To the Southern Fringe

Monday night is often an opportunity to venture in the unknown,  Whether that's a team or a location, it provides a nice change of pace.  On this night, its a trip to Farmington so see St. Agnes take on host Christian Life.  Quality home crowd as expected for the EMAC squad.  Quality concessions include pepperoni pizza and another half liter of water (WHAAAAAAT!).  But to make up for that offense, I did spy the large individually wrapped brownies.  Well worth the investment too once I unwrapped the rubik's cube like puzzle that was the plastic wrap around it.  Yum. 

Song of the Day
Alabama - Song of the South

Number of Teams I've Seen: 6 (3 courts, 2 new)

Beverage Ticker: 24 ounces (190 Calories) + 1.5 liter (0 calories)
5 days (4 possible game days), 3 games, 2 scrimmages added on

  • Pepsi: 12 ounces (150 Calories)
  • Sprite: 12 ounces (140 Calories)
  • Water (Aquafina): 1 Liter (0 Calories)
  • Water (Kirkland): 500 ml (0 Calories)
Hot Dog Ticker: 0
Pizza Ticker: 3

Game Time:
Gary Smith 6 quick points for St. Agnes in this one as he was attacking the rim with no answer.  2 of those 3 hoops in a 9-0 run for an early 11-3 Aggies lead at 11:35.  He'll sit the rest of the half due to a technical foul.  Christian Life with 8 turnovers already.  The lead balloons to 27-8.  Then Christian Life spurts behind 10 straight from Jakson Griffth.  His 2 drives are enough for Aggies coach Frank Webster.  He brings back his starting crew with the lead down to 31-20.  Christian Life coughs it up 3 straight possessions and the lead is quickly back to 19.  The margin is 50-27 St. Agnes at the half thanks to 25 St. Agnes turnovers.

Smith is back to start the 2nd half but only for 3 seconds.  Defending the inbound on the tight sideline, he slaps the ball while in the inbounders hand.  That's an automatic T and he's gone.  Tough break as it's not malicious but correct by rule.  His absence doesn't hurt the Aggies.  The lead is 26 before Christian Life gets a field goal that's not a layup.  4 more turnovers for layups and a Brandon Plasch triple push the lead to 32.  We hit the running time margin just before 9 minute mark and its done from there.  St. Agnes wins 87-48.

Post Game
Jakson Griffith very aggressive attacking the rim for Christian Life.  He leads the Hawks with 22 points.  Caleb Kurz with 8 on 6-6 free throws (half of those 8 pts, technicals).  Definitely a lineup that I can see struggling to score.  The big number of the night is turnovers as I had the Hawks for 40 of them on the night.  That number speaks for itself.  They are off for 2 weeks before hosting Math and Science Academy.  That's their only game between now and December 15th.  Very rare for a team to have that open of a stretch in the schedule.

Brandon Plasch with 4 triples on his way to 22 points to lead St. Agnes.  Liam Skulley chips in with 17.  Center Alula Tesfay too athletic to deal with.  He adds 12 inside.  The man to man pressure was too much for Christian Life.  However, the Aggies will need to address the number of fouls as they gave up 34 free throws.  The soft EMAC part of their schedule next week continues as they have 3 more games vs the EMAC.  All of those are at home in their new gym.  That includes Community of Peace, Charter Stars and North Lakes.

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