11-12 Section 6AAAA Preview

This is the 15th preview in my 2011-2012 season preview series.  In this preview, a look at section 6AAAA.  For a list of all the season previews, click here.

Defending Champion: Hopkins

Predicted Seeding
  1. Hopkins
  2. Minnetonka
  3. Edina
  4. St. Louis Park
  5. Wayzata
  6. Armstrong
  7. Minneapolis South
  8. Minneapolis Southwest
Minor changes in this section with Edina coming over from section 2 to replace Minneapolis North (now in section 4A).  I see no changes at the top and bottom of the section with Hopkins and Minneapolis Southwest.  Minnetonka is the clear second seed with their new additions giving them more depth than any of the remaining teams.  The next group of 4 or 5 teams gets very interesting.  The Edina holiday tournament could be a major seeding factor with Armstrong, Edina and St. Louis Park all participating.  Wayzata is good enough to be a top 4 team but I can't see a last place team in a league being rewarded with a home game when St. Louis Park will make a run in the North Suburban (would also apply to Edina if they finish last in the Lake).  South and St. Louis Park may have better records but end up with lower seeds because of playing weaker conference opponents.  I wouldn't be shocked to see the coaches stick them in that 4 vs 5 game again so they get Hopkins in the semis.  South won't be a bad 7 seed but the Minneapolis City conference is that weak.  St. Louis Park gets a very favorable schedule in the North Suburban as they only have 1 game each against the 2 favorites and double up against 4 of the 6 teams in the bottom half.  I think 3 thru 6 is very even and any combination in the 3 v 6 and 4 v 5 game would be very good games.

Sleeper: St. Louis Park.  With a no-brainer favorite, picking a sleeper is a bit crazy but if I have to pick one its the Orioles.  With Kashif Hayes running the dribble drive and another scorer in DJ Pollard on the wing they can be a handful to defend.  The other Lake teams are dangerous but too much familiarity to pick Wayzata or Edina as a sleeper.

Section Winner: Minneapolis Southwest.  Who else is there?  Of course Hopkins is the pick here.  As the preseason favorite to repeat anything less than a return to defend their crown would be a disappointment.  Too much firepower at the guard slots, too well coached and their intensity is just at another level.

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