Too much Hope for the Falcons

Its another Friday night in the city as I travel to south Minneapolis for the TCAC top division game between Hope Academy and St. Paul Prep/High School for Recording Arts.  Knowing the concessions are light, I tried to counter that with lunch.  Bad choice.  But I did keep the beverage ticker happy with a can of Pepsi.  Thought there would be a bigger crowd for this one in the cozy atmosphere.  The 3 official crew gets both the JV and the varsity game.

Song of the Day:  Kaleb Mitchell - Get it

Number of Teams I've Seen: 101 (35 courts).  14 out of state, 8 girls

Beverage Ticker: 598.7 ounces (6495 Calories)
53 days, 68 games, 2 scrimmages added on
  • Pepsi: 232.9 ounces (2910 calories)
  • Coke: 84 ounces (1000 calories)
  • Dr. Pepper: 24 ounces (300 calories)
  • Sprite: 52 ounces (620 calories)
  • A&W Root Beer : 16.9 ounces (240 calories)
  • Mug Root Beer: 20 ounces (260 calories)
  • Red Gatorade/Powerade: 168.9 ounces (1165 calories)
Hot Dog Ticker: 8
Pizza Ticker: 6
Walking Taco Ticker: 6

Game Time:

As expect the pace in this one is quick.  The stars performing early too.  Aaron Gill dunks an offensive rebound, takes a defensive rebound coast to coast and dunks for a 3 point play.  Johnny Erickson for Hope with 8 points to counter that.  19-18 Hope at 12:40.  Then 12 of the next 15 to Hope with 3 more Erickson hoops.  31-21 Hope inside the 7 minute mark.  Fouls starting to mount for SPP/HSRA and they only have 7 guys.  The Falcons counter with 10 pf the last 15 of the half in the final 4 minutes.  45-39 Hope leads that the half.  Aaron Gill with a ridiculous 19 rebounds in the half on my sheet.

Its an ugly start to the 2nd half with both teams giving up 5 times on early possessions.  It feels like SPP/HSRA is down big but they are hanging around.  Erickson with a putback and 2 on a BLOB.  Gill counters with a putback and the Hope lead is only 3 with 13 minutes left.  SPP/HSRA then has 2 guys foul out and they're down to 5 guys left for the final 12 minutes.  They have others in foul trouble too so it appears they may end up short-handed.  Hope goes on a 12-2 run with a pair of hoops from Derince Melton in good minutes.  65-52 Hope pulling away with 10:15 left.  Then its Johnny Erickson coast to coast, Melton with a layup and Joey Erickson running out for a layup.  77-61 Hope with 6:16 left and SPP/HSRA's gas tank is running on fumes.  Nate Elifson with 2 bombs and the lead stretches to 19 inside of 4 minutes left.  Hope goes on to win 95-78
Post Game
Aaron Gill with a huge night for St. Paul Prep/HSRA as he goes for 27 points and 27 rebounds on my sheet.  Jacob Rembert adds 21 inside.  Malcolm Golden with 17.  Best offense was throw it up and let Gill go get it.  Turnovers a huge problem for the Falcons as they coughed it up 28 times by my count.  St. Paul Prep falls to 3-3, 0-3 in the top TCAC division.  They host Fond Du Lac Ojibwe, Liberty Classical and International School next week.

Hope improves to 9-2 overall, 3-1 in the top division of the TCAC.  Johnny Erickson 32 points and 11 rebounds and a bunch of assists to lead the Lions (possible triple double).  Nate Elifson with 22, Joey Erickson with 20.  They did a nice job moving the ball once SPP/HSRA had to go zone in the 2nd half due to the fouls.  Johnny Erickson very aggressive in the early going attacking the paint and setting the pace.  Nice activity from Joey Erickson as well.  They are at Canby tomorrow.  Then a big home game with Prairie Seeds Academy on Tuesday. 

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