Minnesota-Scores has moved and RPI vs QRF

For those of you who used Minnesota-Scores.com, it is now at Minnesota-Scores.net. It has all the same stuff, just a different address. This is my site of choice when I want to look up schedules, conference standings, scores etc since MaxPreps is so ungodly slow and most of the time I don't need player stats.

Its a simple site to follow and navigate and their QRF ranking is as good a tool as you'll find for comparing teams that don't play each other. It's a mini-Sagarin ranking for lack of better comparison. Simple RPI is nice, but it leaves out a couple of interesting factors that the QRF does have.

1) Margin of Victory. This is relevant to a point as a 30 pt win isn't really any different than a 50 pt win. RPI doesn't use it at all.
2) Class of the team you played. In many cases, getting a W over a 3A team says much more than a win over a 1A team. RPI doesn't take this into account. But if you St. Bernard's last year and you played a high level schedule, it can also artifically inflate your QRF. Let's face it, you shouldn't get extra credit for beating someone like a St. Paul Arlington or Mound-Westonka. Granted you will take the hit in the opponents win portion of the calculation.

Note that the RPI does take into account the winning % of the opponents opponents (basically did all the teams you beat, beat good teams or bad teams). QRF doesn't address this.

Neither system takes out of state games into account which is a shame. A game like DLS vs Whitefish Bay Dominican of Milwaukee should count as it will pit 2 of the top teams in 3A in their respective states.

Definition of the QRF can be found here.

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