Johnson takes home another Twin Cities title

A busy day on the final Saturday of the regular season.  A 12 oz coke at Richfield and a pair of 12 oz cans of Dr. Pepper on the beverage counter.  Johnson with the pricey but outstanding walking tacos.  The travel around to the days games still hideously bad.  My adventure to Richfield took almost 3 hours.  Then a great crowd for a highly anticipated Twin Cities game.

Song of the Day
Drive - The Cars

Total Beverage Consumption Counter: 1324 ounces  (111 games, 94 days)

  • 12 oz 7 Up 
  • 20 oz Barq's Root Beer
  • 20 oz Mug Root Beer 
  • 68 oz Sprite 
  • 84 oz Dr Pepper
  • 160 oz Red Powerade
  • 232 oz Red Gatorade
  • 184 oz Coke 
  • 508 oz Pepsi
Game 1: Henry Sibley at Richfield
So I was critical of Omar McMillan's handling of Richfield's senior night last year and this year he decides to start a sophomore and a junior.  Color me confused after it was important to start all seniors (but not the right ones last year).  A very slow 1st half with Sibley running some of THE WORLD'S WORST OFFENSE.  Richfield very depleted with no Patrick Dembley so they extend with 2 guards and slow the pace way down.  Godfrey Luke with a 3 after a possession of almost 3 minutes.  12-9 Richfield at that point. Sibley in control after that but they never put it away.  They take a 19-17 lead to half and the lead hovers from 5-10 most of the rest of the game.  Mark Pumper steps up with 10 of his 14 in the second half.  Sibley goes 1-8 from the line in a stretch near the end but they hang on for a 45-38 win.

Game 2: Twin Cities Game - North at Johnson
Full house on hand for this one.  North gets off to a great start with a pair of Tyler Johnson layups and an Issac Johnson 3 for a 9-1 lead less than 3 minutes in.  Johnson takes timeout and regroups.  They counter with a 20-6 run of their own to take their first lead.  21-15 Johnson at the 8:26 mark.  Tyler Johnson for 3 to bring North back to a 23 all tie.  Then Johnson spurts again with a 13-1 run.  North closes to trail the Govs 36-31 at the half.

The 2nd half is all about Jalen Mobley and Tyler Johnson.  Mobley picks up a loose ball and converts a 3 point play to end a 7-0 run and push the lead to 45-33.  Tyler Johnson for 3 and a free throw to end that run but Mobley with the BLOB backside duckin for a 3 point play (we talked about that vs Central) and converts a turnover to keep the lead at 11.  Peirre Conwell picks up his 4th foul with 13:54 left and has to sit for Johnson.  Mobley then controls with the pass.  He finds Eric Elliot for a layup as DDM action with the dish to the post spot very effective for the Govs in this game.  Then Mobley to Mitchell McDonald for 2 more. Soph Andre Smith off the bench puts back a miss and Mobley finds him for 3.  61-46 Johnson 11:30 to play.

Tyler Johnson steals a pass, goes behind the back with the dish and then puts back the missed layup.  After a strong Mobley drive and finish, Issac Johnson counters with a 3 point play and jumper.  He then blocks a shot which Tyler Johnson converts with 7:05 left.  That brings the North fans to their feet to make noise.  The Johnson lead cut down to 69-62.  Tyler Johnson adds 2 free throws and Jamil Jackson buries a 3, Mobley counters those with a pair of buckets as the scoreboard ping pongs back and forth.  Then a brutal charge call on Jamil Jackson and its his 5th with 5:39 left.  He also gets the frustration T.  Somehow Johnson steps up shoots a free throw and misses but Mobley then gets to take 2 more freebies.  No idea how that happens.  Mobley then finds McDonald for 3 on the possession.  79-67 Johnson with 5:10 left.  The outcome not in doubt after that.  Johnson wins the Twin Cities Game 91-81.  Tyler Johnson with 20 of his 29 points in the 2nd half for North.  No stopping him getting to the rim or the foul line.  My game MVP Jalen Mobley with 19 of his 24 in the second half but his distribution in the second half was huge.  Eric Elliot with 13 points, Mitchell McDonald with 19.  For North, Jamil Jackson adds 16, Issac Johnson 13. 

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