Hopkins rolls with stars shining

To Robbinsdale Cooper for an afternoon showing with the new likely #1 Hopkins.  Surprised that there wasn't a bigger crowd for this one.  I missed out on the pizza at the concession stand, major oversight on my part.  This was the 3rd game in 3 days for Cooper.  No Ken Novak coaching for Hopkins as he was tossed in last night's game at Edina.

Song of the Day
Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight

Game Time
Hopkins getting off to a normal good start with Zach Stahl taking over inside.  6 early points for a 13-6 lead.  Rashad Vaughn with his 2nd hoop as Cooper cuts the lead to 15-12 at the 10:15 mark.  Stahl with back to back 3 point plays as there's no answer for him.  Vaughn has to deal with him on defense but has 2 fouls.  21-13 Hopkins at the 9:19 mark.  Vaughn doesn't let it affect his offense as he scores 13 in a row and 15 of the last 17 for the Hawks in the half.  His 3 point play and jumper cut the lead to 27-23 with 5 left in the half.  Stahl 2 buckets and a tip by Andre McDonald with a mystery Cooper 2 put in there (nobody can find the points but they ended up on the board).  Add in a Jake Wright 3 and its 36-25 Hopkins at the 3:10 mark.  Vaughn ends his streak with a 3, then a Cooper layup before Vaughn scores on a turnover.  Demetrius Martin with a late 3 and Hopkins leads at half 41-32.

Siyani Chambers with a pullup, Stahl an easy bucket and then an assist to Martin for 3  to cash in a turnover.  48-34 Hopkins looking to pull away at the 16:17 mark.  Cooper takes timeout and Vaughn leads a run.  He makes 2 3s and 2 FTs in a 10-2 run.  Cooper missed 2 FTs that would have cut the lead to 4.  50-44 Hopkins with 13:30 to play.  Stahl scores on the inbounds lob and then on the post.  Nick Jorgenson with 2 and the lead is back to 12.  Vaughn with 2 free thrwos at the 10:18 mark to keep the Hawks within 10.  Vaughn and Stahl go back and forth with Vaughn for 3, Stahl scoop at the hoop and 2-3 free throws and Vaughn 2 free throws.  66-55 Hopkins inside of 7 to play.  8 of the next 10 go to Hopkins with an Andre McDonald bucket and a nice cut from Demetrius Martin for a 3 point play.  The rest is child's play.  Hopkins wins 93-61.

Post Game
For Cooper, Rashad Vaughn with 35 points and 9 rebounds.  No help as no one else ended up with more than 6.  Vaughn also had a rough matchup with Stahl trying to defend inside which isn't his game.  Cooper falls to 10-11 overall.  They are 6-5 in the N Suburba in a 3 way tie for 5th.  They have a tough one at sliding Spring Lake Park on Tuesday and they still have to go to #1AAA Benilde-St. Margaret's on Feb 24th.

For Hopkins, Zach Stahl was huge with 36 points and 8 boards.  Demetrius Martin with 17, Andre McDonald with 12.  The Royals keep rolling along as they are now 20-1 overall, 4-0 in the Lake.  They are at Maple Grove on Tuesday before they finish the season with the last rotation of Lake Conference games.

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