09-10 NFHS Points of Emphasis

Here are this year's national points of emphasis for officials (read the entire document here). Simply put I'm a big fan.

1) Traveling. I especially hate the bunny hop that shooters use to get their feet set and the Robert Parish (CHIEF!) spin move in the post. The first is a blatant travel that rarely got called and the other is physically impossible to do without walking. Those and the 95 foot jump stop are included in the emphasis.

2) Closely guarded. DLS coach Dave Thorsen is going to be a huge fan of this one. Count me in that group too. Remember its exactly 6 feet from the FT line to the top of the key. That's a long way and 6 feet is the rule. Too often it was enforced as just outside arm's length (so 4 ft max).

Also if there's a switch (say on a screen/roll), the count continues as long as a defender is within 6 feet. Almost always, officials stop the count which wasn't the rule. Worth noting too that the official is suppossed to start a visual count and then if the count switches (say holding the ball to dribble), then the count switches arms. That should eliminate any misunderstandings. All in all its good for the game as its frustrating to see point guards or stars just stand out high and beat the ball to death.

3) Block/Charge. Some clarifications. An interesting one though that I don't quite get. On a pass ahead, if you catch and turn and the guy doesn't give you any room, that's a charge. Yes the guy often walks before he charges but sometimes the walk is called as a bailout. That to me is inconsistent with the case where a screener has to give a blind defender a step.

Replay similar to what we've used in Minnesota is now allowed nation wide which I'm a big fan of. The games are played in college or pro arenas with the technology, why not take advantage of it. But I hated the argument that officials are held to an impossible standard on it.

Now if we get the MSHSL to add in emphasis on slapping the backboard, we should be set.

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