2013-14 Section 1AAAA Preview

This is the 18th preview in my 2013-2014 season preview series.  In this preview, we begin a 2 week series of looking at all 8 sections in class AAAA.  It starts with section 1AAAA.  For a list of all the season previews and how they are generated, click here.

Defending Champion: Lakeville North

Predicted Seeding
  1. Lakeville North
  2. Rochester John Marshall
  3. Farmington
  4. Owatonna 
  5. Rochester Century
  6. Hastings
  7. Rochester Mayo
  8. Northfield
Lakeville North being a favorite this season was expected but they were a year ahead of schedule in winning the section last season.  JP Macura gives the Panthers the top goto option in the section but they are all around solid.  Don't sleep on John Marshall.  Kirk Thompson did wonders there in year 1 and has the Rockets blazing with almost everyone back.  Ngor Barnaba in the middle can be an intimidating factor defensively.   The Hurt brothers (Michael and Matthew) are names you'll hear for the next few years as top kids in their classes.  Owatonna and Farmington should be a good battle for the 3 seed and could be decided head to head in the season opener at Farmington on Nov 22nd.  A common game vs Shakopee factors in that discussion too.  Century sticks in the middle.  Hastings, Northfield and Mayo are all coming off rough seasons.  But there's hope for all 3.  Hastings has a junior class to build around.  Luke Harris (Northfield) and Dan Jech (Mayo) are big men that their programs can build around.

Sleeper: Owatonna.  They're solid, they defend and are well coached.

Section Winner: Lakeville North.  Too much JP Macura for this section.

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