11-12 Section 3AAAA Preview

This is the 19th preview in my 2011-2012 season preview series.  In this preview, a look at section 3AAAA.  For a list of all the season previews, click here.

Defending Champion: Lakeville South

Predicted Seeding
  1. Eastview
  2. Apple Valley
  3. Cretin-Derham Hall
  4. Eagan
  5. East Ridge
  6. Rosemount
  7. Henry Sibley
  8. Park
A year of major change in section 3.  Defending champ Lakeville South and Burnsville leave for section 2.  Lakeville North leaves for section 1 and becomes the immediate favorite there.  Section 4 provides the replacements with East Ridge, Henry Sibley and the defending champ Cretin-Derham Hall.  Eastview as my pick to win the tough South Suburban has to also be picked the 1 seed.  CDH has a tough schedule and injuries to deal with so I'll drop them to 3 but can see them making it to 2.  The middle group of East Ridge, Eagan and Rosemount is very even, but I'll give the edge to Eagan for the final home game.  Sibley and Park are the 2 bottom teams with Sibley clearly being the better of the 2.

Sleeper: East Ridge.  With shooter Justin Pahl and the development of freshman Sidney Tomes at the point there's enough here to pay attention to.  Plus they have no games against the South Suburban which makes them a better sleeper than Rosemount (who would play those teams twice).

Section Winner: Eastview.  I think they're too big across the front line and they have a star to ride in  Joey King.  Apple Valley is scary with Tyus Jones able to go off on any given night but come section final time, teams will make others beat them and I'm not sure the Eagles have enough other firepower to do that in a big time game.

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  1. apple valley wins it all because of dustin fronk,harry Sonnie and dennis Austin another sophmore.tyus jones does not do it by himself he has these guys to help and zach goring wouldnt have moved them up at a early stage if they couldnt! hese three guys are the future and there future strts now!


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