The 2010 Prospects Poll

Unfortunately it appears that a small set of the readership decided to ruin the poll of the top MN prospect in 2010 so I had to stop the poll early. The votes for Cole Stefan the last 2 days appear to be done just to stuff the ballot box as he was trailing Kevin Noreen by a couple of votes before the vote totals exploded. Before I get ripped, let the record show that I picked Cole last spring as the top prospect.

I was really surprised at the number of Other votes (especially early). If not the set of 6 given, then who got left out of the list? But there is a grain of truth there with those other votes in showing the depth of the 2010 class.

The 3 big man prospects got no love in the poll which was a minor surprise. All 3 of these guys are ahead of where Patrick O'Bryant was and look how he turned out.

Here are the final results of the poll (mostly worthless thanks to the ballot box stuffing)

Alec Brown
8 (3%)
Chad Calcaterra
6 (2%)
Jake Kreuser
11 (5%)
Kevin Noreen
25 (12%)
Cole Stefan
68 (32%)
Jacob Thomas
40 (19%)
49 (23%)


  1. Hey Czar,
    Seen them all play this year and there is no question it's Thomas. Stefan is a nice player but for quickness and upside, I'd take Thomas. Hopefully, he'll get the grades he needs to as it sounds like some schools are concerned about eligibility. The big men? I'd take Krueser in minute over Chad. Probably Brown over Chad as well. The competition in Cloquet isn't going to help that development either. Hopefully, he'll get some addtional training. Credit is folks for keeping him on the range. I'm sure it's been tempting to move!

    Great job this summer. Looking forward to the fall previews especially the NW Suburban. Should be a good battle this fall.

  2. Thanks Pimp, for Thomas I wonder about consistency. I think he's more of a streak shooter than a knock down shooter like Stefan is. Thomas has more ability to score off the bounce, but I like Cole's all around game better right now. Cole probably is where he'll be though, Jacob can definitely add on. I agree with what the big scouts have said about both of them being Mid-Major talents. In fact, I don't see a clear high-major kid in the class.

    Hard to gauge the bigs since there wasn't anyway to see them all play at the same period. Brown had a very quiet April, Chad wasn't local and Krueser was OK in April. Then Brown came on in July, Kreuser got injured and nothing got said about Chad.

    Summer is so hard on the bigs though. I feel for the college guys trying to figure it out.

    Previews are difficult and fun at the same time. The NW Suburban has some nice teams at the top.


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