Parrish leads Wolves to second half blowout

Some love for the little guys as I venture out to the 6 vs 11 game in section 4A with Minnesota Transitions hosting Christian Life.  Christian Life went 12-1 to win the EMAC regular season but was knocked off in the EMAC tournament championship game.   No concessions for the 3rd straight game is killing the beverage counter.  At least I should still hit the 130 game mark for the season.

Song of the Day
Sign Your Name - Terence Trent D'Arby

Total Beverage Consumption Counter: 1348 ounces  (115 games, 99 days)

  • 12 oz 7 Up 
  • 20 oz Barq's Root Beer
  • 20 oz Mug Root Beer 
  • 80 oz Sprite 
  • 84 oz Dr Pepper
  • 160 oz Red Powerade
  • 232 oz Red Gatorade
  • 184 oz Coke 
  • 520 oz Pepsi
Game Time
Christian Life comes out in a 2-3 zone and that allows the Hawks to slow the tempo.  Isaiah Williams coast to coast for 2 and that's ties the game at 4 at the 13:22 mark.  Lewis McCaleb was uncanny finding soft spots in the middle of the Hawks zone.  He passes and cuts for 2, then cuts to a gap for 2 more, buries a 3 and takes it to the rack for 2 more.  Donald Williams adds a 3 point play to end a 7-0 run.  20-12 MTS at the 9:44 mark and Christian Life needs time.  Caleb Wochnick carrying the Christian Life offense.  He scores 2 free throws and a bucket as the Hawks hang around.  37-28 MTS at the half.

The 2nd half is a huge half from Willie Parrish for MTS.  He starts with a jumper and runs for a layup.  He adds his 1st bomb of the half and the lead is 10 at the 14:20 mark.  Isaiah Williams with a steal for 2 and knocks down an inside out 3.  Parrish off a turnover with another dagger from deep.  59-44 MTS with 10:24 left.  James Hancock a pair of buckets as MTS extends the lead to 20.  Parrish back to back 3s and the lead is 23 with 6 minutes left.  Between that and the MTS pressure, this one gets out of hand.  MTS wins 94-62.

Post Game
Christian Life gets 19 points from senior point guard Mick Spangrud.  Junior forward Caleb Wochnick with 18.  Very porous 2-3 zone in the middle and limited adjustments out of it.  But not much you were going to do in this one would have helped.  They played 7 with the 2 reserves being sophomores.

For MTS, Willie Parrish with 28 points on 7 3s.  25 of those points and 6 of the 3s in the second half when he got it going.  Soph Lewis McCaleb finishes with 18.  10 players score for the Wolves.  Too athletic and too much pressure for the win.  MTS will play at Heritage in the quarters on Saturday night. 

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