DeLaSalle takes out Mounds Park Academy

Almost nothing of note tonight except North Dakota State in the building to watch Jonah Travis.  Tough as a college coach to have to watch this one.

Game Time
Keith Wood with a putback at 17:05 and Mounds Park leads, Mounds Park leads!!!  Then they get a stop on defense.  Pull it out, pull it out!!  Not going to happen and that's your Mounds Park Academy Panthers highlight for the evening.  Jalen Jaspers with a pair of 3 point plays around a nice JonahTravis pivot and spin.  2 steals for buckets and Jaspers coast to coast etc etc etc.  The Islanders pressure defense was enough to almost force 10 second calls with straight man pressure.  Every ball pickup seemed like a 5 second call waiting to happen.  Jonah Travis with 4 dunks in this one.  1 from the short corner vs zone on a nice pass from Walter Franklin, 1 on an inbound lob and another early in the 2nd half as John Hertle goes off the glass to him for a 2 handed flush.  51-21 Islanders at the half.  Their starters are gone at 14:22 of the 2nd half.  71-30 when we reach running time with the benches.  DeLaSalle rolls 84-38.

Massive soph lefty Nate Burstein leads Mounds Park with 12 points.  He showed some handle and stepped out and knocked down a 3 in this one.  Jalen Jaspers with 14 of his 18 in the 1st half.  Jonah Travis finishes with 15 points, 5 rebounds and 2 blocks that were back to back vs Burstein.


  1. Hey Czar,
    I saw Mounds Park play earlier this year, and I came away pretty impressed with Burstein. What did you think about his game? Also, what about Peter Wright and Gus Bruggeman? They were the 2 others who i thought were decent?

  2. Thomas. Burstein has some skill but since he's only 6'3 maybe 6'4, hard for him to be a post against quality competition but his big body helps. Bruggeman didn't play and may be gone from what I've seen elsewhere in the comments. Readers can help me out on that one. Wright is the best wing they have, but doesn't stick out.

    Watching their JVs only get 5 field goals against DLS too. Moral of the story is that it'll be a while before they're competitive.

  3. yeah, i think 6'4 might be pushing it, but he didn't look as if he was strictly a post. thats too bad about bruggeman though, he looked like a big body for mpa. I don't think mpa will be worse next year, it didnt look like they had any seniors in the rotation

  4. They had 2 seniors but at 1-14 with a split against Lion's Gate and a loss to Providence, it is hard to believe they'll be worse, but I can't see them being much better either.


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