2009 Season Previews Start Next Week

The time has come. So mark your calendars, hide the women and children and prepare to be amazed (ok, maybe not). I'll be starting my annual conference and section preview series on Monday night October 12th. I'll do 1 preview a day of each of the 11 metro conferences (I'll do separate previews of the 2 divisions of the Tri-Metro) and independents and then I'll get into section predictions for the 11 metro sections. I'll do an overview for the not-so-hardcore fan and then I'll wrap it all up with The Czar's Top 50 Metro Players.

For those of you who are Minnesota Preps premium subscribers (and if you're not, why not???!!), I'll also be doing a Question and Answer session with a coach from each league. The plan is to link to that piece from my preview. So you can read my perspective and then see what a coach has to say about their league. I think that will be a nice addition that I hope you'll enjoy.

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