Royce White falls out of rankings came out with their updated top 100 for 2009. Some notables from outstate kids I saw this year. Jeronne Maymon of Madison Memorial (had a big game vs DLS in January before a monster rebounding performance in the TWolves shootout) is #72, Naji Hibbert of DeMatha (played vs Hopkins in the TWolves shootout) is #100. Wisconsin's top prospect Jamil Wilson is #9. DeMarcus Cousins of Mobile Le Flore committed to UAB on 2/29/08 and is #5. He played vs Princeton in the TWolves shootout.

Rodney Williams is #87 and Royce White falls out of the list. hasn't updated their list since November, but for comparison sake here's what they have.

Cousins #5
Wilson #32
White #33
Williams #43
Hibbert #54
Trent Lockett #97
Maymon unranked (but don't be surprised if moves into the next round of rankings since he was huge in the Wisconsin state tournament)

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