Fall Leagues preview

This weekend kicks off fall leagues around the metro.

The MBA league is absolutely loaded with Champlin Park, Sibley, Orono, Duluth East, Minnehaha and DeLaSalle just to name a few. If I thought AAU days were long, how about that 8 AM to 8 PM schedule. OUCH!

I'm going to try and check in on some MYAS ball too as both divisions of their league are well stocked.

And being a Wisconsin guy, I will be checking in on Evan Anderson at the Magic fall league.

Check out my full preview on my GamefaceMN blog. Read it here.


  1. Hey Czar,

    Question for you on Matt Sellers. I understand he transferred to Champlin Park according to you note. I've heard he isn't eligble to play for Champlin though. Is that true? If that's the case, that's too bad. Sellers could have really helped CP in the middle!

  2. I gave up a long time ago trying to figure out what the MSHSL will do with transfers. I don't know if he's eligible or not. If he isn't eligible that's a disappointment because I think a year of development could really put him on somebody's radar.


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