Concordia at Mounds Park Thoughts

I came 3 hours for this?  Note to self, make an appointment with a shrink (and I'm not talking about my height for those of you in the peanut gallery).  Its the palace known as the Lansing Sports Center, Mounds Park Academy's home building, as they host Concordia in the 1 metro game tonight that wasn't cancelled.  And with a name like Beacons, why cancel.  You needed a beacon to see anything.  The hot dog tonight while scorching hot was a major letdown.

Game Time
No Peter Wright for Mounds Park.  Not that it was a huge factor in the final outcome, but not having their best wing player couldn't help.  Keith Wood with a putback and the Panthers are within 11-5 at the 12:50 mark before it falls apart.  Chad Koepke with a pair of inside hoops for Concordia.  Lorenzo Davis a pair of freebies and a steal for 2 .  Cutler Finneman with a layup.  Reid Stoa with another Beacons steal for another layup.  2 more Panther turnovers results in 2 baskets, an inbounds play for 2 free throws and a Jordan Schneidermann putback.  All of that is a 23-2 Concordia run in just under 7 minutes to blow this one wide open 34-7.

The Beacons start the 2nd half with a 42-12 lead and Jordan Schneidermann makes sure there's no early comeback.  A steal for 2 and a turnover gives him a dunk plus he nails a jumper.  Add a ugly screen/roll that resulted in a Finneman basket and a Nik Novitsky 3 from the left corner.  The 11-0 run in 3:50 to start the half clears the Concordia bench.  53-12 at that point.  67-17 with 8 minutes left and Concordia rolls 75-24 (online score is flipped).  Mounds Park played more man to man defense than I expected but they're just so outmanned against even average teams.  Concordia's Jordan Schneidermann leads all scorers with 15 points.

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