Suburban East adventures and an island showdown

First Siberia, then Archangel before finishing in Moscow.  The Donatelli's pizza at White Bear Lake always outstanding.  Then Saturday its Garfield rules of eating with desert first at Mounds View with free root beer floats after the game.  We also get a sighting of former Thief River Falls star and Gopher Kyle Sanden.  I finish up the day with a hot dog on the island for dinner.  Dr Pepper, 0 calorie Powerade since concessions weren't open until late at Mounds View and a Coke on the island for the beverage counter. 

Number of Teams I've Seen: 136 (52 courts)

Beverage Consumption Counter: 1224.9 ounces (73 days, 103 games, 2 scrimmages added on)

  • Pepsi: 572 ounces
  • Coke: 192 ounces
  • Dr. Pepper: 48 ounces
  • Sprite: 128 ounces
  • Sierra Mist: 12 ounces
  • Barq's Root Beer: 20 ounces
  • A&W Root Beer: 36 ounces
  • Red Powerade: 100 ounces
  • 0 Calorie Fruit Punch Powerade: 20 ounces
  • Red Gatorade: 80 ounces
  • Water: 500 ml
Hot Dog Counter: 14

Song of the Day
Top of the World - The Carpenters

Friday: Stillwater at White Bear Lake
Off to arguably the worst trip in The Kingdom as I take in this section 4AAAA and Suburban East battle. Andy Lockwood with a pair of quick 3s as White Bear Lake would open an 11-5 lead.  Stillwater would counter with a 12-2 run thanks to the productivity of Kyle McKinley.  That 4 point lead would hold at half, 35-31.

Lockwood with 2 quick release bombs to start the 2nd half.  Stillwater would counter with a grind it out 8-0 run for a 45-41 lead with 11:09 left.  Wyatt Blinkhorn with a pair of putbacks in that run.  After seriously quiet offense, its Mitch Maw off the White Bear bench with 2 bombs and the Bears convert a turnover into a layup.  That's 8-0 in 34 seconds and WBL takes a 49-45 lead with 7:21 left.  Now the prize fighters trade punches.  Connor Gamble for 3 and a scoop for 2 both off high ball screens.  Brendan Whalen counters with a 3 that puts WBL back up 56-54 with 2:20 left.  WBL students pull out the Daniel Bryan YES! chant.  After a WBL turnover, its Blinkhorn off the double screen handoff for 2 free throws to tie it.  Lockwood misses and Gamble makes both end of the bonus before the Bears score to tie it.  Stillwater holds and misses.  Lockwood gets 1 last right wing heave that goes off glass and hits the rim twice before falling off.  58 all to OT .  In OT Gamble goes backdoor and then a double clutch finish for 2.  McKinley with a block on the other end and all of a sudden WBL is in a foul situation.  They go 8-8 and get a layup when the Bears don't foul.  Stillwater wins 70-62.  Connor Gamble leads the way with 23 for Stillwater.  Jacob Olsen and Andy Lockwood 18 each for White Bear Lake.  All of Lockwood's points on his 6 3s.

Saturday Game 1: Thief River Falls at Mounds View
Early on its all Jacob Joppru for Thief River Falls.  He starts with a 3, then drives for 2 and then an assist for a layup.  He adds a pullup and a transition 3 and another drive.  18-9 Thief River Falls at the 11:06 mark and Mounds View needs a timeout.  The Prowlers run is 11-2.  Mounds View comes out of the timeout box and 1 on Joppru and that changed the entire game.  Mounds View goes on an 11-3 run to cut the lead to 1.  Joppru breaks that run after a ball was saved right back to him under the rim.  Turnovers all over the place vs the box and 1 is a major surprise.  Mounds View turns that into a 35-30 lead at the half. 

The 2nd half is all Ryan Kaczynski.  He takes over and scores all the Mustangs field goals in the 1st 8:52 of the half.  The box and 1 still holding Joppru to nothing.  Joppru gets his only other hoop of the night on a broken floor with 5 minutes left.  Kaczynski goes for 18 in the half and Mounds View pulls away for a 72-56 win.  Kaczynski finishes with 31.  Joppru finishes with 19 but only 7 after the box and 1 and his 2 field goals afterwards were not out of regular offense.

Saturday Game 2: #4AAAA Robbinsdale Armstrong at #1AAA De La Salle
Jarvis Johnson in uniform but doesn't start.  No matter, he comes in less than 6 minutes in.  Sacar Anim with 2 early bombs.  Evan Nolan and Jerome Dixon counter those with their own 3s.  Tied at 10 at the 14:55 mark, very fast pace.  Then Anim flares for another 3, Jeffrey Daubanton with a tip dunk, Anim with another 3 and Goanar Mar runs for a layup.  14-2 run puts the Islanders in control 24-12 at 9:36.  Armstrong does keep it even the rest of the half despite crowd inspiring dunks from Anim, Daubanton and Josh Collins.  41-29 De La Salle at the half.

De La Salle slams the door right away to start the 2nd half.  Collins puts back a miss, Anim drives for 2 and Daubanton puts back a miss.  Anim with a 3 and frosh Gabe Kalscheur scores.  13-2 run to start the 2nd half blows it open.  54-32 with 13:33 left.  The outcome is never in doubt after that.  De La Salle rolls to a 89-60 win.  Sacar Anim outstanding with 6 3s and 34 points.  Jeffrey Daubanton very active on the offensive glass and finishes with 16.  Josh Collins adds 15.  Jerome Dixon leads Armstrong with 21 points and 4 3s.  Very impressive performance from Anim and De La Salle.  In my opinion, Sacar Anim and JT Gibson have now established themselves as the 2 clear front runners for the Mr Basketball award.

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  1. Strongly disagree with your take on the Spin moves at the Delasalle game. I was at the game. It IS a travel - the problem is that College and some high school officials don't have the guts to call it. Tonight in both cases - you had the Burns player drive right, left foot is his pivot, spin, pick up left foot and put it down before the shot. It is a HUGE advantage for the offense. You simply cannot physically go around a defensive player over a span of sometimes 8-10 feet and not be a travel. Want to make it legal - fine - change the rule but just don't tell me it isn't a travel. Watch it on DVR tape - you will see it is.


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