Welcome to Czar Season 12

Its Labor Day weekend and its the annual labor of love to turn the page to another season.  This begins season 12 in cyberspace.  Not to be confused with the old Muppets skit Pigs In Space. The usual list of all fall events is now posted on the Fall Hoops page.  That also includes notable local camps/expos/showcases for kids to attend.

The schedule for my annual longest running season preview series in the metro is posted on my Season Previews page. Those previews will begin on October 8th and once again span the 6 weeks leading right up into the 1st week of practice in November.

I've also roughed out a list of the annual holiday tournaments.  As always I'll fill that out as the holidays approach.

There are a couple of new pages to enjoy this season.  With the introduction of the Bob McDonald Award last spring, there's now a page to track all the winners of that award.  With the explosion of games being available online, there's now a page for those online sites to more easily find those games.

I've also done all the usual clean up of links.  That includes updating the current recruiting rankings from all the major services.  See that on my Players page

We already have 16 players committed from the 2019 class.  I've moved that list from the bottom of the 2018 page to this season's class of 2019 page.  Check that out here.  If any 2020 kids commit during the next year, you'll see them below that list.

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