2010-11 South Suburban All-Conference teams named.

The coaches in the South Suburban named 1st and 2nd team All-Conference and also selected an All-Defensive team for the 2010-2011 season.  Here are the selections.

1st Team
Tom Schalk - Apple Valley
Alex Richter - Lakeville South
Joey King - Eastview
Tyus Jones - Apple Valley
Frank Veldman - Eastview

2nd Team
Jameson Parsons - Eagan
Jon Christensen - Lakeville South
Marcus Alipate - Bloomington Jefferson
Adam Petterson - Lakeville North
Matt Hentges - Eagan

All Defensive Team
Frank Veldman - Eastview
CJ Smith - Burnsville
Gavin Bronson - Apple Valley
Al Erickson - Lakeville North
Riley West - Lakeville South

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