Andrew Brommer Recruiting

The Star Tribune reported this week that Andrew Brommer has scholarship offers from the following schools.

Long Beach State (Dan Monson, who had him committed to the U when he was still here)
SMU (former gopher asst on that staff)
Colorado St
Valpo (him and Arden Skogland of Hopkins fame, I weigh more than the 2 of them combined)

He also has lots of other schools coming in this week. I'm surprised he's gotten this much interest after a poor season last year. I saw him get dominated by Elliot Post of Burnsville last year. What will happen at the D1 level? I know the Lake Conference is brutal, but if Brommer is as talented as everybody says, how does his team go 9-17 last year and they were 4-22 the year before that (though he may have had injury problems that year). And of those 9 wins, only 3 were worth noting (Eden Prairie by 2, Eastview by 5 at home and a 8 pt win at Kennedy in OT).

The Lake Conference will be down this year, so if they don't finish in the top half of the league with at least an overall .500 record that will a major disappointment. He's a project who needs to put on weight and get tougher physically and mentally. But if Les Jespen can eventually play center for a decent Iowa team, I suppose he can succeed somewhere.

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