Ponies go on an overtime ride

The Governor (nice hat!)
Its a week of many back to backs.  1st Osseo and Park Center, now Johnson in back to back games and Maranatha twice yet to come this week.  Stillwater making their annual trip into the east side to take on the Govs.   Another quality Walking Taco on the menu with 20 ounces of beverage.  Quiet crowd on hand to see UFC Commish Dana White work as one of the officials tonight.

Game Time
Andrew Duxbury 5 early points but Johnson up 10-9 at the 11:15 mark.  Then 6 in row from the Ponies countered by 6 out of 7 from Johnson.  16 all at the 7:50 mark.  Duxbury with 5 in a row late in the half.  A 3 point play out of a scrum and 2 more free throws.  29-24 Stillwater leading at the half.

Stillwater's offense disappears in the 2nd half and Johnson takes advantage.  A steal for 2 and an offensive rebound for 2 free throws.  Jalen Mobley scoring from Quashingm Smith-Pugh.  32 all with 11:45 left.  Stillwater in the bonus but misses a front end and Peirre Conwell scores inside to give Johnson the lead.  Stillwater timeout with 9:21 left and now trailing 34-32.  Then a behind the back dribble in traffic leads to a Johnson steal and chance at a 3 point play with the crowd in it.  Joe Quinn with a swat at one end leads to a Matt Anderson bucket to tie the game at 36 with 8:10 left.  A nice cut by Chad Schlosser gives him a chance at a 3 point play with 5:35 left.  The free throw is not good.  42-40 Stillwater leading despite that only being their 3rd field goal of the half.   Mobley with a triple and a pair of free throws.  Then Smith-Pugh with an offensive board for a free throw.  Then 2 chances at a miss for Smith-Pugh and he converts that with 2:45 left.  48-44 Johnson.  Stillwater continuing to get their offense at the charity stripe.  Duxbury with a pair of free throws and a kick to Sam Lagus for a 3 with 2:05 left.  That puts Stillwater back up 49-48.  After a Johnson free throw to tie it, Stillwater goes to the delay game.  Smith-Pugh strips Duxbury and goes the other way for a layup with 40 seconds left.  Stillwater gets a timeout with 18.7 left.  Out of that, its Duxbury on the bounce and he's tripped.  He makes both with 13.2 left.  Smith-Pugh misses a long contested 3 at the buzzer.  We'll play free basketball tied at 51.

Lagus opens the scoring in the overtime getting the kind shooters bounce on a 3.  Smith-Pugh on the post for the reverse layup before he fouls out with 2:26 left in the OT.  56-53 Stillwater after Quinn makes 1 of the 2 free throws.  Johnson misses 2 free throws, but gets a turnover for a 3 point play and we're all tied at 56 with 2:01 to play.  Stillwater turns it over again versus the press and its another Johnson bucket.  Schlosser off a long pass against the press for a layup with 1:25 left.  58 all and now Johnson will hold the ball.  Conwell puts back a miss with 35 seconds left.  60-58 Johnson.  Out of timeout its Duxbury coming off the double low screen and getting the handoff.  He'll drive and kick to Aaron Romportl in the right corner.  His 3 is pure with 20 seconds left.  Johnson will come back with no timeout.  Mobley with a late drive and Quinn swats that away for his 10th block of the night.  Johnson takes a timeout with 2.4 seconds left to set up the final baseline out of bounds.  Its a simple box set and diagonal screen for Mobley.  He gets an open catch at 12 feet but turns down the great look.  A dribble or 2 and its a contested look inside that had no chance.  61-60 Stillwater wins.

Post Game
Johnson falls to 10-7 with the loss.  Jalen Mobley leads the Govs with 16 points.  Quashingm Smith-Pugh adds 14.  Peirre Conwell adds 11.  I was surprised Johnson didn't do more full court pressure but that was the case on Monday vs Highland Park as well.  The big home rematch with Central is next Thursday.

Stillwater improves to 13-5 with the win.  Andrew Duxbury 21 points and a pair of critical late game situation assists for 3s (1 with 2 left in regulation and the final bucket in OT).  Forward Joe Quinn with 10 blocks to keep the Govs away from the rim inside.  The Ponies survive only scoring 4 field goals in the 2nd half.  Free throw differential big in this one.  Johnson 10-18.  Stillwater doubles that at 21-30.  At least 40 fouls in the game.  They host Woodbury on Friday.  Big game for Woodbury who's trying to stay 1 game behind Roseville.  Stillwater pounded the Royals 88-71 in the 1st meeting.

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