2013 AAU Bingo Rules

With a few Minnesota AAU teams opening up their season this weekend, its time for the game craze sweeping the nation, AAU Bingo!  For those of you new to the game, its all about the sights and sounds of the spring and summer basketball season.  This year we're playing blackout rules.   You have to fill the card to win.  These have to be seen in a gym at an AAU tournament unless otherwise noted.  First one to finish their card gets to take a Monday AM red-eye flight home after Las Vegas in July and work the same day.

If you see any items on the game card or other events that you feel should get credit, tweet them to me (@tchoopsczar) with the hashtag #AAUBingo to get credit.  I'll retweet them for everyone's amusement.

Here's the game card.

Row 1 (Coaching Accessories)
These must be seen while the coach is coaching
  • Coach wearing any type of hat or headgear
  • Coach wearing flip-flops or sandals or equivalent
  • Coach wearing a bluetooth (or equivalent) or using a phone.  (Note: player or coach wearing headphones during the game or warmups also qualifies here)
  • Coach wearing a backpack, fanny back or any other equivalent.
  • Coach using a towel as an accessory (e.g John Thompson or Jerry Tarkanian)
    Bonus: Coach wearing sunglasses, mark the entire row
Row 2 (Tournament Play)
  • Player shows up late for game or switches teams during a tournament
  • Team has a set play called "Do Him" or equivalent
  • Team plays a junk defense
  • Team skips at least 1 game of tournament to get home earlier.
Row 3 (Personalities)
You just have to see these people in the building to mark the square
  • UW Ole or Late Night Hoops (Wisconsin reps)
  • The Coolest Guy in the UMAC
  • Hat Lady (has to have the center square)
  • The Coolest Guy in the NSIC
  • Gopher Lady, Tubby Smith or Sid Hartman (Minnesota reps)
    Bonus: If you provide me photographic evidence of Hat Lady, mark the entire row

    Knockout Blow: If you see Hat Lady in the gym on Kentucky Derby day and provide me a picture, mark all squares for victory.  If I correctly predict the color of her outfit before I see the picture, I mark all squares on my card.
Row 4 (Referees)
If you see these referees or issues with referees
  • The Nutty Professor
  • The Quickest Trigger in Minnesota hits anybody with a T
  • The Official Formerly Known as The Reverend Al Sharpton makes a call from the opposite side of halfcourt.
  • Slapping the backboard called goaltending.
  • Dennis Haysbert
    Bonus: If you see Czar get tossed or threatened to be tossed (in jest counts too), mark the entire row
Row 5 (Incidents and Accidents)
  • Concession stand charges $2 or more for 12 oz beverage, $2.50 or more for 20 oz beverage.
  • Toddler runs on to court during play
  • Coach or fan gets ejected
  • Scorer's table worker using phone during the game.
  • Czar eating a Walking Taco


  1. Cmon man! You know that last one should be the free space. If you're there and they have Walking Tacos in concessions... (As long as they don't use Sun Chips.)

  2. Actually, at the AAU tournaments on the main circuit it can be somewhat hard to find. Easier to get during the HS season.


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