The 2016 Grassroots Saga Begins

Its the start of April this weekend and that means its time for another spring and summer of grassroots basketball.  Remember to use the hashtag #AAUBingo on twitter for all the craziness you see.  But remember, all the easy ones are taken.  Jim Rome phone call rules apply, don't ruin it and don't support the low life thief who has the account.  The hashtag is the true #AAUBingo.   If you haven't read it, oh boy have you missed out.

This weekend is NOT a viewing period for college coaches due to the Final 4.  Though this weekend's Minnesota All-Star Series is an exception for the Minnesota NSIC schools if I read the D2 recruiting calendar correctly.  D2 coaches can be out in full force next week and then the following week begins back to back viewing weekends for the D1 coaches.

Here are this week's Minnesota teams in action.

D1 Day (Minneapolis)
D1 Day is at Colin Powell Center on Saturday afternoon and evening.  A chance for the teams to tune up for the Comets tournament next week.  Here are the teams playing there.

Both D1 teams at all 3 top levels
MN Lace Up 16s and 17s
MN Heat has their Sanford league 15U-17U teams playing
East Metro 9th
MN Eagles

Super 16 (Ames, IA)
In Ames, All Iowa Attack hosts one of their many events.  From Minnesota we have both Howard Pulley 15s.  Then we have the 16s and 17s both playing in the top 17s division.  Those teams are scheduled to play each other in the final game on Sunday afternoon, but I would guess that those teams will come home rather than play that one out.

MN Phenom is also represented with a team each in 15U-17U.  Minnesota Rebels 15s are also there.

Swish N Dish (Milwaukee, WI)
Arguably the best non-viewable event we have in the midwest.  Its the NY2LA Swish N Dish in suburban Milwaukee starting Friday night.  Net Gain is listed for 15s, not sure if that's a local crew or not.  Grassroots and Powerhouse Hoops Minnesota (formerly MN Lockdown) are also in the 15s. They could mean in the 2nd round of playoffs.

Powerhouse Hoops MN has 2 teams in the 16U division.  Esko's Adam Trapp will also be there with the loaded WI Playground Warriors 16s.

Jalen Suggs and the Grassroots 17s are super pooled.  Trae Berhow and the Powerhouse Hoops MN 17s ended up just outside that.

And in an unrelated note, the NW MN Tarantulas will begin their trek to the Comets tourney.  Happy April Fools Day.

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