2011 Week 2 AAU Road Warriors

The spring hoops season is in full swing and this week teams spread out.   We'll start with those who are on the road.

In Brandon, SD its the Dakota Schoolers SpringJam.  All 3 SW MN Stars teams are there to kick off their season (I'm counting their little all-star thing last weekend when they should have played Comets).  The top 2 teams at each level for the Comets are attending with the exception of the top 16s.  The MN Elite 15s are also making the trip.

Speaking of 15s, 43 Hoops and Fury Black both make the trip to St. Louis for the Battle for the Arch tournament.  Fury Black has a tough one against Mac Irvin Fire to end pool play on Saturday night.  43 Hoops has Kingdom Hoops I and All Illinois Ferrari in what appears to be a tough pool.

The Great Lakes Shootout is in Menominee, WI.  Comets Seevers, MN United 16s and 17s are in the top bracket.  MN United also has a pair of teams in the 9th grade bracket.

I'll be in Denver for the Double Pump Spring Tournament.  Its another Minnesota invasion with the MN PNR 16s and 17s opening their season there and the 15s will be along as well.  Net Gain's 17s make the trip again.  This year the Fury Blue 16s and Fury Blue 17s make the trip for the 1st time.  I'll be joining them for the weekend.  Its an outstanding field with all of the Pump teams (KC PNR and IA PNR are 2 that we'll see locally coming up and some of the other PNR teams who will appear here in July).  Indiana Elite, Colorado Hawks, California Supreme, and a pair of Texas D1 Ambassadors teams are just some of the other notables.  MN PNR 17s have AZ PNR and NorCal PNR in their pool.  Fury has 805 PNR in their pool.  MN PNR 15s vs Double Pump 2014 in pool play is a good one that I'll catch the end of late Friday night.

Locally, its the Howard Pulley Jamboree.  Minnesota Lockdown is listed as opening their season there.  Also, the Minneapolis Spring Jam is up and down Lake Street this weekend.  MN Heat Select out of Pool A along with MN Rush and MN Cyclones (playing up) lead Pool C out of the 15U division.  Fury Gold coming off a runner up finish losing at the buzzer in St. Cloud highlights the 16U division.  Magic Superfriends and Team GetShook Black are together in Pool B of the 17s.  The Ultimate Hoops 16s (last year's quality tNBA 15U squad) are listed as opening in another local tournament at Hopkins (not MYAS) but I can't find any info on it.

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