Lake Conference no more

From John Millea of the Star Tribune, all of the previous Lake conference members except Eden Prairie have decided to go their own way and add in Prior Lake for a new 10 team league. As Millea had previously reported, Prior Lake was looking to leave the Missota. Upon review, the Bloomington schools decided not to join the Missota and stuck with their Lake kin. Now we're back to 5 with Eden Prairie and the 4 ugly ducklings. How long until that group dissolves and we're back to square 1?

Czar's Note 9/3/09: According to the Pioneer Press, this new conference will be called the South Suburban Conference. How original but they outgrew Dakota County so that wouldn't work and Minnesota River was already taken. That gives us more suburban soup with the Classic Suburban, North Suburban, Northwest Suburban and their backwards cousin, the Suburban East. Let the remainder of the Lake schools call themselves the Suburban West and we'll have all the geography covered.

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