Getting all the charters back together

Now that conference realignment is done, there isn't much in the way of conference proposals.  But the charter schools (i.e the old Metro Lakes) needs to be fixed.  I know there's the Eastern Minnesota Conference but that's not quite the match.  Here's my proposal.

Metro Lakes Conference (western group)
International School
MN Internship Center
Four Directions
Prairie Seeds
FAIR Downtown
Dunwoody Academy
Calvin Christian

Eastern Minnesota Athletic Conference (eastern group)
Great River
Community of Peace
Hmong Academy
Math and Science
MN North Star Academy
St. Paul Prep
North Lakes
Liberty Classical Academy
St. Croix Prep
Vessey Leadership Academy

These groupings would save travel which is huge these days.  Not to mention, it would build rivalries and give these schools something to play for besides who pounds them in the 1st round of section play.  I would joke that all the EMAC games could be played at St. Bernard's to put that gym to good use (similar to using Arlington for St. Paul City games, St. Paul coaches, make that happen!).  You could even build some rivalries like St. Croix Prep vs Math and Science.  MN North Star and Hmong Academy are right next to each other.  Community of Peace and Great River are close in St. Paul and St. Paul Prep is right between them in the heart of downtown.  Ascension and Four Directions are right next door in the west half.  Depending on who fields teams in a given year due to the small size of these schools, there are still enough schools to rearrange a league schedule.

Note I didn't include MN Transitions as they've earned their way out of these leagues.  CHOF and probably PACT I could let play independent schedules due to past performance.  Or better yet, put CHOF in the MCAA and split that league into 2 divisions.

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