Open Gyms and random news

I was out at Minnetonka open gym last week.  Unfortunately it was a night too late as Joe Coleman was destroying people and Mike Bruesewitz was in attendance.  Did get to see Mike Rostampour and Tor Anderson show up though.  Anderson is a good get for Montana St if he likes it there.  Like what Nick Latzke did on the night.  Showing he's more than a shooter.  He has an offer from Air Force on the table.  And who can forget the 2 point, 8 rebound and 1 steal from Pump N Run 16s coach Clarence Bethea.

A couple of nice concepts from the night.  No 3 point line.  Amen to that.  I said all summer I would abolish the 3 point in AAU ball because every non-shooter on the floor thinks they can make that and when they get lucky and make one, that's license to shoot 10 more.  Really hard to watch that.  Winner's and loser's courts with the loser's courts playing to 9 and winner's court play to 11 to keep things moving along.  Nice to have an extra competitive element to it.

Speaking of open gym, how about the run of both Noreen brothers, Rodney Williams, Jacob Thomas, Kevin Thompson et al at MN Transitions.  They go early but clearly some game there.  Kevin Noreen has put on 15 pounds of muscle already at West Virginia and they look to double that before the season.

News from the Osseo Basketball twitter site that Terez Van Pelt is transferring there from Park Center.  Memories of Zach Peterson doing the same thing a few years back dance in my head.  Sophomore Mike Fernando is now at Minnetonka after spending last year at Eden Prairie.  He spent time with the Pump N Run 15s this summer.

Shelby Moats comes in at #100 and the top ranked Minnesota player in the MaxPreps 2011 top 100.  Shelby comes in at #3 on my Minnesota list as he's in the top tier of guys with Joe Coleman and Ross Travis.  Jonah Travis is the best of the rest coming in at #4


  1. That sounds like a solid night. My dad was playing some pick up ball at the Whitney Center in St. Cloud a couple weeks back. He was playing with Justin Stommes (Eastern Kentucky), Nate Wolters (South Dakota State), Preston Whitaker (ex Mankato), Alex Hanks (Mankato), Scotty Nystrom (Moorhead), Tom Korf, Joe Burt (One of the top Juniors in the state). That is a star studded pick up game for central Minnesota. Keep an eye on Burt and St. Cloud Cathedral these next two years.

  2. That's a very good crowd. Burt is in the Border Battle this year, so that could be a breakout event for him.

  3. Ooh I didn't know that but I do. I am glad to see it is gonna be in St. Cloud. That is where I am from. Burt is definitely gonna put on a show as he does when the pressure is on. I also expect Scottie Rucks to perform well also.


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