2013-14 Rest of the Metro Preview

This is the 12th preview in my 2013-2014 season preview series.  In this preview, I conclude my look at the teams around the metro with a look at the local independents and any other teams in The Kingdom that I haven't previewed yet and want to mention.  For a list of all the season previews and how they were generated, click here.   But we're only halfway done.  We'll take a break for MEA until next week and then start in with 13 section previews over the last 3 weeks leading up to the start of practice.

CHOF Lions (2012-13 season 5-14)
Guard Kendall Strandlund needs to be replaced.  But 2 other double figure scorers are back at the guard spots.  That includes Nate Johnston and sophomore shooter Kit Piepkorn who were the top scorers last season.   Sophomores Brauc Eckman, Tim Rohlf and Anders Strandlund will also be major contributors as the Lions build toward 2015-2016

Minnesota Transitions Wolves (2012-13 season 14-12)
Coach John Sherman went young last year and has everybody back.  The Wolves won't be big but they'll have some firepower.  Senior Willie Parrish put up almost 24 a night.  Soph Lewis McCaleb averaged over 11 points a game.

Prairie Seeds Academy Lycans (2011-12 season 23-3, no team in 2012-13)
Last year's program was shut down because of "academics".  I think its safe to say that's not quite the entire story considering all of the issues with athletics at PSA recently.  That's not only soccer.  Tim Williams returns to run the program.  Considering the intense scrutiny this program should/will be under from the MSHSL, I find it extremely strange that Williams returns to the bench after the numerous issues during his previous tenure at PSA.  That included playing games out of the 5 state area and 2 games against MSHSL opponents that were before the season was allowed to start in November of 2010.  I attended the 1st and Jarvis Johnson had his heart attack in the other on the following night.  Also note that not just anyone, but MN Transitions of all people, cancelled a game with PSA that year because of concerns with the program.  It will be interesting to watch what happens with this program.

St. Croix Prep Lions (2012-13 season 23-6)
The Lions built the program up and it led to a 23 win season and conference title.  Now a new era begins.  The senior laden lineup is gone, new coach Matt McCollister takes over and the Lions move up to class AA.  They will also leave the Metro Charter Conference and play an independent schedule.  Don't be shocked if the changes in the Tri-Metro ultimately see them join the eastern half schools like Concordia and St. Croix Lutheran in the near future.  Junior point guard Michael Gutierrez and wing Weston Berg return to the lineup.   Quinn Fisher looks to provide guard depth and Wade Krueger provides size. 

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  1. Hey Czar, was talking to one of CHOF's kids who didn't make a blip last year, Sid Otten (good blood lines if you remember the Harms' kids) he's grown about 5 inches and is pushing 6'4" again, probably a 2015-16 star


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