Beacons to the New Season

There's a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel of fall basketball and at the other end is the start of the 2012-13 season.  This light just so happens to be a shining beacon which means its a trip to Concordia Academy.  They held their annual scrimmage with 8 teams and 4 games of play.  Nothing like having the parent of a former player of mine doing the cooking.  Chicken sandwich with cheese,mmm good.   Add in a 20 oz Sprite and the season's beverage count is at 64 oz on 4 beverages.

A fairly quite evening of play.  The proverb that defense is ahead of offense early in the year was especially true.

St. Anthony had a late chance at a 3 that was no good.  They fell to Chisago Lakes 34-31 in the early session.

Stillwater and Richfield came down to the wire in game 2.  Stillwater missed a short pullup jumper and putback with 20 seconds left.  Richfield got the ball back and on a BLOB with 2.2 left, they had a good look at a 3 that didn't go in.  Richfield would get a 3 with 5 seconds left in the OT to win 42-41.

In the late game, St. Thomas Academy had no problems with Concordia on their way to a 39-19 win.

Moving back to game 3, see blue as Minnetonka and Woodbury collided.  In my season preview, I wondered what Woodbury would do on the offensive end.  The results are in and the Royals are switching to dribble drive motion this year.  That makes sense with their talent base of Diallo Powell and Robert Claypool to run the show with Renard Suggs and Matt Ambriz to shoot it.  But right now it is a major work in progress.  3 offensive fouls (2 charges and a pushoff) against Renard Suggs in the 1st half showed the frustration on offense.  Defensively, Woodbury appeared almost uninterested.  For a team that I believe is a top team in the Suburban East, I was surprised at the performance.  Tonka did whatever they wished but let's give credit for a tenacity on the defensive end and some good execution on offense.  Riley Dearring with 11 1st half points and Grant Kellogg showing well for the Skippers.  Tonka held a 12 point lead at the half and stretched it to 18 before the starters sat for the last 10 minutes.  51-37 Minnetonka wins.

Czar knows that the game ultimately comes down to Jimmies and Joes but you know I love my Xs and Os.  With that hideous introduction, we bring you the season's 1st...

Play of the Day
Minnetonka coach Tom Dasovich may not have dug a better looking sweater out of the closet but he did find this gem buried in the playbook for this season.  Here's one of their BLOB sets, "Gonzaga"

  • Big post on ball side block (e.g Grant Steele)
  • Leaper on ball side elbow (Mike Fernando)
  • Star on back side elbow (Riley Dearring)
  • Guard at top of key
Dearring dives towards the rim to get his defenders attention.  When he gets to the middle of the lane, he turns and back screens for Fernando's man for the layup or dunk.  The ball side post then pins in for Dearring to come out towards the ball side corner.  If his defender helps on the back screen, that leaves an open baseline catch and shoot.  If the post defender helps, now you have a layup.  Top defender really isn't in a position to help but if he does, you either get a 3 from a guard shooter there and in a great spot.  Worst case, you easily get the ball in.

Overall, a simple but very effective set.  I like the initial action of a dive from a star player as a distraction to the screen the screener action.  A nice twist to a common concept.

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