2016 AAU 1st Open Period Quick Look

After a long weekend in St. Cloud, its time for the 1st open period of the 2016 spring season.  Of course that means all the leagues (except Sanford which goes back to back in mid-May) will be in session so that really limits the field for others.  Here's where our teams will be.

The big fish on the block of open spring tournaments locally is NY2LA Spring Extravaganza at Hopkins and Eden Prairie.  Comets, Select and Grassroots will have teams in the league portion of this along with SPTS members Dakota Schoolers, Omaha Crusaders and WI Playmakers.  Those games are at Hopkins.  Eden Prairie has most of the open division.  That includes many other Minnesota squads like Heat, WOTN, MN Warriors, SW MN Stars, Real Athletics and the Howard Pulley 16s playing up just to name a few.  Pulley's younger kids also playing in the other levels.  Also from out of state, ND Phenom, ECI Prospects, SD Attack, RAS Milwaukee, WI Jets and DTA Devin Harris Superstars.

Howard Pulley's EYBL crew will be in New York for the 1st weekend of EYBL play.  Once again Pulley's schedule is very tough on Memorial Day weekend (last EYBL weekend) so they'll want to get off to a good start.  Its only 3 of the 16 games, but 2-1 will feel much better than 1-2.  0-3 would be a disaster.  Powerhouse Hoops MN (formerly MN Lockdown) will also be in the New York area for a different event. 

Midwest Live is down in the Des Moines area.   MN Fury will have all their teams there.  D1 Minnesota will have both of its 15s and the 16s Prospects team there.  Twin Cities Finest will have both its 17s there.  Crossfire Weege in the 17s will also be playing.  Heat MacDonald (did I spell that right Wibi?) also there after a 15U runner up finish to the Comets in St. Cloud last weekend.

So where are the other 3 D1 Minnesota teams you ask?  They are in Dallas for the 1st weekend of the Adidas Gauntlet series.  D1 MN Prospects 17s are in the Silver division.  Other 2 teams are in the Gold divisions.  McKinley Wright was my MVP of the Comets Shootout last week.  He looks to continue his high level play in the open period.  I'm expecting lots of attention on Nate Reuvers as well after a big high school season that has generated Minnesota and Wisconsin offers.

Finally in Chicago, MN Phenom's 17s and 16s make the trip along with MN Ice.  BBA Force and Pentagon 16s from South Dakota also making the trek there.

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