MN Magic 16U Squad

I saw the roster for the MN Magic 16U team today. This is a really nice squad of players that will be really fun to watch over the next couple of years. Johnson, Ghizoni and Crockett make up a nice backcourt. Filipek is a real versatile player who should break out next year. Clare I've heard is a real high-flyer. Not to mention the big names Calcaterra and Noreen. Bjorkland had a real nice year for Sibley East.

6-10 Chad Calcaterra of Cloquet
6-8 Marshall Bjorklund of Sibley East
6-8 Kevin Noreen of Transitions
6-6 Taylor Filipek of Willmar
6-3 Darius Clare of Delano
6-2 Jack Ghizoni of Burnsville
6-2 Johnathon Crockett of Totino-Grace
6-1 Galen Holzheuter of Minn. Valley Lutheran
6-0 Derek Brown from South Dakota
5-7 Michael Johnson of Grand Rapids

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