend Brackets

Here are championship brackets for Sunday of The Big Weekend 2012.

Best Buy Spring Classic
17U Semifinals - 12:30 PM Courts 1 and 2 Jefferson
KC 76ers vs Fundamental U
Minnesota Pump N Run vs Team Breakdown (FL)
Team Breakdown came from double digits down in 2nd half to beat Arkansas Hawks.

16U Semifinals - 11:25 AM Courts 1 and 2 Jefferson
Minnesota Pump N Run vs Illinois Basketball Academy
Wisconsin Blizzard vs Minnesota Fury-Dixon

15U Semifinals - 11:25 AM Courts 3 and 4 Jefferson
Minnesota Pump N Run vs Nebraska Select - Fisher
tNBA-Brown vs Wisconsin Blizzard Pronschinske

15U Championship - 1:40 PM Court 3 Jefferson
16U Championship - 1:40 PM Court 1 Jefferson
17U Championship - 2:45 PM Court 3 Jefferson

NY2LA Sports Spring Extravaganza
17U Quarterfinals - 9:10 AM Courts 1,3,4 and 5 Hopkins
Texas Select vs KC Run GMC
Kingdom Hoops Elite vs TP Elite
WI Playmakers White vs I-Can All-Stars
Net Gain Sports vs Wisconsin Swing

17U Semifinals - 11:30 AM Courts 3 and 4 Hopkins
17U Championship - 1:50 PM Court 4 Hopkins

16U Quarterfinals - 8:00 AM Courts 1,3,4 and 5 Hopkins
Wisconsin Swing-Litscher vs Milwaukee Rebels
Inland Empire vs Wisconsin Playmakers
RAS vs SYF Hoopmatics
Iowa Barnstormers vs KC Run GMC

16U Semifinals - 10:20 AM Courts 3 and 4 Hopkins
16U Championship - 12:40 PM Court 4 Hopkins

15U Semifinals - 10:20 AM Courts 1 and 5 Hopkins
Kingdom Hoops Elite vs DTA Spartans
Net Gain vs KC Run GMC

15U Championship - 12:40 PM Court 3 Hopkins

IM Bball Spring Showcase
17U Bracket Semifinal 1 10:10 AM at Metcalf
17U Bracket Semifinal 2 11:15 AM at Nicollet
17U Bracket Championship 2:30 PM Eagan Court 1

15U Red Bracket Semifinals - 9:05 and 10:10 AM Eastview Court 2
Minnesota Cyclones vs Wisconsin Playground Elite
MOKAN vs All Iowa Attack Moore

15U Red Bracket Championship - 1:25 PM Eagan Court 3

15U Black Bracket Semifinals - 10:10 AM Courts 1 and 2 Burnsville
Illinois Elite vs Pumas 15U
MN Magic Blue vs DSM Knicks 15U

15U Black Bracket Championship- 1:25 PM Eastview Court 1

Howard Pulley vs NJ Playaz - 9:30 AM Court 1 Hight Performance Academy

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to make the brackets. Very useful for us coaches and fans who have players playing in many places.


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