The Best of AAU Bingo 2013

With the end of the 2013 AAU Season, comes the end of the 1st season of AAU Bingo.  It exploded into something far bigger than expected.  Even a Las Vegas newspaper writer got in on the fun and used the #AAUBingo hashtag during the big Las Vegas period at the end of the summer. 

Someone asked a great question during the season and that's "What makes a great AAU Bingo?"  So after pondering, here's are criteria I would use.
  • It has to be unique to AAU
  • It has to something that represents what is bad about the system but not something that happens all the time (e.g. parents or coaches being fools)
  • It helps if its funny
  • Photographic evidence takes it to another level.
So as an example, a parent yelling at scorekeeper isn't AAU Bingo worthy (too common).  Parent yells at scorekeeper and scorekeeper offers to be replaced and the parent does replace the scorekeeper, that's worthy.

So with that in mind, let's count down the best AAU Bingo tweets of the 2013 AAU season.

Honorable Mentions
  • Coaches packet with "Good" in the GPA column.  Another one with GED in the GPA column.
  • Referee badgers player during the game and then tries to recruit the player for his AAU team after the game.
  • Coach answers phone on the bench during a timeout from a person in front row of the same game.
  • Coach spends 3 minutes cleaning his Jordan's after they were stepped on in a timeout.
  • Coach gets tossed and then changes into his referee's uniform to work next game 3 courts over.
  • PA system announces a car needs to be moved and a head coach leaves his bench to go move it.
The Best AAU Bingo Tweets of 2013

#5) Coach with camera strapped to head
#4) Recliner at coach's entrance in Las Vegas
#3) Players playing cards on the bench (MN Fury tournament, Canadian team)
#2) Player with an ankle bracelet
#1) Planking referee

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