Single Digit Day

No major local event on Saturday so that means I get to run around to do some 8th grade recruiting in addition to seeing 3 single digit level games.

Song of the Day
Panama - Van Halen

Total Beverage Consumption Counter: 712 ounces  (68 games, 52 days)
  • 36 oz Dr Pepper
  • 24 oz Sprite
  • 100 oz Red Powerade
  • 60 oz Red Gatorade
  • 312 oz Pepsi
  • 140 oz Coke
  • 20 oz Barq's Root Beer
  • 20 oz Mug Root Beer 
Game 1: #8AAA Washburn at #7A Maranatha
Quinton Garvis and Jeremiah Hanson carry the offense for their teams in the 1st half.  Back and forth game in the half.  Washburn would come back to tie or take a brief lead and Maranatha would counter.  41-36 Maranatha at the break.  Jeff Jones heating up from deep.  He buries a 3 to end a 10-2 run to reclaim the lead at 50-48 with 11:14 left.  Josh Goldschmidt ends a 7-0 run with a transition 3 with 7:05 left and its 61-56 MCA.  Washburn right back with their own 7-0 run.  Jones having made 2 3s against the 3-2 zone from the left slot, puts Goldschmidt in the popcorn machine and makes the 1 bounce pullup.  63-61 Washburn with 4:14 left.  Goldschmidt with a steal and assist to put MCA up 67-64 with 2:45 left.  Jones converts a turnover to cut the lead to 1.  Hanson misses an open 3 with a minute left and a 1 point lead.  Garvis makes 1 of 2 to tie.  Goldschmidt gets a good look in the lane late but can't get it to fall.  67 all and we'll play overtime.  Washburn up 1 in the OT with a minute left.  MCA looks to foul and just as they give it, they get a steal that would have been a layup.  Tough break for the Mustangs.  Kevin Gleason makes both ends of the bonus with 45 seconds left.  After 2 Hanson free throws, Gleason makes 1 of 2 with 8.7 left for a 2 point Washburn lead.  Goldschmidt pushes and Washburn backs off.  He gets a great look at the arc on the pullup that goes in and out.  Garvis makes 1 free throw to seal it.  Washburn gets a nice road win 74-71.  Jeremiah Hanson with 29 points to lead all scorers.  Jeff Jones and Quinton Garvis each with 23 for Washburn.

SEC/Lake Showdown at Roseville
Game 2: Edina vs Mounds View
A great analogy was made during the game.  Mounds View is like that over 30 team you play in men's league that you think you should destroy and they go out and win all the time.  Mahad Haji hot early with a couple of 3s as Edina opens a 14-7 lead.  Ryan Kaczynski with a pair of hoops to cut the lead to 5 before Ben Boone's 3 expands the lead to 23-13.  Kaczynski 2 more buckets and post Tim Hanson scoring off a screen and roll feed and adding a pair of free throws.  Kaczynski why not for 2 more baskets and its a 15-0 Mounds View run.  Walt McGrory for 3, Boone runs for a 3 point play as Edina comes back with 8 straight.  34-31 Edina at the half.

Hanson with a pair of quick 3s along with one from shooter Ben Spencer.  40-39 Mounds View with 13:30 left.  Boone and McGrory with 3s for Edina as they open a 50-46 lead with 9:50 left.  Then Edina's zone defense falls apart.  Kaczynski with 2 free throws.  Hanson 2 easy buckets, James Van Eps with a putback and Kaczynski to the reverse.  Edina tries to get out of it and gives up a Henry Morris backdoor layup.  58-52 Mounds View with 6:30 left after the 12-2 run.  Edina would get the next 4 to close to within 2.  But 7 in a row thanks to a Kaczynski hoop and 5 team free throws would extend the lead to 9.  McGrory would bury a 3 and add another quick bucket to cut the lead to 4 with 50 tickets left.  A couple of late turnovers make the final look worse than it really was.  Mounds View wins 74-63.  Ryan Kaczynski outstanding with 27 points for Mounds View.  Ben Boone leads Edina with 19, but was scoreless in the last 8 minutes.

Game 3: Minnetonka vs #8AAAA Roseville
The Nutty Professor leading the officiating crew for this one.  Lance Gardner for 3 and another bucket for a 7-0 Roseville lead.  Kobe Critchley with the drive and one at the 14:45 mark for a 12-9 Roseville lead.  Then its a 23-4 Minnetonka run to take a 32-16 lead at the 7:47 mark.  Delshon Strickland with 6 points late in that run.  Minnetonka doesn't put the game away though.  Gardner with another 3 and the Dirk Nowitzki fade to cut the lead to 9.  Derek Magnuson with 7 late points despite 2 fouls.  Minnetonka would keep the lead at 46-34 at the half. 

Roseville did have another run in them.  Down 13 early in the 2nd half, its a 9-0 Raiders run with 4 from Critchley.  Kyler Briggity with a layup to tie and then a Gardner 3 to bring Roseville all the way back.  62-61 Raiders with 8 minutes left. Carieno Gurley going to work on the right block. 6 points in a short time inside for him as Tonka clings to a 72-71 lead inside of 5 to play.  Gardner to the rack, pushed early but zebras totally blow the call and make it a 3 point play.  Strickland counters with a free throw and a 3 point play.  80-78 Tonka with 2:24 left.  Critchley pulls out an offensive rebound and finds reserve Mitch Poss for a big 3 with 1:45 left.  Soph PG Amar Miller into the trees and a ridiculous 3 point play with 1:36 left.  83-81 Tonka.  Miller drives for 2 more after a Critchley free throw but there's Poss again from 3.  85 all with a minute left.  Tonka takes timeout and holds.  Poss faceguards Strickland.  Tonka goes a bit early misses their shot and the rebound but Mitch Felknor is on the glass for the putback with 5 seconds left.  Roseville gets 1 last heave at the buzzer but its no good.  Minnetonka wins 87-85.  Delshon Strickland 24 points, Careino Gurley and Seth Coatta 13.  Lance Gardner 22 points, Derek Magnuson 13 of his 17 in 1st half for Roseville.

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